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SUMMER ■ 19)7 


JD> U JL/JL/Ji/ JL JL rM \^OLUME LII, Number 254 



EIGHT FOREIGN FILMS. Showings begin at 1:00 o'cloclc and are 
repeated at about 3:00. Aiembers may reserve seats by telephoning or writ- 
ing the Information Desk in advance. Admission is free. All the following 
films have English subtitles: Oct. 5, 6, The Earrhigs of Madmiie De . . . , 
French, with Danielle Darrieux, Charles Boyer, and Vittorio de Sica. Oct. 1.3 
only, Mr. Hiilofs Holiday, French, a comedy. Oct. 19, 20, The Gate of Hell, 
Japanese, probably the most beautiful color film ever made. Oct. 26, 27, 
Flamenco, a series of performances by eminent Spanish dancers. Nov. 2, 3, 
The Sheep Has Five Legs, French, with Fernandel. Nov. 9, 10, Rome, Eleven 
O'clock, Italian, an example of neo-realism. Nov. 16, 17, Rasho-Mon, Japan- 
ese, already a classic. Nov. 23, 24, The Golden Demon, Japanese, a modern 
drama based on the first realistic novel to appear in Japan in the 1890's. 

ART CLASSES FOR ADULTS. These meet every ^\'eekday except 
Fridays. Painting and sculpture for beginners, amateurs, and semi-profes- 
sionals. Classes begin on September 21 and the week follo\\'ing. Inquire. 

ART CLASSES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, 6-to-16. The classes are 
divided into appropriate age groups and meet on Saturday mornings, begin- 
ning September 21. Inquire. 

ally be arranged by appointment for interested groups. 

SLIDE AND FILM LIBRARIES. Some 30,000 kodachrome slides of 
painting, sculpture, architecture, and the decorative arts are available for 
purchase or rental. A hundred films (16 mm) are available for rental. 

PROGRAMS FOR SCHOOLS. The Division of Education has a reper- 
toire of programs for schools, combining illustrated lectures, film showings, 
and museum tours. Special programs related to class studies ma}' also be 

Entered as second-class matter November 3, 1926, at the post office at Philadelphia, Pa., under the Ao 
of August 24, 1912. Copyright, 1957, by the Philadelphia iMuscum of Art. Published quarterly. Annu; 
subscription, two dollars, included in membership fee; single number, 50 cents. 



Through the winter the Museum received 
a stimulating shot in the arm in obtaining 
approximately 2100 new members. This 
comes close to doubling our membership. 
The increase is a great help to our finances, 
and creates a healthy, broadened support. 
We thank Mr. John B. Leake and the three 
hundred volunteer workers and others— 
we trust that the effort will be a continuing 

Our Exhibition Year commenced with a 
reception graciously given by Mr. and 
Mrs. John B. Kelly on the occasion of the 
presentation to our Fashion Wing of Prin- 
cess Grace's wedding gown. 

Miss Jean Gordon Lee, our Curator of 
Oriental Art, spent an active summer and 
early fall in the preparation of a magnifi- 
cent Chinese porcelain exhibit comprising 
the Alfred and Margaret Caspary Memorial 
Gift. The Opening on October 4th was 
staggering in the beauty of the porcelains 
themselves and their display. If there were 
an "Oscar" award for distinction in ar- 
rangement of art exhibitions, many would 
believe that this exhibition should have 
received the award. We owe a debt of 
gratitude to Rohm & Haas for their gen- 
erous cooperation and their marked tech- 
nical help in creating the Plexiglas cases. 
Our own craftsmen are to be congratulated 
upon the making of the wood frames in 
conformity with Chinese design. 

Our Print Galleries in November dis- 
played selections from the Print Collection 
of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine 
Arts. The exhibition was entitled, "Great 
Prints, 1440-1940." It was the first time 
that the richness of that collection was 
made apparent. 

Through the winter Mr. T. Edward 
Hanley, a distinguished collector, with 
marked generosity lent us one hundred and 
twelve items of drawing, water color and 
sculpture, selected from his collection. 
Many of the items had never before been 
on display and those who attended the 
Opening Reception, kindly given by Mr. 

and Mrs. Herbert C. A4orris, had a thrilling 

A contribution to the knowledge and 
appreciation of American craftsmanship at 
its best was made through the superb ex- 
hibition of Tucker china, the first porce- 
lain made in America and a product of 
Philadelphia through the short period of 
1825 to 1838. Through the generosity of 
Mrs. Rodolphe M. de Schauensee and Air. 
Philip H. Hammerslough— whose loans and 
advice were particularly appreciated— a 
catalogue of the exhibition was prepared, 
which will remain an authoritative word 
on the subject. Mrs. John Wintersteen was 
our hostess at a chai^ming Opening. Mr. 
Mcllhenny and Mr. Madeira and A4iss 
Wolfe are indeed to be congratulated on 
the result and the lenders are to be thanked 
for their willingness to create the exhibi- 
tion. Mr. Jayne's "Prefatory Note" to the 
Catalogue is a model of its kind— witty and 
thorough. Special ackno^\•ledgment and 
thanks are due Mr. Bart Anderson and Mr. 
Arthur J. Sussel for contributing knowl- 
edge and enthusiasm. 

Through the spring Mr. Zigrosser has 
displayed his scholarship and taste in the 
exhibit of Expressionist Prints. It is one of 
the first exhibits in this field in America. 
It is contemporaneous with the publication 
of Mr. Zigrosser's book, "Expressionist 
Prints." Each item in the Exhibit belongs 
to the A'luseum. 

Our collections have been much enriched 
during the year. Titian's "Virgin and Child 
\\'ith St. Dorothy," purchased \\ith funds 
bequeathed by the late George W. Elkins, 
we feel is a masterpiece of the High Renais- 
sance—a field in which our collections were 
markedly weak; and a Winslow Homer, 
"Gloucester Farm," was acquired by funds 
left us by the late John H. McFadden, Jr., 
adding to our already rich collection of 

With Museum funds supplemented by 
gifts from private individuals the iMuseum 
has acquired the most important group of 


Indian stone sculptures to be seen outside 
of India. Formerly lent anonymously to 
the Museum and displayed since March of 
1950 in three South galleries of the Orien- 

Tree-Goddess. Sandstone 

Rajasthan, India. 956 A.D. 

By Purchase 

tal Wing, the 49 pieces have evoked great 
interest not only among scholars of Orien- 
tal Art but also from many modern West- 
em artists. Although shown at the Phila- 
delphia Museum for the first time in 
America, the collection was exhibited in 
England at the Burlington Fine Arts Club 
and the Victoria and Albert Museum in 
London and the Indian Institute of Oxford 
University. Three pieces were selected to 
enhance the large exhibition of the art of 
India and Pakistan held at the Royal 
Academy in 1947-48 to which the govern- 
ment of India lent many of its artistic 
treasures. These pieces which are pre- 
served now for art students and the gen- 
eral public will bring before them in con- 
centrated form the essence of Indian art. 
The Philadelphia Museum is proud to be 
able to continue to exhibit Indian sculpture 
of such rarity and magnificent quality. 

Mrs. Carroll S. Tyson has given us seven 
Chinese ceramic pillows ranging in date 
from the tenth century to the thirteenth 
century— a beautiful and rare acquisition. 

From funds supplied by Mr. Jay Cooke, 
our Trustee, were purchased two striking 
paintings by Alessandro Magnasco, which 
fill gaps in our Itahan paintings of the 
eighteenth century. 

Mr. Walter M. Jeffords, always of help, 
especially with respect to our Silver Collec- 
tion, has given us thirty-five pieces of im- 
portant Philadelphia silver, and under the 
will of the late Robert R. Logan we re- 
ceived numerous pieces of silver of esthetic 
and historic significance. These gifts, 
together with certain purchases made from 
our Philadelphia Silver Exhibition, make 
us eager for the completion of our Silver 
Gallery now under contract with funds 
appropriated by the City. 

Mrs. Horace Binney Hare gave us fifteen 
etchings by her aunt, Mary Cassatt, being 
the very ones retained by that great artist, 
framed under her direction and hung in 
her home in France. It was our good 
fortune to add to our extensive collection 
of Pennsylvania German material a large 
cupboard, known as a Schrank, made prob- 
ably in Lancaster County and dated 1782. 
Miss Frances Lichten, learned in the field. 



has generously volunteered to catalogue the 
Pennsylvania German collections of the 

Many, many other gifts were made to 
the Museum during the past year. We are 
indeed grateful for the spirit and generosity 
of the unnamed donors. 

In the fall was passed a milestone in the 
history of the A'luseum and its collections. 
All of the items, numbering in the thou- 
sands, remaining in Memorial Hall, \\ere 
transferred to the Museum and the key to 
the famous Hall turned over to the Com- 
missioners of Fairmount Park. Though 
many Philadelphians have happy memories 
of the displays in Memorial Hall, we are 
certain that the transfer to the Museum 
Building, ^\'here study rooms have been 
erected and new display rooms placed 
under contract, will create a more effective 
administration and add to the best uses of 
the items concerned. Mr. Barbour, our 
Superintendent of Buildings, and his staff 
did a splendid job in the removal without 
breakage or loss. 

We sold the late Mr. McFadden's place 
in Eliendale, Memphis, Tennessee, at a 
gratifying price. Mr. Kimball's executors 
have entered into a contract to sell the 
house in New Hampshire which he in- 
herited a fe^\' months before his death. 

Construction work has gone on apace 
on the Japanese Tea House, Temple and 
Garden; with respect to the last named, 
Dr. John M. Fogg, Director of the Morris 
Arboretum, has been of great help in 
obtaining stones for the garden and paths 
and in giving botanical advice and furnish- 
ing plant material. We hope for a Gala 
Opening in October. 

Our Restoration Department during the 
year has given minor but essential care to 
approximately two hundred and sixty 
paintings; seven paintings were relined, 
cleaned and restored; with funds from the 
Restoration Fund we purchased needed 
modern X-Ray equipment. 

In collaboration with the Department of 
Fine Arts of the University of Pennsyl- 
vania, there was this year instituted a course 
in Museum Training for students of the 
University. This, we believe, will prove 

a valuable contribution to museum work 
throughout the country. 

For many years the Museum has been 
served by an obsolete and unsightly heating 
plant southeast of the Museum. The Com- 
missioners of Fairmount Park put into 
operation a new plant in the fall of 1956 
and have now demolished the old plant- 
to the relief of us all. 

We look forward through the summer 
to the high delight of having our transient 
galleries hung with the masterpieces from 
the Maurice Wertheim Collection, the 
Henry P. Mcllhenny Collection and Mrs. 
Carroll S. Tyson's Collection. These will 

Pottery Tomb Pillow 

Chinese, Simg Dynasty. 12th century. 
Gift of Mrs. Carroll S. Tyson 

indeed be a display! We are under deep 
obligation to the owners. 

Contracts have been let for the building 
of the new galleries for the Decorative 
Arts. We have pending an application be- 
fore the Planning Commission for an appro- 
priation to build in permanent form, with 
inclusion of French sixteenth century 
architectural units the gallery known as the 
Rubens Gallery and other galleries built 
thirty years ago with temporary materials. 
Thus, little by little, the interior of our 
great building is approaching completion. 
There is one item, however, for ^\hich we 
must some day find a generous donor— 
that is the completion of the Auditorium 
under the Great Stair Hall. No more ac- 


View in the Exhibition of Tucker China 

ceptable gift could be made to the Museum 
than funds to do this. 

During the year we welcomed to 
membership on our Board of Governors 
Mrs. Carroll S. Tyson and Mrs. John H. 
McFadden, Jr. 

We regret the resignation of A4iss Alice 
A4argaret Goudy, who, in all respects, has 
been a generous worker and donor through 
a number of past years. We are pleased to 
announce the appointment of A4rs. Henry 
Peter Borie who will take over Miss 
Goudy's duties as Director of Public Rela- 

As an indication of part of the activ- 
ity of the Museum, we have lent to about 
twenty-five museums throughout the 
United States approximately fifty signifi- 
cant items from our collections— in addition 
to many temporary loans for other pur- 

The Department of Education, under 
Mr. John Canaday, has had an active year. 
It has circulated to institutions and indi- 
viduals approximately 20,000 slides and 200 
films on art; approximately 20,000 people 
attended the guided tours and lectures, and 
a total attendance of approximately 15,000 
in the classes for adults and children. Mr. 
Canaday is to be complimented on the 
distinction of the Albums he has written 
on Sienese painting and the art of Jacques 
Louis David at the request of the Metro- 
politan Museum of Art for the Book-of- 
the-Month Club. 

Without mentioning names, we desire to 
express the appreciation of the Board of 
Trustees to those generous citizens who 
contributed approximately f40,000 to over- 
come the necessary deficit in A4useum 



Our Museum School has, for 81 years, 
been training artists and designers. It is 
estimated that over 5000 alumni of the 
School have gone into the fields of art and 
education. The curriculum is designed to 
train students for professional competence 
in 10 major art careers: Advertising De- 
sign, Art Teacher Education, Dimensional 
Design, Fabric Design, Fashion Design, 
Fashion Illustration, Illustration, Industrial 
Design, Interior Design, and Photography. 

The face-lifting of the front of the 
building has been completed by emphasiz- 
ing the central portico, making it an out- 
standing monument of the Greek Revival 
period. The worn marble steps have been 
replaced, a disintegrated cast iron fence 

removed and replaced with low granite 
walls. Other major improvements include 
the construction of a new plaster workshop 
and a series of darkrooms for our expand- 
ing Photographic Department, now con- 
sidered the best equipped of any design col- 
lege in the East. 

An impressive schedule of exhibitions 
started with a showing of John Marin 
drawings early in October, followed in 
December by an exhibition of stained glass 
designed by Marguerite Gaudin for the 
Henry Willet Studio; then "The Best of 
Harper's Bazaar" and "Create a Star"; the 
Student Christmas Exhibition; "Cover De- 
signs for Paperback Books" in January; 
"Meet Our Instructors" in March; the 
Alumni Show in April; and "Young De- 
signers," the annual comprehensive exhi- 

SiLVER BY William Hollingshead, working in Philadelphia 1754-1785 
Gift of Walter M. Jeffords 


Portrait Bust of Bernini 

Attributed to Bernardo Fioriti, b. 1623. 

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. R. Stiirgis Ingersoll 

bition of student work, opening in May 
and running through July 5th. 

An enlarged calendar of student activ- 
ities provided six concerts by professional 
musicians performing widely varied works 
and using both old and new musical forms, 
as well as a diversity of instruments. The 
music for these concerts was provided by 
a grant from the Music Performance Trust 
Fund of the Recording Industries, in co- 
operation \\ith the American Federation 
of Musicians, \\hich affords the students 
the opportunity of hearing free concerts of 
the highest professional caliber. 

The Spring Dance, held at the Museum 
for the first time and attended by more than 
500 students, was an impressive party in 
a magnificent setting. 

Such other student activities as a cos- 
tume ball. Freshman Dance, Christmas 
Party, Talent Night, four outstanding 
feature films in addition to the bi-weekly 
film showings, a Faculty play rending, and 
a student production of "The Importance 
of Being Earnest," rounded out a full 
schedule of activities. 

One hundred students graduated on 
June 3rd. At that time several awards were 
made. The Awards for Distinguished 
Achievement in the Arts by Museum 
School Alumni Mere made to the interna- 
tionally famous artist, Charles Sheeler, and 
to the highly talented sculptor and dimen- 
sional designer, Wharton Esherick. The 
Museum School Design Award this year 
went to Stephen Bosusto\\', whose UPA of 
America animated cartoons have made a 
great contribution to this unique art 
medium. A special citation was given to 
Gertrude Schell, who is retiring this year 
after thirty-six years of devoted service to 
the School. 

The School's Fashion Departments had a 
monthly schedule of guests which included 
such outstanding designers as Bonnie 
Cashin and Helen Lee, and representatives 
of the American Silk Institute, the Amer- 
ican Viscose Company, Dobeckmun Mills, 
in addition to local newspaper and depart- 
ment store representatives. This year there 
\^•as instituted a cooperative program in the 
Fashion Illustration Department whereby 
a number of local stores participated in 
sending high fashion models and the latest 
in couturier clothes to the School for stu- 
dents to sketch and examine and thereby be 
introduced to the best of the fashion world. 

The Industrial Design Department had 
several important conferences in the course 
of the year. T\\o of these related to plan- 
ning an exhibition of domestic lighting, 
where representatives from General Elec- 
tric, Rohm & Haas, and such outstanding 
designers as George Nelson and Paul 
McCobb were among the guests. A sig- 
nificant conference on design management 
problems was given in cooperation with 
"Industrial Design Magazine." Participants 
included Jay Doblin, President, American 
Society of Industrial Designers; Art BecVar 
of Westinghouse, and Domenico Mortellito 
of du Pont. 

A young Brazilian artist, Aloisio Magal- 
haes, was a guest critic at the School for a 
two-month period. Among the many guest 
speakers who were invited to visit the 
School during the year were illustrator 
Albert Dome, and fashion illustrator Eric, 


Rene Bouche and Evelyn Chennitz. An 
exciting group of visiting lecturers in the 
"Art Today" course included writers Gil- 
bert Seldes and Waldo Frank; architect 
Jack Grisdale, our Brazilian guest instruc- 
tor, Mr. Magalhaes. 

The two symposia had among their panel 
members playwright Marc Connelly, di- 
rector Jose Quintero, actress Blanche 
Yurka, and concert pianist Jeanne Behrend, 
representing "The Performing Arts"; and 
Herbert Muller, Peter Miiller-Munk, and 
Oskar Stonorov, illuminating "The Uses 
of the Past." 

The year's activities ended with a Spring 
Scholarship Party given cooperatively by 
the Alumni Association of the School, the 
Associate Committee of Women of the 
Museum, and the Public Events Committee 
of the School's Board of Governors. Guests 
of honor included Tammis Keefe, William 
Golden, Menalie Kehane and Antonio 
Frasconi. The master of ceremonies was 
television's famous Ben Grauer. Raising 
money for the Scholarship Fund was the 
goal, which was impressively achieved. 
Among the attractions offered to an attend- 
ance beyond expectations was the exhibi- 
tion preview of "Young Designers, 1957," 
and a showing of magnificent gowns de- 
signed for the du Pont Company by 
France's most famous couturiers. 

The School's Evening Program, ex- 
panded to include more than 450 regis- 
trants, and functioning on three evenings 
each week for 20 weeks, had a most suc- 
cessful season, which ended with a credit- 
able exhibition of the work of the Eve- 
ning Program students. This program is 
oriented to the needs of industry for re- 
training and refresher courses, and towards 
the serious amateur or professional artist in 
search of advanced training. 

Dean Benson and his staff of 125 have 
worked to achieve a vital teaching program 
which recognizes the interdependent rela- 
tionships of the arts, the sciences, and the 
humanities as well as to train young people 
for leadership in the art careers of their 


A visit some evening or of a Saturday to 
the Art A'lemorial is a wonderful experi- 
ence. One will find an ecclesiastical mu- 
seum, with sculpture and paintings of dis- 
tinct Museum quality, and an ever-growing 
collection of contemporary art; classes in 
the evening drawn from the over 1600 
registered adult students; classes on Satur- 
day drawn from the over 1300 registered 
children; teachers of ability in the full 
range and media of art; exhibitions of stu- 
dents and faculty work; lectures on the 
history of art by Miss Carolyn Pitts. It is 
a beehive of activity. 

A compliment to the work of the Me- 
morial is that given by Miss Pitts on the 
conclusion of her lecture series: 

"I have rarely experienced the kind of 
atmosphere found at the Fleisher Memorial 
—a school with a freedom necessary for 
individual expression— serving people who 


By AlesSiVidro Mcignasco, Genoa, 1549-1611 
Jay Cooke Fund 










seriously wished to learn and who were 
applying ideas in a world, to them, so filled 
with art. What is too often two separate 
camps (theory and practice) became one— 
a situation all too rare. It was a great 
pleasure to see both serve one end, proving 
a wider world of experience for the crafts- 

The exposure to ancient art, to contem- 
porary art, to work of fellow craftsmen- 
painting, modeling, carving, printmaking— 
we believe serves the purpose so ardently 
pursued by the late Samuel S. Fleisher, the 

The Memorial purchased a total of 28 
prints and water colors from the Annual 
Exhibition of The Pennsylvania Academy 
of the Fine Arts. The Memorial is becom- 
ing—or rather, is in fact— a Museum in its 
own right. 


The Associate Committee of Women, 
under the able leadership of Mrs. Joseph B. 
Townsend, Jr., lent aid here and there and 
everywhere to the activities of the Museum 
and the School. 

The Spring Scholarship Party held at the 
School on May 28th, was a merited success, 
due largely to the activity of the Associate 
Committee in collaboration with the 
Alumni Committee. 

We hope they repeat the performance 
year after year! 

With its own funds the Associate Com- 
mittee awarded part scholarships to six 
deserving talented students. They con- 
tributed the ilex hedge to the "face-lifting" 
at the front of the School; they raised 
money for much-needed additions to the 
School Library. 

With respect to the Museum, this ener- 
getic group of ladies made possible the suc- 
cess of our new membership drive; they 
acted as hostesses with the Women's Com- 
mittee of The Pennsylvania Academy of 
the Fine Arts at the members' preview of 
the prints from the collection of the 
Academy deposited with the Museum; in 
aid of Mr. Mcllhenny's creation of the 
Tucker china exhibition they were detec- 
tives in unearthing some pieces of that 

We are indeed happy to have their aid 
in all departments of the Museum and the 

R. Sturgis Ingersoll 


Statement of Assets and Liabilities as of May 31, 1957 
Audited by Hunziker & Quinlan, C. P. A. 


Cash in Bank $ 272,716.98 

Cash on Hand ^.^OO-OO 

Real Estate 550,778.99 

Less: Mortgage 190,000.00 


Stocks and Bonds 3,297,067.79 

First Mortgage 9,000.00 

Cash - Uninvested 105-39 

Due from State of Pennsylvania 

Supply Store Inventory 

Total Assets 


Endowment and Restricted Funds 

Sundry Non-Operating Funds 

Philadelphia Wage Tax | 971.30 

Federal Withholding Tax 8,051.30 

Federal Old Age Benefits Tax 2,649.90 

Pennsylvania Sales Tax 581.18 

Accounts Payable 3,235.97 

Sundry Liabilities 2,166.60 

Reserve B.alances 418,044.08 

Less: Deficit of Receipts over Disbursements for the Twelve Months 

ending May 3 1, 1957 111,142.94 

Net Reserve Bal.^nces— May 31, 1957 

Total Ll^bilities 

Note: The value of the art collection is not included in this statement. 

Operating Statement for the Fiscal Year Ended May 31, 1957 


State of Pennsylvania— Appropriation jj 80 000.00 

City of Philadelphia— School Appropriation 12,000.00 

City of Philadelphia— Museum Appropriation 23 870.40 

Tuition-Day 425,897.56 

Tuition-Evening 34,634.00 

Tuition— Saturday 5,7 19.50 

Income from Endowment Funds ]8 156.48 

Membership Dues 22 275.00 

^^'illstach Fund Income 4,500.00 

Lea Fund Income \ 800.00 

Total Receipts 


School Expenses % 584,990.71 

Museum Expenses 137,513.46 

Administration Expenses 27,807.26 

Social Securit)' Taxes 9^684.45 

Total Disbursements 

Deficit of Receipts over Disbursements 

Contributions and income from non-operating funds are available to meet the above deficit. 

$ 274,916.98 












$ 628,852.94 


$ 131,142.94 



Benefactors, who contribute or bequeath $25,000 or more to the Corporation. 

Patrons, who contribute or bequeath S5,000 to the Corporation. 

Fellows, who contribute $1,000 at one time. 

Life Members, %\ ho contribute $500 at one time. 

Associates, who contribute $250 a year. 

Sustaining Members, who contribute $100 a year. 

Contributing Members, \\ho contribute $25 a year. 

Annual Members, who contribute $10 a year. 

Any person may be elected a Benefactor, Patron, Fellow or Life Member, who 
shall have made a gift to an amount requisite for admission to the respective 
class, and an Honorary Benefactor, Honorary Patron or Honorary Fellow, who 
shall have made a loan of an important \\ork of art or collection of a value 
equal to the gift of the corresponding class of members of the Corporation. 
Benefactors, Patrons, Fellows, and Life Members are not liable to annual dues. 


Benefactors, Patrons and Fellows are enrolled in perpetuity. 


Archbold, Mrs. Anne 
Breyer, Mrs. Henry W. 
Carnegie Corporation 
Dale, Chester 

deSchauensee, Mrs. Rodolphe 
Dixon, Mrs. Widener 
Fahnestock, Mrs. William 
Garvan, Mrs. Francis P. 
Geesey, Titus C. 
General Education Board 
Gibson, Mary K. 
Greenberg, Joseph J. 
Ingersoll, R. Sturgis 
Jeffords, Walter M. 
Martin, John C. 
AicCarthy, Airs. Daniel J. 

Areiisberg, Louise S. 
Ar ens berg, Walter C. 
Baiigh, Margaret L. 
Boiiinan, Elizabeth Malcolm 
Brock, Alice G. 
Caspary, Alfred H. 
Caspary, Margaret 
Cbamiier, Percy M. 
Clark, Edii-ard W. 

* Names of deceased Benefactors arc in italics. 

McFadden, Mrs. John H., Jr. 
Mcllhenny, Henry P. 
Mercer, Mrs. William R. 
Morris, Mrs. Herbert C. 
Paumgarten, Mrs. Harald 
Rockefeller, John D., Jr. 
Rosenwald, Lessing J. 
Sharpies, Philip T. 
Sinkler, Wharton 
Sinkler, Mrs. Wharton 
Tyson, Mrs. Carroll S. 
Widener, George D. 
Wintersteen, Mrs. John 
Woodward, Mrs. George 
Zimbalist, Mrs. Efrem 

Collins, Mary S. 
Crozier, Mary W. 
Curtis, Cyrus H. K. 
Darley, Francis F. S. 
Dolfinger, Henry 
Dorrance, Ethel M. 
Eakins, Susan Macdoivell 
El kins, Lisa Norris 
El kins, William M. 



Ely, Anna W. 
Farrell, Katherine Levin 
Frishviiith, Sarah S. 
Gallatin, Albert Eugene 
Harding, Dorothea Barney 
Harvey, R. Wistar 
Haivkes, Eva M. 
Hehne, Williain E. 
Henry, Sarah H. 
Hoivell, Anna Hazen 
Howell, Edivard I. H. 
Janney, ^Valter C. 
Jenks, John Story 
Johnson, Eldridge Reeves 
Keehvile, M. Theresa 
Kimball, Fiske 
Kiniball, Marie G. 
Lea, Charlotte A. 
Loeb, Hoivard 
Lorinier, George Horace 
Lorimer, Alma V. 
Lndington, Charles H. 
Magee, James R. 
McFadden, John H., Jr. 
Mcllhenny , John D. 
Mcllhemiy, Frances P. 

AlcLean, William L. 
Moore, Clara J. 
Morris, Johii T. 
Morris, Lydia Thompson 
Patterson, Frank Thome 
Peck, Staunton B. 
Pilling, William S. 
Rice, Eleanor Elkins 
Robinette, Edward B. 
Schiedt, Cornelia 
Shippen, Elizabeth Sivift 
Stokes, J. Stogdell 
Stotesbiiry, Edward T. 
Stotesbttry, Eva R. 
Taylor, Roland L. 
Teniple, Joseph E. 
Thomson, Anne 
Turner, Beatrice Pastorius 
Warden, Willi ajn G. 
Weight77ian, William 
Whitney, Gertrude Vanderbilt 
Williams, Mary Adeline 
Windham, Louise W. F. 
Wood, William 
Woodward, George 


American Philosophical Society 
Chrysler, Walter P., Jr. 
Greenough, Mrs. Henry 
Junkin, Mrs. George B. 
Kress, Samuel H. Foundation 

Love, C. Ruxton, Jr. 
Pitcairn, Raymond 
Pitcairn, Theodore 
Rotan, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Smith, Hoxie Harrison 


Annenberg, Walter H. 
Barringer, iMrs. Daniel Moreau 
Bingham, Mrs. Harry Payne 
Birnbaum, Martin 
Bispham, George Tucker 
Boyer, Francis 
Bregler, Charles 
Browning, Mrs. Edward 
Carpenter, Aaron E. 
Cheston, Radcliffe, Jr. 
Cheston, Mrs. Radcliffe, Jr. 
Clifford, Henry 
Clifford, Mrs. Henry 
Cooke, Jay 
Dane, Mrs. Chester 
Danielson, Mrs. Richard E. 
Davis, Bernard 

* Names of deceased Patrons are in italics. 

deSchauensee, Rodolphe 

Disston, Henry and Sons 

Drummond, Mrs. Dorothy Grafly 

duPont, Henry F. 

Eastwick, Mrs. Joseph L. 

Ely, Mrs. Newbold 

Fashion Group of Philadelphia 

Foster, Mrs. E. L. 

Gerstley, Samuel L. 

Gibson, Henry C. 

Goodwin, Philip L. 

Goudy, Alice Margaret 

Greenwood, Mrs. Richard 

Griffith, Mrs. Charles Francis 

Harris, Mrs. Flagler 

Hayward, Theodore B. 

Henry, Mrs. J. Norman 


PATRON S-Continued 

Hoffman, Benjamin R. 
Hyde, James H. 
Ingersoll, Anna Warren 
Janney, Mrs. Walter C. 
Jeffords, Mrs. Walter M. 
Kent, Mrs. A. Atwater 
Lara, Mrs. Helena S. 
Lea, Van Antwerp 
Lloyd, Mrs. Morris 
Lorber, Herman 
Lorimer, Graeme 
Lorimer, Airs. Graeme 
Ludington, Wright S. 
Martin, Mrs. John C. 
McClatchy, John H. 
McCormick, Airs. Chauncey 
McCormick, Mrs. Cyrus 
McMichael, Mrs. Emory 
Morse, Earl 
Morse, Mrs. Earl 
Peck, Mrs. Staunton B. 
Penrose, Boies 
Pitcairn, Raymond 
Poe, Mrs. Edgar Allan 
Ravdin, L S. 
Ravdin, Mrs. L S. 
Print Club of Philadelphia 
Rockefeller, Nelson A. 

Baird, Edgar W., Jr. 
Baird, John 
Ballard, Ellis Ames 
Barton, Susan R. 
Berivind, Harry A. 
Blanchard, Anna 
Blanchard, Harriet 
Bodine, Samuel T. 
Bok, Edivard 
Bonsai, Henrietta Al. 
Braun, John F. 
Brinton, Christian 
Broivn, Harriet E. 
Broii'n, Henry I. 
Biisch, Henry Patil 
Cadivalader, Sophia 
Carson, Anna L. B. 
Childs, George W. 
Clark, Clarence M. 
Collet, Mark Wilkes 
Collins, Philip S. 
Combs, Mary A. 
Cramp, Alice W. 
Crane, John A. 

Rosenberg, Paul 
Rotan, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Simpson, A. Carson 
Smith, Edward B. 
Smith, Geoffrey S. 
Smith, John Story 
Spingold, Nate B. 
Spingold, Mrs. Nate B. 
Starr, Edward, Jr. 
Starr, Mrs. Edward, Jr. 
Starr, Flovd T. 
Stokes, Mrs. J. Stogdell 
Sullivan, R. Livingston 
Thomson, Archibald G. 
Tonner, Mrs. William T. 
Vogel, Edwin C. 
Vossenberg, Frank 
Walker, Hervey S. 
Wanamaker, Thomas B., Jr. 
Warden, Mrs. Clarence A. 
Webb, Mrs. J. Watson 
White, Mrs. Samuel S., Ill 
Whitney, A. and Sons 
Wiesenberger, Arthur 
Williams, John S. 
Wolf, Morris 
Wriggins, Thomas 
Zigrosser, Carl 

Cresson, James H. 
deforest, Emily J. 
Dick, Elizabeth S. J. 
Dick, William A. 
Dobbins, Mary A. 
Dodson, R. Ball 
Dolan, Clarence W. 
Dolan, H. Yale 
Dolan, Isabel W. 
Dolan, Thomas 
Donner, Dora W. 
Donner, William H. 
Drexel, A. J. 
Drexel, F. A. 

Drexel, George W. Childs 
Elkins, George W. 
Ely, William H. 
Fitler, Jane W. 
Flagg, Stanley Grisnxold 
Foster, Frank B. 
Fmrjiet, Howard 
Gambrill, Richard V. N. 
Garrett, Julia 
Garrett, W. E., Jr. 


PATRONS— Continued 

Geist, Clarence H. 

Gibson, Henry C. 

Gibson, Susan W. P. 

Gribbel, John 

Griscovi, Rodman E. 

Hardinick, A. Marjory T. 

Harkness, Mary Stillman 

Harrison, Emily Leland 

Harrison, Thomas Skelton 

Helme, Edith B. 

Hinchman, Anne 

Hinchman, Margaretta S. 

Hornor, Julia C. 

Houston, H. H. 

Hunt, Rebecca Mandeville Rozet 

Ingersoll, Charles E. 

Jenks, John Story 

Kent, A. Ativater 

Lamer, Chester W. 

Langhlin, Henry A. 

Laughlin, Anne Irivin 

Lea, Caroline T. B. 

Lea, Henry C. 

Lea, Nina 

Leiper, Edith Hehne 

Leivis, Clifford 

Leivis, Francis W. 

Lippincott, Agnes 

Lippincott, Walter 

Lorimer, G. Burford 

Madeira, Betty Campbell 

Magee, Fannie S. 

Markoe, Frances E. 

McCarthy, John A. 

McFadden, George 

McFadden, John H. 

Meigs, Mary R. B. 

Miles, Susan S. 

Mitcheson, Lucy S. J. 

Morris, Sanmel W. 

Miinthe, J. W. N. 

Neiiman, Charles V. 

Nichols, Isabel Mcllhenny 

Page, Louis Rodman 

Parsons, Ella B. 
Patterson, Catherine Norris 
Pell, Alfred Diiane 
Pepper, John W. 
Price, Eli Kirk 
Piirves, Elizabeth Gilkisoti 
Rea, Samuel 
Rea, Mary Black 
Rice, A. Hamilton 
Ritchie, Craig D. 
Roberts, Pauline L. 
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich 
Rozet, Marie Josephine 
Santa Eulalia, Elizabeth de 
Scott, Anna Dike 
Seabrease, Norman M. 
Search, Theodore C. 
Seeler, Edgar V. 
Seeler, Martha P. L. 
Simpson, Alex, Jr. 
Simpson, Mrs. Alex, Jr. 
Smith, Albert L. 
Smith, Anna W. 
Smith, Elizabeth Wandell 
Smith, W. Hinckle 
Starr, Isaac Tatnall 
Stirling, Anne Biddle 
Sullivan, James F. 
Sulzberger, Mayer 
Tatinn, Sarah E. 
Taylor, George W. B. 
Taylor, Mary E. 
Thompson, Gertrude B. 
Tyler, Laura 
Tyson, Carroll S. 
Wasserman, Joseph 
White, Samuel S., Ill 
Williams, Mary A. 
Williams, Sarah McLean 
Willis, Charles C. 
Wister, Sabifie dUnvilliers 
V/ister, Sarah Tyler 
Wood, Emily Philler 



Gallery, Mrs. Meric 
First Baptist Church 

of Philadelphia 
Hare, Horace Binney 
Hare, Mrs. Horace Binney 
King, Albert F. A. 

Kramrisch, Stella 
Madeira, Mrs. Percy C, Jr. 
Miller, Mrs. G. MacCulloch 
Starr, Isaac 

Stout, Mrs. C. Frederick C. 
Wear, Mrs. William Potter 



Allen, Thomas W. 
Amor, Ines 
Ayers, iMrs. Alfred B. 
Baker, Mrs. Samuel M. 
Beck, Charles W., Jr. 
Beck, George D. 
Benson, Mrs. Edwin N. 
Berkshire Knitting Mills 
Bettle, Mrs. Samuel 
Biddle, George 
Biddle, Mrs. Moncure 
Bing, Alexander M. 
Blum, Albert 
Bok, Gary W. 
Bortin, David 
Bortin, Mrs. David 
Braun, Mrs. John F. 
Breyer, Henry W., Jr. 
Breyer, Mrs. Henry W., Jr. 
Bromley, Mrs. Willing 
Brown, Millard D. 
Buchanan, Briggs W. 
Budd, Edward G., Jr. 
Bullitt, Orville H. 
Carter, Fannie 
Crofts, Mrs. F. S. 
Derby, Jane 
Dickson, Arthur G. 
Disston, Mrs. Henry S. 
Dunton, William Rush, Jr. 
Eavenson, Alban 
Erickson, Mrs. A. W. 
Finckel, Eliza Royal 
Fisher, Edith T. 
Foerderer, Percival E. 
Foerderer, Mrs. Percival E. 
Frazier, Mrs. George Harrison 
Fuller, Mrs. Sara K. 
Fuller, Walter D. 
Fuller, Mrs. William A. M. 
Gibson, Mrs. Henry C. 
Gimbel Brothers 
Goldberg, Daniel 
Graham, Mrs. Thomas 
Green, Mrs. Francis E. 
Greenfield, Albert M. 
Griswold, Mrs. Frank Tracey 
Halpert, Mrs. Edith Gregor 
Hammerslough, Philip H. 
Hare, Mrs. Horace Binney 
Harriman, Mrs. W. Averell 
Heard, M. Earl 
Heckscher, J. G. Richard 
Helm, MacKinley 

•Names of deceased Fellows are in italics. 

Hepburn, Airs. Philip R. 
Hopkinson, Edward, Jr. 
Hornor, Caleb 
Hornor, Peter T. 
Horter, Mrs. Earl 
Hutchinson, Mrs. Joseph B. 
Ingersoll, C. Jared 
IngersoU, Mrs. C. Jared 
Ingersoll, John H. W. 
Ingersoll, Mrs. R. Sturgis 
Ingersoll, Warren 
Ingersoll, Mrs. Warren 
Jayne, Horace H. F. 
Jenks, Morton 
Johnson, Mrs. Edwin J. 
Kuehnle, C. Albert 
Kurtz, William Fulton 
Landt, Gustave 
Langston, Bryant 
Langston, Mrs. Bryant 
Lewis, Mrs. Edwin O. 
Lewis, Mrs. John Frederick 
Lloyd, H. Gates 
Lloyd, Mrs. H. Gates 
Lloyd, Mrs. Malcolm 
Loeb, Arthur 
Longmaid, Sydney 
Loo, C. T. 

Madeira, Mrs. Percy C, Jr. 
Mann, Fredric R. 
Mansure, Edmund L. 
Marceau, Henri 
Martin, Sydney E. 
Mayer, Oscar G. 
McCracken, Robert T. 
McCutcheon, Mrs. Morton 
McGill, Mary E. 
McKean, Mrs. Sargent 
McLean, Robert 
McLean, A'Irs. Robert 
Montgomery, James Alan 
A'lorgan, Mrs. Randal 
Munson, George S. 
Munson, Mrs. George S. 
Murray, Mrs. Samuel 
Nordfeldt, Mrs. B. J. O. 
Norton, Mrs. Nathaniel R. 
Pew, Arthur E., Jr. 
Pew, J. Howard 
Pew, Joseph N. 
Philibosian, Stephen 
Pittman, Hobson 
Pohlers, Richard 
Pollock, Julian G. 



Prime, Mrs. Alfred C. 
Princess Grace of Monaco 
Randolph, Emlen 
Roberts, George B. J. 
Roberts, Henry B. 
Roberts, Laurance P. 
Rockefeller, Mrs. Nelson A. 
Roosevelt, Nicholas G. 
Rose, H. Wickliffe 
Rosenberg, James N. 
Ross, T. Edward 
Rush, Mrs. Benjamin 
Saul, Mrs. Maurice B. 
Saunders, Lawrence 
Saunders, Mrs. Lawrence 
Schloss, Frederick H. 
Sinkler, Mrs. James AL R. 
Speiser, Mrs. Maurice 
Spitzer, Airs. A. Lewis 
Spring, Louis C. 
Stengel, Airs. Alfred 
Stern, Louis 
Stimson, Anna K. 
Stock well, David 
Straw bridge, Frederic H. 

Aherle, Frederick C. 
Adger, Willi cm 
Allen, Laura 
Armstrong, F. Wallis 
Artinan, Caroline Foerderer 
Baird, Mabel R. 
Ballard, Frederic L. 
Battles, Frank 
Beeber. Divmer 
Belfield, T. Broom 
Belmont, E. A. 
Berivind, Lillie M. 
Biddle, Julia 

Binder, Gertrude Scheinm 
Blair, Andreiv 
Blair, Anna S. B. 
Bochman, Charles F. 
Bockius, Morris R. 
Bond, Charles 
Boiven, Samuel B. 
Boyd, William 
Bracken, Francis B. 
Broiiii, James Crosby 
Browning, Edirard, Jr. 
Brubaker, Edith B. 
Burn ham, Anna L. 
Cardeza, Charlotte D. AI. 
Carruth, John G. 
Carson, Hampton L. 
Carter, Cornelia R. 

Stretch, Carolyn Wood 
Sullivan, John J. 
Sussel, Arthur J. 
Sweet, Charles A. 
Sweet, Airs. AI. H. 
Teichman, David A. 
Thomson, Airs. Frank Graham 
Truitt, Airs. R. Alarshall 
Tschirky, Leopold 
Tschirky, Airs. Leopold 
Tubize Artificial Silk Co. 
Tyler, Airs. George F. 
Untermyer, Irwin 
van den Berg, Airs. S. M. 
van Pelt, Airs. David 
Ward, T. Johnson 
Webb, Airs. Francis Parsons 
Wenger, Airs. Aiorris 
Westcott, G. L. 
Widener, Airs, George D. 
Williams, John S. 
Wills, Airs. William AI. 
Wilson, Airs. Stanley Evre 
Wolf, Howard A. 
Worrilow, William H. 

Cassatt, Gardner 
Cassatt, Robert K. 
Chamberlin, William B. 
Chase, Augusta E. 
Coleman, Fanny B. 
Coles, Alary Roberts 
Colton, Jessie S. 
Cox, Ruth L. 
Coxe, Sarah F. 
Crane, T. I. 
Crane, Charlotte W. A. 
Cret, Paid P. 
Curtin, William Wilson 
Day, Charles 
de Cerkez, Euphemia P. 
Dixon, Fannie G. 
Dodge, Josephine K. 
Dorrance, John T. 
du Pont, Alice Bel in 
du Pont, Bertha Taylor 
du Pont, Ethel Hallock 
du Pont, Lammot 
du Pont, Pierre S. 
Dzi-ier, W. Kir kl and 
Earle, Catherine H. F. 
Earp, Anne Tucker 
Eisenlohr, Charles J. 
Elliot, J. Alitchell 
Evans, Ralph B. 
Fels, Samuel S. 



Flagg, Elise W. 
Fox, L. Webster 
Fox, William Henry 
Frazier, George Harrison 
Fry, Wilfred W. 
Gag, Wanda 
Gates, Thomas S. 
Gest, William P. 
Gibbon, William ]. 
Goodhart, Hoivard L. 
Groome, Agnes P. R. 
Hallahan, Walter J. 
Hart, Charles D. 
Hart, Mary M. 
Hart, Stanley H. 
Hatfield, Henry Reed 
Henson, Ed-u:ard F. 
Hinchman, Lydia S. 
Hockley, Amelia D. 
Hodson, Ella 
Holt on, John S. W. 
Horn, Joseph V. 
Horner, Samuel, Jr. 
Hoive, George 
Hubbard, Theodora Kimball 
Huff, Henrietta B. 
Humphreys, Letitia 
Hutchinson, Sydney E. 
Ingersoll, Henry McKean 
Jacobs, Ellen N. C. 
Jayne, Elizabeth M. 
Jenkins, Charles F. 
Jenks, Isabella F. G. 
Johnson, Alba B. 
Johnson, Alary Warner 
Keen, Edivin F. 
Kolb, Emma V. 
Kolb, Sarah E. 
Ladd, Airs. Westray 
Lavino, E. J. 
Lee, Henry Livingston 
Leeds, Morris 
Lippincott, J. Bertram 
Lippincott, Joanna W. 
Logan, Robert R. 
Lojichheim, Jerome H. 
Martin, Alargaret Fox 
Mason, John H. 
Alason, Rebecca P. Stevenson 
Mastbaum, Etta W. 
McCarter, Henry 
McCreary, Kate R. 
McFadden, J. Franklin 
Mcllhenny , Selina 
McAlichael, Emory 
McMurtrie, Ellen 

McVitty, Albert E. 
Mercer, William R. 
Miller, George 
Moore, Ada S. 
Morgan, Frances B. W. 
Morris, Laivrence J. 
Moss, Anna Hunter 
Moss, Frank H. 
Netter, Rose Klein 
Newbold, Arthur E. 
Neivton, A. Edward 
Neivton, Francis 
Neivton, F. Alaurice 
Neivton, Richard, Jr. 
Oakley, Thornton 
Pell, Cornelia Livingston 
Pennebaker, Susan B. 
Pepper, Henrietta Dallas 
Price, Evelyn T. 
Price, Warwick James 
Prime, Alice M. 
Piirviance, Jtdia E. 
Quinn, Thomas S. 
Randolph, Anna 
Reath, Mary Morris 
Rebmann, Godfrey 
P\-ebmann, Pauline C. 
Reifsnyder, Hoivard 
Reilly, George 
Rhoads, Charles J. 
R.hoads, Lillie F. 
Roberts, Alice T. 
Roberts, Alary T. 
Robins, Thomas 
Rodenbaugh, Elner E. 
Rosenhach, A. S. W. 
Rosenbach, Philip 
Rossniassler, Mrs. Richard 
Schaum, Otto 
Sharp, Virginia P. 
Simon, Edward P. 
Sinkler, Caroline S. 
Sloan, John 
Smith, Emily Stewart 
Smith, Lewis Lawrence 
Starr, James 
Starr, Mary T. 
Starr, Sarah L. W. 
Stettheimer, Ettie 
Stewart, W. Plunket 
Strawbridge, Bertha G. 
Sundheim, Harry 
Thomson, Walter S. 
Town send, Sally E. M. 
Valentin, Curt 
Van Dyke, John W. 



Vaji Sciver, George D. 
Vaitx, Frances Cramp 
Vaiix, Henry Pepper 
Vogel, Irving H. 
Wainivright, F. King 
Waller, Sadie E. C. 
Wanajnaker, Rodvian 
Warriner, Savmel D. 
Watmoiigh, Latirette P. 

Williaj/is, David E. 
Williains, ]ohn B. 
Windrini, John T. 
Wwts, Elizabeth W. 
Yarnall, Anna B. C. 
Yarnall, Charlton 
Yeatnian, Georgie C. W. 
'Limmermann, John E. 


Harrison, H. Norris 
Hayward, Mrs. Nathan 
iMarvel, Mrs. Josiah, Jr. 
Newbold, Clement B. 
Oster, Samuel B. 
Oster, Mrs. Samuel B. 

Smith, Esther Morton 
Society of the Sons of St. George 
Starr, Mrs. Floyd T. 
Tilghman, Benjamin C. 
Wells, Helen Douw 


Adelman, Seymour 

Batt, Mrs. William 

Battles, Winthrop H. 

Beardwood, Mrs. Joseph T. 

Beck, Adele M. 

Bell, Mrs. Samuel 

Benedict, Henrv H. 

Biddle, Alice McA'I. 

Bland, Mrs. Pascal Brooke 

Block, Gordon A., Jr. 

Blum, Mayer L 

Boger & Crawford 

Bower, Frank B. 

Bo\\er, William H. 

Braverman, Gabriel 

Breck, Mrs. William Rogers 

Bright, Stanley 

Bromley, Brooks 

Bromley, John 

Burnham, Mrs. Philip C. 

Busch, Mrs. Henry Paul 

Butt, Mrs. James C. 

Cadwalader, Thomas Francis 

Caldwell, J. E. & Co. 

Campbell, Milton 

Canby, Mrs. W. Marriott 

Capp, Seth Bunker 

Carpenter, Mrs. Aaron E. 

Clark, Joseph S., Jr. 

Clarke, Louis S. 

Coles, Mrs. Strieker 

Crosby, Everett U. 

de Hellebranth, Mrs. Roland T. 

De La Cour, Mrs. J. Carl 

Delaplaine, Meribah 

de Schauensee, Maude T. M. 

de Schauensee, Maxine M. 

Dodge, Donald D. 

Drinker, Henry S., Jr. 

Dunning, Elma O. 

du Pont de Nemours, E. L & Co. 

Easby, George G. Meade 

Easby, Mrs. William, Jr. 

Eddystone Mfg. Co. 

Ellis, Mrs. William Struthers 

Evans, Charles 

Evans, Thomas 

Evans, Mrs. Thomas 

Frrnum, Mrs. Henry W. 

Feinstein, Mrs. Myer 

Fitler, Rachel 

Fogarty, Anne 

Ford, Mrs. Bruce 

Foulkrod, Mrs. John J. 

Friedland, George 

Geyelin, Mrs. Emile C. 

Gowen, James E. 

Grace, Charles B. 

Grace, Mrs. Charles B. 

Greene, Mrs. William Houston 

Griffin, Mrs. F. Hastings 

Griscom, Frances C. 

Groves, Mrs. F. Stanley 

Harrison, George L. 

Harrison, Henrv Norris 

Hart, Mrs. William H. 

Harvey, Mrs. J. S. C. 

Heimerdinger, Leo H. 

Hellman, Paul 

Hermance, Mrs. W. Oakley 




Hirschland, F. H. 
Hoffman, Mrs. J. Ogden 
Horn & Hardart Baking Co. 
Houghton, E. F. & Co. 
Howell, Josephine F. 
Irwin, H. De Witt 
Jackson, Mrs. Albert Atlee 
Johnson, Herbert 
Johnson, R. Winder 
Keen, Florence 
Kent, A. Atwater, Jr. 
Kent, Mrs. A. Atwater, Jr. 
King, Mrs. Albert F. A. 
Kohn, Harry E. 
Kohn, Irving 
Kohn, Mrs. Isidore 
Krumbharr, Mrs. Edward B. 
Levy, Lionel F. 
Levy, Mrs. Lionel F. 
Lewis, John Frederick 
Loeb, Mrs. Arthur 
Louchheim, Mrs. Stuart F. 
Ludlow, Benjamin 
MacCoy, Mrs. W. Logan 
MacNeill, William 
Madeira, Louis C. L. & Sons 
Madeira, Percy C, Jr. 
Magill, James P. 
Mason, Jane Graham 
Mason, Mary T. 
McNeely, Florence 
Meigs, Arthur I. 
Mertz, Mrs. Oscar E. 
Mertz, O. Ernest, Jr. 
Miles, Thomas H. 
Millville Mfg. Co. 
Minds, John H. 
Montgomery, Mrs. Robert L. 
Moore, Mrs. Amory O. 
Moore, Mrs. Benjamin 
Neall, Adelaide W. 
Newton, E. Swift 
Oehrle Brothers 
Oster, Samuel B. 
Pease, Mrs. Henry H. 
Pease, Pauline T. 

Peck, Arthur 
Pollock, Mrs. Julian G. 
Powers, Thomas Harris 
Price, Eli Kirk, III 
Proctor and Schwartz 
Provident Trust Co. 
Quaker Lace Co. 
Robbins, George A. 
Roberts, George B. 
Robins, Mrs. Thomas 
Rosengarten, Mrs. Adolph G. 
Rosenau, Gustave 
Rossmassler, Walter H. 
Schmidt, Charles E. 
Schwehn, Harry J. 
Semple, Helen 
Shettel, Raymond 
Simon, Joseph B. 
Slocum, Richard 
Steel Heddle Mfg. Co. 
Stern, Mrs. Harry I. 
Straw bridge, Francis R. 
Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co. 
Sykes Brothers, Inc. 
Taylor, John C. 
Thayer, Mrs. Russell, III 
Thayer, Mrs. Sydney 
Thomas, T. Lewis 
Thompson, James H. W. 
Todd, Mrs. Forde Anderson 
Townsend, Mrs. John Barnes 
VanPelt, David 
Walker, Mrs. Hervey S. 
Wetherill and Brother 
Weyhe, E. 

White, Thomas Raeburn 
White, Mrs. Thomas Raeburn 
Williams, J. B. Co. 
Wistar, J. Morris 
Wolf, Ben 

Wood, Mrs. Charles Martin 
Wood, Mrs. Richard D. 
Wright, Harrv B. 
Wright, Mrs. 'Raymond D. B. 
Zantzinger, Mrs. Clarence C. 
Zimmerman, Mason W. 


Adams, Mrs. A. Gordon 
Alexander, Mrs. Emory G. 
Cooke, Mrs. Samuel 
Dodge, Donald D. 
Dodge, Mrs. Donald D. 
Ellis, Mrs. Madeline M. 

Fairmount Park Art Association 

Firestone, Roger S. 

Gwinn, David 

Haas, Otto 

Hale, Miss Lena L. 

Jensen, John H. 



Leidner, Mrs. Nelson J. 

Louchheim, Stuart F. 

Myrin, A-Irs. Alarik 

Porter, Jesse L. 

Rosenau, Fred J. 

Smith, Mrs. Lawrence M. C. 

Snyder, Mrs. Louis 

Stokes, Mrs. S. Emlen 
Townsend, Mrs. John Barnes 
Trout, Thaddeus R. 
Trout, Mrs. Thaddeus R. 
Tyson, Mrs. Charles R. 
Wolf, Norman 


Abbott, Harry D. 

Adam, Mrs. Malcolm 

Ahrin, John J. 

Anderson, Carl H. 

Atwood, Mrs. John C, Jr. 

Baird, Mrs. King 

Balderston, William 

Balis, C. ^Va^ton, Jr. 

Bates, Mrs. Daniel Moore 

Batten, H. A. 

Baur, Mrs. Philip J. 

Bayard, Arnold A. 

Beale, A'Irs. Leonard T. 

Biddle, A. A. 

Bishop, jVIrs. Richard E. 

Bodine, William W. 

Breiden, Hugo R. 

Brickley, Edmund B. 

Brinton, Mrs. Clarence C. 

Brittain, John A. 

Brvans, Henry B. 

Budd, Mrs. Edward G., Jr. 

Bullitt, Mrs. OrviUe H. 

Burnham, Mrs. E. Lewis 

Butcn, Harry M. 

Butt, James E. 

Cahn, Tillman 

Clark, John M. 

Coates, Mrs. Benjamin 

Coleman, Mrs. G. Dawson 

Collins, James S. 

Cooke, Mrs. Morris LlewUyn 

Cornwell, Ralph T. K. 

Dannenbaum. AValter 

Dessauer, A. Paul J. 

Dihvorth, Richardson 

Dorrance, John T., Jr. 

Dorrance, Mrs. John T., Jr. 

Dwier, Mrs. W. Kirkland 

Dwyer, iMrs. Edward J. 

Dykeman, Loeb and Company, 

Easby, M. Stevenson 
Eckert, Mrs. Samuel B. 
Elkinton, Thomas W. 
Eppler, K. Robert 
Ewing, Mrs. McFadden 
Fearon, Mrs. Charles 
Fearon, In memory of Charles 
Feind, Mrs. E. N. 
Fischer, Mrs. A. Koerting 
Fischer, Mrs. H. Keith 
Fitts, William T., Jr. 
Flock, S. M., Jr. 
Foster, Howard A. 
Fox-Built Homes, Inc. 
Fox, Mrs. Fred 

Fraley, Frederick 

Freeman, Addison B. 

Friedman, Leonard B. 

Gardiner, Mrs. Edward A. 

Gates, Mrs. Thomas 

Gibbs, Beniamin 

Gouley, Henry 

Graham, Warren L. 

Greenberg, Mrs. Sydney N., Jr. 

Grossman, Mrs. David J. 

Haehnlcn, Mrs. Walter L. 

Haines, Joseph H. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Charles Morris 

Hamilton, Airs. John D. M. 

Harbison, Miss Anne 

Hardwick, iMrs. Aaron W. 

Hassel, Morris 

Higgins, Mrs. Dunham 

Hires, Mrs. Harrison S. 

Horrocks, Mrs. Thomas S. 

Houdry, iMrs. Eugene J. 

Hunt, David M. 

Jackson, Orton P. 

Jacobs, Stanley B. 

Johnson, Mrs. Eldridgc R., 2nd 

Jordan, Airs. T. Carrick 

Jordon, Mrs. Hubert A. 

Kaufmann, Arthur C. 

Klein, Philip 

Kohn, Mrs. George F. 

Krauss, Mrs. Sidney L. 

Laslocky, S. R. 

Lauck, Gcrold M. 

Laver, Samuel 

La vino, Edwin M. 

Law, Edward 

Ledwith, iMrs. Richard W. 

Levy, Howard S. 

Lewis, Miss Louise 

Lincoln, Mrs. George J. 

Lingelbach, William E., Jr. 

Liversidge, Mrs. H. P. 

Loeb, iMrs. Arthur 

Lucas, William W. 

Macgregor-Frame, Mrs. 

Margraff, George J. 
Mar\el, Mrs. Josiah 
McBride, Miss Katharine E. 
McCarthy, William H., Jr. 
McConncll, Howard H. 
McCurdy, Mrs. Josephine B. 
McKcan, Miss Nancy B. 
McLaughlin, Joseph P. 
Mertz, Oscar E. 
Miller, Carl L., Jr. 
Mitchell, Airs. Alichael C. 

Montgomery, Airs. Newcomb T. 

A4orris, H.C. 

Aloss Rose Alfg. Company 

Alurdoch, John P. 

Nachod, Grace R. 

Nelson, Airs. Wenley D. 

Newlin, Airs. E. Alortimer 

Newmark, Airs. Alorris 

O'Neill, W. Paul 

Parrot, Airs. Ravmond T. 

Paul, A.J. Drexel 

Paxson, Airs. H.D. 

Perilstein, Edgar P. 

Penn Fruit Co., Inc. 

Perot, Henrv F. 

Pew, Walter C. 

Pew, Airs. \Valtcr C. 

Pike, AIrs.A\;ilbertA'. 

Potts, Frederic A. 

Quinn, Richard Lewis 

Redding, Charles S. 

Reifsnyder, Henry G. 

Rhoads, William G. 

Rich, John F. 

Robinson, Airs, ^^'illia^l Wilson 

Rose, Mrs. Benjamin 

Rosenbaum, Robert 

Rosengarten, A. G., Jr. 

Rosenwald, Airs. Lessing T. 

Rothholz, William A. 

Rotko, Airs. Bernard 

Scheffey, Lewis C. 

Schmidt, Ernest R. 

Schmidt, Mrs. Ernest R. 

Schoettle, Airs. Edwin J. 

Schutte, Airs. Richard J. 

Scott, Airs. Alexander H. 

Scott, Aliss Helen P. 

Scott, Mrs. I. Al. 

Scott, Airs. \Mlliam Alaxwell 

Silverman, Airs. Samuel 

Silverstein, Mrs. Louis 

Sirmay, Airs. Julius 

Skinner, Mrs. James M. 

Smith, Lawrence AI. C. 

Sordoni, A'lrs. Andrew J., Jr. 

Spahr, Boyd Lee 

Sparks, W. E. 

SpofFord, William R. 

Squier, Arthur 

Squier, Airs. Arthur 

Stanger, Airs. Frederick 

Stecker, Airs. Rose Gimbel 

Stein, I. Alelville 

Stokes, Aliss Ann R. 

Stokes, Charles P. 

Sunstein, Leon C. 



Thacher, Airs. Thomas D. 
Toland, Mrs. Robert 
Wallbridge, Mrs. Charles C. 
Warner, iMrs. Irving 
Wells, Mrs. Warren M. 
Welsh, Mrs. C. Newbold 

WetheriU, Samuel P. 
Williams, David E. 
Wintersteen, James M. I. 
Wolf, Mrs. Elias 
AVood, Edward F. R. 
Wood, Miss Marion Biddle 

Woodward, Mrs. Charles H. 
Woodward, Mrs. George, Jr. 
Worden, Robert E. 
Yerkes, Mrs. Richard W. 
Zimmermann, Albert 

Aaron, Elmer 
Abel, Mrs. Robert 
Abbot, Miss Elizabeth S. 
Abraham, Mrs. Henry 
Abrahams, Mrs. Robert 
Abrams, Donald H. 
Ackerman, Mrs. Ralph 
Adams, Miss Frances C. 
Adams, Mrs. Henry A., Jr. 
Adams, Miss Katherine 
Adams, Mrs. William W. 
Adamson, Mrs. William 
Addis, Mrs. Roland T. 
Adler, Mrs. Alfred A. 
Adler, Francis Heed 
Adler, Mrs. Jack 
Aertsen, Guilliaem, Jr. 
Agensky, Miss Esther 
Albers, Mrs. H. Michael 
Albrecht, Gilbert P. 
Albrecht, H. Carl 
Albrecht, John E., Jr. 
Albrecht, Otto E. 
Albert, Mrs. John Seaman 
Alcorn, Mrs. S. Stewart, Jr. 
Aldrich, Mrs. Ellwood 
Aldrich, Mrs. Helen M. 
Alexander, Donald 
Alexander, Mrs. Donald 
Alexander, Ernest 
Alexander, Mrs. J. Deaver 
Alexander, Mrs. Wm. C. 
Alker, Henry J., Jr. 
Allen, Curtis 
Allen, Mrs. Curtis 
Allen, Mrs. Eugene Y. 
Allen, (Mrs. Frederick H. 
Allen, George R. 
Allen, Henry B. 
Allen, Mrs. Louis H. 
Allen, Mrs. ^Villiam H. 
AUes, Mrs. George J. 
Allison, Mrs. Edward P., Jr. 
Almy, iMiss Ann C. 
Alpers, Bernard J. 
Alpers, Mrs. Bernard J. 
Amsterdam, Mrs. Gustave G. 
Ancker, Airs. Laurence L. 
Anderson, Bart 
Anderson, Clay J., Jr. 
Anderson, Airs. John F. 
Anderson, J. A'l., Jr. 
Anderson, Airs. Alarshall A. 
Andrade, Airs. C. Preston, Jr. 
Andress, Airs. Philip M. 
Andrews, .\very D., II 
Andrews, Schofield 
Andrews, Airs. Schofield 
Andrews, Mrs. Thomas Wood 


Anthony, Airs. ^^^ 
Antrim, Walter 
Apfel, Airs. Irwin 
Appel, George F. Baer 
Appel, John ^V. 
Archer, John H. 
Archer, Airs. John H. 
Archer, Airs. Pierce 
Arkless, Henry 
Armstrong, Airs. F. Wallis 
Arnett, Aliss Eleanor 
Arndt, Airs. John F. 
Aron, Airs. Hilda 
Aronian, Airs. John 
AronofF, Airs. David 
Arscott, Mrs. John S. 
Asbell, Benjamin 
Asbell, Airs. Leo 
Asbell, Airs. AliltonB. 
Asbell, A'Irs. Nathan 
Ashton, Airs. Leonard C. 
Ashton, Wm. H. 
Ashton, Airs. Wm. H. 
Attaway, Airs. John R. 
Auchinchoss, Richard S. 
Aurich, Airs. Alfred C. 
Austin, Airs. Dorothy B. 
Austin, Airs. Worrell 
Ayers, Airs. Harry H. 
Baber, Airs. Alalcolm 
Bache, Aliss Caroline D. 
Bache, Aliss Emily H. 
Bache, Aiiss A4argaret H. 
Bachrach, C. Alorton, Jr. 
Bachrach, Airs. C. Alorton, Jr. 
Bacon, Edmund 
Bacon, Airs. Ellis 
Bacon, Airs. Francis L. 
Bailey, Edward P. 
Bailey, Airs. Herbert O. 
Bain, Frank D. 
Bains, Erskine 
Baker, Airs. Frank E. 
Baker, Airs. J. Norwood 
Baker, Mrs. Samuel H. 
Baketel, H. Sheridan, Jr. 
Balder, S. C. 
Balderston, C. C. 
Balderston, Airs. C. C. 
Baldwin, Paul C. 
Baldwin, Airs. Paul C. 
Ballam, Samuel H., Jr. 
Ballard, Airs. Frederic L. 
Ballard, Airs. Frederic L., Jr. 
Ballard, John Ames 
Ball, Alfred J. 
Ball, Harry Norman 
Bampton, Airs. James W. 
Bandler, Fred 

Bandos, Aliss Felicia L. 

Banes, Airs. Walter D. 

Barber, John 

Barber, Airs. Paul 

Barclay, Airs. \A'm. Lyttleton 

Barmach, Aliss Tilly 

Barnard, Boyd T. 

Barnes, Airs. James 

Barnes, John Hampton, Jr. 

Barnett, Airs. Benjamin H. 

Barnett, Airs. Rose 

Barney, \V. Pope 

Barr, Airs. John H. S. 

Barr, Lou A I. 

Barr, Aliss Alary AI. 

Barr, Airs. Aleade L. 

Barr, AlelvinP. 

Barr, A Iyer B. 

Barr, Airs. Norris 

Barringer, Brandon 

Barringer, Airs. Daniel Aloreau 

Barringer, Airs. Richard W. 

BarroU, Airs. J. Leeds 

Barron, Airs. Alary 

Barrows, Airs. Kenneth W. 

Barrows, Airs. Al. B. 

Barth, Frederic H. 

Bartle, Harvey, Jr. 

Bartlett, Airs. F. Lewis 

Bartholomew, Aliss Alargaret L. 

Bartol, Aliss Eleanor G. 

Bartol, George E., Ill 

Bartol, Airs. Grier 

Bartol, Aliss Alary Grier 

Basch, John ^^^ 

Basch, Airs. John \V. 

Bashaw, Airs. Albert C. H., Sr. 

Bass, George E. 

Bass, George S. 

Bassett, Preston C. 

Bast, A. Robert 

Bast, Airs. Robert L. 

Basy, Arthur W. L. 

Batchelder, Airs. Robert F. 

Batchelder, Airs. Theron 

Bates, Airs. Joseph L. 

Battles, Airs. AVilliam W. 

Battles, Airs. Winthrop H. 

Battersby, Airs. William D. 

Batt, Robert R. 

Bauer, Airs. Adrian 

Bauer, Airs. Russell J. 

Bauernfeind, Airs. Howard 

Bausher, Airs. Solon D. 

Baxter, C. C. 

Baxter, C. Kenneth 

Baxter, Harold R. 

Baylis, Airs. AVilliam 

Bayliss, Airs. C. W., Jr. 



Beachboard, Walter W. 
Beal, Mrs. W. Hubert 
Beale, Mrs. Edward F. 
Beale, Mrs. John C. C. 
Beale, L. T. 
Beatty, Edward F. 
Beauchamp, Reginald E. 
Beaver College— Dept. Fine Arts 
Beaver, Sheldon 
Becker, A. J. 
Beck, Carl A. 
Beck, Mrs. Kenneth A. 
Beck, Samuel 
Beck, Mrs. William L. 
Beckman, Mrs. Robert M. 
Beebe, Mrs. Harold G. 
Beeby, Mrs. Robert H. 
Beerman, Herman 
Bcggs, Mrs. J. Dilworth 
Behrend, Mrs. Albert 
Behrend, Mrs. Bernard 
Behrend, Moses 
Bein, Miss Amelia E. 
Belden, Mrs. Arthur B. 
Bell, Mrs. Allyn 
Bell, Mrs. Harry M. 
Bell, Mrs. C. Herbert 
Bell, Mrs. Henry, Jr. 
Bell, John C. 
Bell, Joseph 
Bell, Mrs. Robert K. 
Bement, Mrs. John Bartram 
Bemis, Mrs. Hal L. 
Benedict, Mrs. Henry H. 
Bendiner, Mrs. Alfred 
Bendiner, Sabato M. 
Benkert, Edward C. 
Benn, Mrs. James S. 
Benner, N. P., Jr. 
Benners, A. Eugene, Jr. 
Bennett, Mrs. E. Chew 
Bennett, Mrs. Claude H., Jr. 
Bennett, Mrs. George H. 
Bennett, Mrs. John C. 
Benia, Mrs. Daniel 
Benoliel, Mrs. D. Jacques 
Benoliel, L. Osmond 
Bensing, Harold 
Benson, Mrs. IngersoU 
Benson, Richard 
Bentley, Mrs. English 
Benton, Frederic E. 
Berens, Mrs. H. Warren 
Berger, Mrs. Harold P. 
Berger, Martin 
Berger, Mrs. Moses H. 
Bergman, Mrs. Frances D. 
Bernert, Joseph P. 
Bernstein, Benjamin D. 
Bernstein, Edward 
Bernstein, Mrs. Edgar 
Bernstein, Irwin L. 
Bernstein, Leon B. 
Bers, Mrs. JuHan S. 
Berwind, Charles G. 
Berwind, Airs. Charles G. 
Berwind, Mrs. Henry A., Jr. 
Betner, Mrs. Auchincloss 
Bettison, Mrs. Lindley S. 

Bettle, Mrs. Griscom 
Betz, Mrs. L. Drew 
Bevan, David C. 
Bevan, Thomas R. 
Bibcrman, J. M. 
Biberman, Mrs. Jacob A. 
Biberman, Mrs. Ralph 
Biddle, Mrs. A. Mercer 
Biddle, Mrs. Alexander A. 
Biddle, Mrs. Charles 
Biddle, Mrs. Cornelia T. 
Biddle, David S. 
Biddle, Francis 
Biddle, l\Irs. Livingston, Jr. 
Biddle, Mrs. Nicholas 
Biddle, Mrs. Owen 
Bidgood, Mrs. Edmund L. 
Biecker, Adolf 
Bieler, Mrs. Louis 
Bigar, Mrs. Laurence J. 
Biggs, Mrs. John 
Biggs, Stephen 
Billett, Miss Esther 
Billner, K. P. 
Billings, Miss IVIary P. 
Binder, Martin G. 
Binswanger, Frank G. 
Bird, Mrs. John H. 
Birenbaum, Mrs. Martin 
Bishop, Mrs. Donald F. 
Bishop, Paul A. 
Bishop, Mrs. Paul A. 
Bishop, Richard E. 
Bissell, Mrs. Alfred E. 
Bissell, Mrs. George P., Jr. 
Bitler, Mrs. Henry H. 
Bittle, Mrs. Edward J. 
Bittendender, Wm. A. 
Blackburne, Miss Agnes C. 
Blakely, Miss Mary Y. 
BlackAvood, Andrew 
Blackwood, Wm. 
Blagdon, Mrs. B. D. S. 
Blair, Mrs. George 
Blaisdell, Miss Viola Margaret 
Blake, Mrs. Robert H. 
Blake, Mrs. Sidney Stillman 
Blakslee, Mrs. James L 
Blank, Mrs. Mack 
Blank, Mark 
Blank, Mrs. Mark 
Blank, Solo 
Blasband, Alfred 
Blinn, Mrs. Charles P., Jr. 
Bliss, Miss Eleanor A. 
Bloch, Mrs. Bernard 
Bloch, Mrs. Ephraim F. 
Block, Mrs. L. Mary 
Blum, Mrs. Kurt 
Blume, Arthur 
Blumcnthal, Mrs. Bernhard 
Blumenthal, Mrs. Jacob 
Blumenthal, Mrs. Joseph 
Blumcnthal, Mrs. i\L L. 
Blumstein, George 
Bockus, H. L. 
Bodine, James F. 
Bodine, Mrs. Wm. W., Jr. 
Boenning, H. Dickson S. 

Boericke, Miss Helene 
Boerner, Mrs. H. F., Jr. 
Boger, Mrs. Sylvia G. 
Bogutz, Albert H. 
Bohlen, Miss Catherine 
Bohlen, Francis H., Jr. 
Bohn, Mrs. Peter 
Bok, W. Curtis 
Bok, Mrs. W. Curtis 
Bokser, Maurice A. 
Boiling, Mrs. Lanier 
Boiling, Mrs. Robert H. 
Bolton, Charles L. 
Bond, iMrs. James 
Bond, Richard C. 
Bond, Mrs. Richard C. 
Bonnell, Mrs. Henry H. 
Bonsall, Miss Alice R. 
Boone, Edwin T. P., Jr. 
Booth, Airs. Henry D., Jr. 
Borden, Mrs. Joseph 
Borden, iMrs. Katheryn 
Borden, Mrs. E. Shirley 
Borgersen, Roland 
Borie, C. Louis 
Borie, Mrs. Henry Peter 
Borie, Mrs. W. J. Sewell 
Bornstein, N. Herman 
Borowsky, Mrs. F. G. 
Bortz, Edward L. 
Bosler, Mrs. Lester 
Bosler, Watson F. 
Botstiber, D. W. 
Bourne, Miss Jane Mackintosh 
Bowen, Edison 
Bower, Mrs. Henry 
Boyd, Mrs. Fisher L. 
Boyer, Randal A. 
Bracken, Mrs. John P. 
Brackman, Harold E. 
Bradford, Miss Frances M. 
Bradley, Mrs. John A. 
Bradley, Mrs. Newell C. 
Bradley, Raymond J. 
Bradburd, Saul 
Brady, Mrs. William J., Jr. 
Braemer, Mrs. Fred 
Brandenburger, Leo J. 
Brandolini, iMrs. Nicholas 
Braude, Mrs. Henry W. 
Brav, Solomon S. 
Brawn, Miss Marion 
Bready, Mrs. W. R., Ill 
Brecht, John M. 
Brecker, Mrs. Robert J. 
Bregy, Mrs. Philip A. 
Brehm, Richard H., II 
Brehman, Mrs. A. Balfour 
Breitinger, Mrs. J. Russell 
Bremer, Mrs. Arthur M. 
Brendlinger, Mrs. E. Leidy 
Brenner, Mrs. Milton A. 
Bresch, Miss Sue 
Breslow, /Mrs. Charles 
Breslow, Mrs. Irwin Homer 
Brewster, C. Barton 
Brice, Mrs. C. Fred 
Brick, Harry 
Bricklin, Mrs. Lucille 



Bright, Rodman P. 
Bright, Stanley, Jr. 
Briggs, Mrs. James B. 
Brinker, Mrs. Eugene 
Brinley, Mrs. Charles E. 
Brinton, Clarence C. 
Briselli, Mrs. I. 
Brock, Miss Elizabeth N. 
Brock, Mrs. Henry G. 
Brock, Mrs. John Penn 
Brocklesby, Mrs. Philip H. 
Brod, Albert Thomas 
Brod, Mrs. Albert Thomas 
Brodhead, Mrs. Quita 
Brodsky, Mrs. Harold M. 
Brody, Sol. 

Bromley, Mrs. Charles S. 
Bromley, Henry, Jr. 
Bromley, Richard N. 
Brooke, Mrs. Francis AI., Jr. 
Brooke, Mrs.George, III 
Brosseau, Mrs. Pierre 
Brosz, Walter J. 
Brown, Charles T., Jr. 
Brown, Airs. Charles Wardell 
Brown, Clarence M. 
Brown, Clinton H. 
Brown, Mrs. Clinton H. 
Brown, Francis Shunk, Jr. 
Brown, Mrs. George Farnam 
Brown, George H., Jr. 
Brown, Miss Haidee 
Brown, Mrs. Howard B. 
Brown, Joseph J. 
Brown, Mrs. John A. 
Brown, Miss Katharine L. 
Brown, Mrs. Linn P., Jr. 
Brown, Mrs. Moreau D. 
Brown, Mrs. Norman H. 
Brown, Mrs. T. Wistar, IV 
Brown, Mrs. William Fl., Jr. 
Browne, James C. 
Brownell, Morris R., Jr. 
Browning, Mrs. Edward 
Browning, Mrs. Edward, Jr. 
Broza, Stanley 
Broza, Mrs. Stanley 
Bruestle, Miss Vera 
Brumbaugh, Mrs. G. Edwin 
Bruner, iMrs. J.Millard 
Buchholz, T. B. 
Buckey, John M. 
Buckley, Mrs. Walter W. 
Bucks, M. Alan 
Buehn, Mrs. Louis E. 
Buerk, Minerva 
Bulger, Mrs. Frieda B. 
Bull, Richard 
BuUard, Alfred 
BuUey, Mrs. C. Reginald 
Bullitt, A4iss Margaret E. 
Bullitt, Mrs. James B., Jr. 
Bullitt, O. H., Jr. 
Bunker, iVIrs. John 
Burch, Mrs. Francis F. 
Burd, Mrs. Martin M. 
Burgess, Arthur S. 
Burgoon, Carroll F., Jr. 

Burkley, Raymond 
Burleigh, Mrs. J. Paul 
Burnside, Mrs. Cameron 
Burpee, W. Atlee, Jr. 
Burri, Hans U. 
Burrison, Mrs. Newton 
Burt, Mrs. Nathaniel 
Bush-Brown, James 
Butcher, Howard, Jr. 
Butcher, Mrs. Howard, Jr. 
Butera, Mrs. Harry 
Butler, Thomas R. 
Butterworth, Charles C. 
Butterworth, J. Ebert 
Butterworth, Mrs. J. Ebert 
Butterworth, J. Warner 
Button, Mrs. Conyers 
Buzby, Miss Ethel M. 
Buzby, George C. 
Buzby, Miss Nina 
Buzzard, Mrs. ^^'illiam S. 
Byers, Mrs. William C. 
Cades, Daniel 
Cadwalader, Chas. iM. B. 
Cadwalader, Mrs. John 
Cadwalader, Mrs. Lambert 
Cadwalader, Richard M., Jr. 
Calhoun, James G. 
Calhoun, Mrs. John V. 
Calhoun, Wesley E. 
Calhoun, Mrs. \Vesley E. 
Calpin, Mrs. John C. 
Calwell, Mrs. Charles S. 
Cameron, Mrs. Welch 
Camille, jMrs. Jussaume 
Campbell, Mrs. Alfred .M. 
Campbell, Mrs. Claude N. 
Campbell, Mrs. James A. 
Campbell, ^Vatson S. 
Campbell, lAlrs. William B. 
Campion, Mrs. H. Clifford 
Campion, Miss Nancy 
Camp, Mrs. Gertrude 
Caner, Gerald W. 
Caner, Mrs. Harrison K., Jr. 
Caplan, Albert J. 
Caprano, J. J. 
Carlen, Mrs. Robert 
Carlin, Joseph P. 
Carlson, E. L. 
Carpenter, Mrs. Charles 
Carpenter, Mrs. Joseph G. 
Carpi, Fred 

Carrigan, Mrs. Robert M. 
Carroll, J. Roy, Jr. 
Carter, Miss Erma L. 
Carter, J. B. H. 
Carter, William T. 
Gary, Mrs. C. Reid 
Casman, Meyer 
Casnet, Miss Catherine Fo^\' 
Cassatt, Mrs. Alexander J. 
Cassel, Airs. Walter 
Cassidy, Mrs. A'l. 
Castle, Mrs. James A'landerson 
Castner, Aliss Jane Alayer 
Casto, Airs. Theodore D. 
Catherwood, Cummins 
Catlin, Airs. Sheldon 

Cavendish, Airs. Geo. S. G. 

Cavenaugh, James P. 

Cavenaugh, Airs. Al. C. 

Chaffee, Airs. W. H. 

Chait, Frederick 

Chalick, Alorris J. 

Chambers, Francis S., Jr. 

Chambers, Francis T., Jr. 

Chamberlain, Airs. Richard H. 

Champlin, Ralph C. 

Chandlee, Edward 

Chandler, Airs. Robert D. 

Chandley, Sydney F. 

Chantry, .Airs. Allan J. 

Chaplin, Chas. C. G. 

Chaplin, Airs. Chas. C. G. 

Chapline, Joseph D., Jr. 

Chapman, Joseph C. 

Chappell, Airs. Joseph B. 

Charny, Airs. Charles W. 

Charr>% Elias 

Chase, Airs. Randall 

Chesterman, Airs. Francis J. 

Cheston, Mrs. Charles S. 

Cheston, Airs. Edward M. 

Cheston, George M. 

Cheston, Airs. George M. 

Cheston, Airs. J. Hamilton 

Cheston, James 

Cheston, Mrs. James 

Cheston, Alorris 

Chew, Benjamin, Jr. 

Childs, Airs. Frank 

Childs, Airs. John N. 

Child, Johns. 

Christiansen, Aliss Vibeke 

Church, Herbert 

Church, Airs. Herbert 

Churchill, Henry S. 

Churchman, Airs. W. Morgan, Jr. 

Cianfrani, Theodore 

Cianfrani, Airs. Theodore 

Claff ee. Airs. Roberta N. 

Claflin, Airs. J. O. 

Claflin, Airs. William M. 

Claghorn, John W. 

Clancy, Alaurice L. 

Clapp, Aliss Anne F. 

Clark, Airs. Avery B. 

Clark, Aliss Bertha 

Clark, Airs. Clarence H. 

Clark, Mrs. David W. 

Clark, Aliss Frances 

Clark, Airs. George R. 

Clark, Harold T. 

Clark, Airs. Jefferson H. 

Clark, Mrs. Joseph Sill, Jr. 

Clark, Kenneth R. 

Clark, C. Sewall 

Clark, Airs. C. Sewall 

Clark, Theobald F. 

Clarke, Clement J., Jr. 

Clarke, Airs. David H. 

Clay, Airs. Edward B. 

Clav, Langdon F. 

Cleland, Mrs. David C. 

Clement, Aliss Alice W. 

Clement, J. Browning, Jr. 

Clement, Charles Francis 


Clement, iM. Withington 
Clement, iMrs. AI. Withington 
Clements, Rex S. 
Clinch, iMiss Kathleen H. 
Clothier, George B. 
Clothier, Isaac, Jr. 
Clothier, Mrs. Isaac, Jr. 
Coale, Airs. Edgar B. 
Coale, Airs. William Ellis 
Coates, E. Osborne 
Cobb, Airs. Augustus S. 
Coburn, Airs. Hayward H. 
Coffin, Ralston H. 
Cohen, Airs. Abraham 
Cohen, Arnold D. 
Cohen, Airs. Arnold D. 
Cohen, Harry K. 
Cohen, Airs. Alary 
Cohen, Airs. Alorton 
Cohen, Airs. Ralph Al. 
Cohn, Miss Doris Al. 
Coiner, Charles T. 
Cole, Airs. Frances T. 
Coleman, B. Dawson 
Coleman, Airs. B. Dawson 
Coleman, Mrs. David 
Coleman, Airs. F. Stokes 
Colket, Airs. Tristram C. 
Collins, Airs. Dorothea S. 
Collins, Aliss Lucinda C. 
Collins, Philip S. 
Colt, Aliss Elizabeth 
Colville, Airs. Alexander, Jr. 
Cohvell, Chauncey P. 
Combes, Airs. Horace M. 
Comer, Airs. E. R. 
Comber, Airs. Thomas E., Jr. 
Comfort, Aliss Susan W. 
Comisky, Marvin 
Compton, G. Stark 
Conarroe, J. Linerd 
Condax, John 
Conlcn, AVilliam J. 
Connor, Hamilton C, Jr. 
Conston, Charles 
Converse, Airs. John W. 
Converse, Airs. LUy S. 
Cook, Airs. Gustavus Wynne 
Cooke, Airs. Jay 
Cooke, Airs. Alerritt T. 
Cooney, Airs. Philip H. 
Cooper, Miss Anne Spottswood 
Cooper, Charles J. 
Cooper, Mrs. Charles J. 
Cooper, David A. 
Cooper, Airs. David A. 
Cooper, Donald T. 
Cooper, Airs. B. Hubert 
Cooper, Nathaniel F. 
Copeland, Lammot duPont 
Copeland, Randall E. 
Copeland, Airs. Robert W. 
Coppes, Airs. C. Daniel 
Coppersmith, Mrs. Morris 
Corbin, Airs. Marion G. F. 
Corey, Alan Z. 
Corfield, Margaret 
Corkran, Airs. Gribbel 
Gorman, Mrs. Bert 


Cornell, Airs. Allen D. 
Cornelius, Airs. Chalmers C. 
Corse, Airs. Angela R. 
Corson, Mrs. Bolton L. 
Corson, Mrs. Edward F. 
Corson, Airs. Fred Pierce 
Corson, Miss Helen F. 
Corson, Wm. Wallace 
Cortez, Noel J. 
Cortright, Airs. Paine 
Costella, Francis E. 
Costello, Airs. Edward G. 
Costello, Airs. John N. 
Costello, Mrs. Louis B. 
Coulson, Airs. Lippincott 
Coverdale, Airs. W. H., Jr. 
Coville, Airs. Stanley 
Cowan, Alfred 
Cowan, Airs. Philip F. 
Cowan, Airs. AValter J., Jr. 
Coward, Airs. Charles 
Cowman, Stanley 
Coxe, Airs. Henry B. 
Coyle, Aliss Alary 
Crane, Airs. A. Reynolds 
Crane, Robert T., Jr. 
Craven, Airs. Algernon A. 
Crawford, Alan 
Crawford, Airs. Alan 
Crawford, Airs. Alexander 
Crawford, Airs. Alfred 
Crawford, Airs. Donald 
Crawford, W. Rex 
Crawford, William R. 
Crawford, Mrs. William R. 
Crease, Airs. Orlando, Jr. 
Creaser, Maylin H. 
Creaser, Mrs. Alaylin H. 
Crease, James 
Cressman, Mrs. Robert H. 
Cresswell, Donaldson 
Cret, Mrs. Paul P. 
Crist, Airs. Harris 
Cromie, Aliss Anna A. 
Cronenberg, Alilton 
Crosby, Arthur U. 
Crowder, Aliss Emma A. 
Crowdcr, Airs. William S. 
Crowell, Lucius 
Crownover, David J. 
Crowther, Rae 
Crowther, Airs. Rae 
Crozer, Airs. Samuel A. 
CuUen, Airs. Alilton 
Cummin, Airs. Graham F. 
Curtis, Airs. Harry L. 
Curtis, Airs. John N. 
Curwen, Aliss Elinor 
Cute, Airs. James Francis 
Czap, Ivan Alichaelson 
Dager, Howard J. 
Dager, Airs. Howard J. 
Dahm, Mrs. H. Raymond 
Dale, Airs. Edward C. 
Dale, Airs. Edwin L. 
Dale, Airs. Robert W. 
Dall, Mrs. William 
Dallam, John AI. 
Dallas, Airs. George M. 

Dalsemer, Harold 
Dalsimer, Airs. Walter D. 
Dalton, Airs. Eliot W. 
Dalton, Harry L. 
D'Ambly, A. Ernest 
D'Ambly, Airs. A. Ernest 
Dam, Loring 
Dam, Aliss Sara C. 
Dana, Mrs. Harold W. 
Dannenbaum, Mrs. Albert K. 
Dannenbaum, Airs. Harry, Sr. 
Dannenbaum, Airs. Harry, Jr. 
Dannenberg, Airs. Arthur Al. 
Darby, Airs. Donald W. 
Darby, Airs. Scott 
Darling, Mrs. Joseph W. 
Daroff , Airs. Esther 
Daroff, Joseph 
Daroff, Samuel H. 
Daroff, Airs. Samuel H. 
Darrah, Airs. John B. 
David, Airs. Edward W. 
David, Aliss Eleanor \Y. 
Davidson, Aliss Elizabeth 
Davidson, Airs. AVilliam G. 
Davis, Airs. S. Boyer 
Davis, Airs. Charles Harper 
Davis, David AI. 
Davis, Edna C. 
Davis, Aliss F. Edna 
Davis, Airs. Edward L. 
Davis, Airs. Edward W. 
Davis, Aliss Eleanor B. 
Davis, Frank P. 
Davis, Airs. James 
Davis, John Morgan 
Davis, Airs. A lay Jeannette 
Davis, Aleyer 
Davis, Newlin F. 
Davis, Airs. AA'illiam L. 
Da\is, Airs. AVilliam N. 
Day, Airs. Kenneth 
Day, Airs. Rodney D., Jr. 
Day, AVilliam L. ' 
Dayton, Bruce B. 
Deacon, Robert AV. 
Deacon, Airs. Robert AV. 
Dean, Airs. Oakley N. 
Dean, Stephen T. 
Deasy, Mrs. Lillian 
Dechert, Airs. Peter 
Dechert, Philip 
Dechert, Robert 
DeFeo, Airs. Dom. 
DeFrenes, Joseph 
Degenstein, Lester E. 
DeGrosse, AA'illiam A. \^. 
Dehon, Airs. Bornot 
Deisinger, Edward C. 
Deker, Frank 
Delacato, Mrs. Carl H. 
DeLaCour, Airs. AVillis 
Delafield, Mrs. William F. 
Delano, James G. 
Delmege, Miss Josey 
Deming, Mrs. Frank S. 
Dempsev, Mrs. W. L. 
DeAlott, Airs. R. H. 



Denckla, C. Paul 
Denison, i\Irs. J. Morgan 
Denny, iMrs. Joseph, Jr. 
Denworth, Airs. John S. 
d'Olier, Mrs. Francis W. 
d'Olier, Mrs. Franklin, Jr. 
Depo\ a, Mrs. H. A. 
Dervin, AlichaelF. 
deSpoelberch, iMrs. Eric 
deTrampe, J. Adam C. L. 
deTrampe, Mrs. J. Adam C. L. 
Detweiler, Mrs. Howard 
Detwiler, Charles W., Jr. 
DeVadetzsky, V. 
Develin, James A., Jr. 
Devereux, Antelo 
Devereux, Mrs. Antelo 
de^^'aele, Mrs. Harriet 
DeWolf, Mrs. Halsey 
Dexter, Mrs. Sidney B. 
Diamond, Airs. Samuel 
Dickey, Airs. Charles D. 
Dickey, Miss Eloise 
Dickson, Airs. Alexander T. 
Dietrich, H. Richard 
Dike, Mrs. Paul H. 
Dilks, AV. Howard, Jr. 
Dilks, Airs. John H. 
Dillabough, Airs. Kenneth M. 
Dill, Leonard C, Jr. 
D'imperio, Dominic 
D'lmperio, Airs. Francesco 
Dinnerman, Paul 
Dintenfass, Benjamin 
Dintenfass, Daniel A. 
DiSanti, Dominic 
Disston, Airs. Jacob S., Jr. 
Dittmann, Airs. AI. Carton, Jr. 
Dixon, Airs. Charles M. 
Dixon, Donald F. 
Doan, Clarence 
Doelp, Airs. Edward A. 
Dolde, John T. 
Donaghy, Airs. Edwin C. 
Don, Mrs. Harold K. 
Donnan, Aliss Anica 
Donohoe, Aliss A^ictoria 
Dooley, Airs. J. T. 
Doolin, Lawrence J. 
Dormirc, Airs. William F. 
Dorrance, Airs. A. C. 
Dorris, Airs. Robert C. 
Dorsey, Mrs. Cornelius A. 
Doughten, AVilliam S. 
Dougherty, Airs. Thomas Harvey 
Dougherty, A. Webster 
Dove, Airs. Ronald C. 
Dow^ley, Airs. Francis Dwight 
Downham, Airs. E. T. 
Downey, Airs. Lawrence C. 
Downs, Mrs. Norton 
Doyle, Francis J., Jr. 
Doyle, Mrs. Alichael Francis 
Drabkin, Airs. Stella 
Draemel, Alilo F. 
Drake, William P. 
Draper, Mrs. A. F. 
Drayton, Aliss Caroline T. 
Drayton, Mrs, John W. 

Drayton, Frederick R. 
Dresel, Airs. Hans 
Drew-Bear, Mrs. J. Henderson 
Drinker, Mrs. James B. 
DriscoU, Airs. Lee F. 
Drovin, Airs. George A. 
Drucker, Jerome 
Druding, Aliss Aleda E. 
Drueding, Albert J. 
Drueding, Caspar 
Duane, Alorris 
Duane, Airs. Russell 
DuBarry, Joseph N. 
DuBarry, Airs. Joseph N. 
DuBarrv, Airs. Joseph N., IV 
DuBarry, William H. 
Dubois, T. A. 
Dubrow, A\'alter 
Duchin, Peter O. 
Duddy, Airs. William J. 
Dudley, Airs. E. Lawrence 
DufFv, Jimmy 
Duffy, Robert C. 
Dulles, Aliss Harriet AV. 
Dulles, Airs. Heatly C. 
Dulles, Aliss Lily C. 
DuAIoulin, Airs. Frank 
Dunlap, Aliss Helen J. 
Dunlap, Airs. Robert 
Dunlavey, Aliss Alary 
Dunn, Howard A I. 
DuPont, Airs. E. Paul 
Dupont, Airs. Henry Belin 
Durand, Aliss Janet C. 
Durham, AValter K. 
Durst, Airs. Alax. 
Dushane, C. B., Jr. 
Dustin, Airs. Clarence W. 
Duval, Airs. Russell L. 
Duveen Brothers 
Dyers, A^'. Wallace 
Dykstra, Alrs.F.R. 
Eagleson, William B., Jr. 
Earle, Miss Alargaret 
Earle, Mrs. Ralp'h 
Earle, Airs. Ralph, II 
Earnshaw, Airs. David P. 
Earnshaw, Airs. Henry C. 
Eastburn, Airs. Hugh B. 
Eastwick, Airs. Abram 
East\\ick, Joseph I. 
Ebert, Thomas G. B. 
Eberhardt, H. A. 
Ebling, Aliss Emily R. 
Eckenhoff, James E. 
Eckert, Samuel P. 
Edgcomb, Airs. Leslie, Jr. 
Edmonds, Airs. Franklin Spencer 
Edwards, Edward Al. 
Edwards, Vivian P., Jr. 
Edwards, Airs. A'ivian P., Jr. 
Egan, Thomas C. 
Egan, Airs. Thomas F., Jr. 
Egnal, Airs. Alichael H. 
Eherling, Aliss Frieda Love 
Ehle, Airs. Archibald Hyde 
Ehrenreich, Airs. Joseph L. 
Ehret, Airs. Richard Al. 
Eichman, Aliss A. Elizabeth 

Eimerbrink, Airs. John 
Eisenberg, Alartin 
Eisenberg, Aliss Rose L. 
Eisenberg, Victor 
Eiseman, Airs. James 
Eiseman, Jay H. 
Eldredge, Laurence H. 
Elkan, A'lrs. Henri 
Elkins, George AV., Jr. 
Elliot, Aliss Frances Al. 
Elliott, Airs. A. Graham, Jr. 
Elliott, Airs. William C. 
Elliott, Airs. William J. 
Ellis, Airs. Harold 
Ellis, Herman AI. 
Ellis, Airs. Alary E. P. 
Ellis, Aliss Alargaret J. 
Ellis, Mrs. Richard 
Ellison, H. Howard 
Elsom, Aliss Harriet 
Elwyn, Airs. Thomas L. 
Ely, Aliss Gertrude S. 
Ely, \'an Horn, Jr. 
Emerson, Aliss Edith 
Emerson, A^ictor F. 
Emerson, Airs. A'ictor 
Emlen, Airs. Alan L. 
Emmons, J. Grey, Jr. 
Emmons, Airs. A\'. Stuart 
Emmons, A\'esley 
Endres, Alilton 
Epstein, Airs. Joseph 
Ervin, Airs. Spencer 
Esherick, Joseph 
Eshleman, Airs. B. Franklin 
Esler, Lewis H. 
Espen, Airs. Edward L. 
Esterhai, John L. 
Esty, Airs. Robert P. 
Ettieson, Alilton Al. 
Etting, Emlen 
Evans, Airs. Edmund C. 
Evans, Harold 
Evans, Aliss Helen 
Evans, Lewis .M. 
Evans, Rowland 
Evans, Airs. Samuel, Jr. 
Evans, Thomas 
Evlev, Airs. Leonard 
Ewing, Airs. John K. 
Ewing, John Kennedy, 3rd 
Ewing, Airs. Joseph N. 
Eysmans, Airs. T. L. Emory 
Ezerman, AA'illem 
Fahnestock, Airs. AlcClure 
Fairchild, Airs. C. Barnett 
Fairchild, F. Rcgnault 
Falk, Airs. Adolf Cecil 
Farell, Airs. David 
Farnum, Henrv W. 
Farr, Clifford B. 
Farrell, Joseph L. 
Fassitt, Airs. John H. 
Faught, Albert Smith 
Faunce, Charles J. 
Faust, Aliss Helen F. 
Fawcett, John A\'., Ill 
Fawley, J. Russell 
Feiner, Airs. Hvman 



Feld, Airs. Samuel 
Feldgoise, Samuel S. 
Feldman, Mrs. Albert J. 
Feldman, Mrs. David M. 
Feldman, Mrs. David N. 
Feldman, Miss Emma 
Feldman, Eugene 
Feldman, Mrs. Joseph S. 
Feldman, Mrs. Lawrence B. 
Fell, Mrs. Robert Gratz 
Fenninger, Mrs. Carl W. 
Fentress, Mrs. James 
Ferguson, William C. 
Fernald, Charles E. 
Fernald, Mrs. Mason 
Fernberger, Mrs. Edward 
Fernberger, Mrs. Samuel W. 
Fernley, Miss Frances S. 
Fernley, Miss Mary Elizabeth 
Fetter, Ferdinand 
Fetter, Theodore R. 
Fetterolf, Mrs. Morton H., Jr. 
Fetterman, Faith S. 
Fiedler, Miss Carolyn 
Field, Frank L. 
Fields, Harry 
Fife, Mrs. Charles A. 
Fine, Mrs. Marshall 
Finegan, Mrs. Edmund R. 
Finletter, Mrs. Edwin M. 
Firestone, Roger S. 
Firestone, Mrs. Roger S. 
Fischer, Mrs. Carl 
Fischer, Herman W. 
Fischer, Mrs. Kermit 
Fischman, Mrs. Arthur 
Fisher, Miss Dora N. 
Fisher, Mrs. Herbert L. 
Fisher, Mrs. Lewis 
Fisher, Mrs. E. Monroe 
Fisher, Mrs. Philip B. 
Fisher, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. 
Fitler, Mrs. William W., 3rd 
Fitti, Charles J. 
Flack, Alonzo 
Flagg, Mrs. S. Griswold 
Fleer, Mrs. Edward H. 
Fleisher, Mrs. Alexander 
Fleisher, Horace 
Fleisher, Mrs. Louis M. 
Fleisher, Miss Mary L. 
Fleisher, Mrs. Robert 
Fleming, John J., Jr. 
Fleming, Mrs. Thomas 
Fleseriu, Mme. Eugenie 
Fletcher, Mrs. Jane G. 
Flinn, Mrs. Erwin M. 
Flippin, Harrison F. 
Flippin, Mrs. Harrison F. 
Flood, Mrs. T. Bromley 
Flood, Mrs. Gertrude E. 
Floreen, Ade-Rolfe 
Foerderer, Miss Elsie 
Fogel, Frank 
Fogg, John M., Jr. 
Foley, Michael A. 
Food Fair Stores, Inc. 
Foote, Mrs. A. Giraud 
Forbes, Mrs. Francis C. 

Forbes, Mrs. William, Jr. 
Ford, Ann H. Leaman 
Ford, Frances L. 
Fordham, Jefferson B. 
Forham, Airs. Edward 
Forster, Mrs. J. Montgomery 
Forster, H. Walter 
Fortenbaugh, Samuel B., Jr. 
Foster, Mrs. Frank Brisbin 
Foster, Solomon 
Foster, Mrs. Solomon 
Foulke, Mrs. Wm. G. 
Foust, Mrs. George C, Jr. 
Fox, Mrs. Caleb F., Jr. 
Fox, Mrs. Charles E. 
Fox, Mrs. Lyle 
Fox, Melvin J. 
Fox, Mrs. Paul 
Fox, Thomas P. 
Fox, Mrs. William Logan 
Frailey, Robert B. 
Francine, Mrs. Albert P. 
Francis, Mrs. James B. 
Franco, Mrs. John R., Jr. 
Frank, Mrs. M. K. 
Frank, Mrs. Victor H. 
Frankel, Bernard L. 
Frankel, Mrs. Lee K., Jr. 
Frankenfield, Herbert W. 
Frankenfield, Mrs. Herbert W. 
Franklin, Mrs. Walter S. 
Eraser, Joseph T., Jr. 
Fratkin, Ralph M. 
Frazier, Charles H. 
Frazier, Mrs. B. Graeme, Jr. 
Frazier, Mrs. W. West, III 
Freed, Theodore M. 
Freedman, Mrs. Abraham L. 
Freedman, Mrs. Clarence H. 
Freeman, Lloyd R., Jr. 
Freeman, Mrs. Robert S. 
Frei, Adolph & Sons 
Freihofer, Miss Blanche 
Freiwald, Mrs. Albert E. 
French, Mrs. Graham 
Frcund, Ernst 
Fried, Paul 

Friedenberg, Mrs. Albert 
Frieder, Herbert S. 
Friedman, Bernard 
Friedman, David 
Friedman, Edward 
Friedman, Mrs. Eleanor 
Friedman, Mrs. Samuel G. 
Friel, Francis S. 
Frontz, Mrs. Clinton W. 
Fry, Mrs. Alice S. 
Fry, Gilbert C. 
Frv, Mrs. Gilbert C. 
Funk, Carl W. 
Funk, Nevin 
Furness, Fairman R. 
Furness, George Wood 
Furnival, Mrs. George E. 
Gabel, Mrs. Richard H. 
Gable, Miss Martha 
Gain, Mrs. Francis T. 
Galey, William T., Jr. 

Gallager, Mrs. Herbert V. B. 

Gallagher, John M., Jr. 

Garcia, Mrs. Arthur 

Garcia, Mrs. A. M. 

Gardiner, Mrs. John, Jr. 

Garner, Milton B. 

Garrett, I\lrs. Elbert F. 

Gartman, Mrs. Henry L. 

Garver, Charles K. 

Gaskill, Mrs. Joseph 

Gassel, Jerome L. 

Gates, Mrs. Jay 

Gaul, Miss Arrah Lee 

Gaydos, Anna E. 

Geary, Mrs. Albert H. 

Geary, Mrs. DeForest 

Geasland, Mrs. F. B. 

Gebbie, Mrs. F. Graeger 

Geesey, Mrs. Titus C. 

Gefter, William I. 

Gemmill, Kenneth W. 

Gentle, Mrs. James 

Georges, Thomas 

Gerber, I\Irs. Morris 

Gerhard, Albert P. 

Gerhard, iMrs. William G. 

Gerhardt, Mrs. Raymond H. 

Gerhardt, Mrs. Reginald B. 

Gerloff, Miss Florence M. 

Gershon-Cohen, J. 

Gerstley, Henry E. 

Gerstley, Louis, III 

Gessner, Howard R. 

Gest, Miss Lillian 

Geyer, Mrs. Charles J., Jr. 

Geyer, Samuel V. 

Ghen, David M. 

Gibbon, John H., Jr. 

Gibbon, Robert 

Gibbon, Miss Frances 

Gibson, Glen G. 

Gibson, Mrs. Glen G. 

Gibson, Miss Mary Smith 

Gifford, Mrs. E. S., Jr. 

Gilbert, l\lrs. Arthur 

Gilbert, Mrs. Gwendolyn Taylor 

Gilbert, Mrs. John 

Gilbert, Mrs. Jack C. 

GUbert, Mrs. Samuel E. 

Giles, Miss Doris L. 

Gilkyson, Hamilton H., Jr. 

Gill, Miss Sue May 

Gillen, Miss Mary Therese 

Gillen, Wilfred D. 

Gillies, Mrs. George C. 

Gilpin, Mrs. Alfred Coxe 

Gilpin, Mrs. John C. 

Gimbel, Benedict, Jr. 

Ginns, Mrs. Jay 

Ginsburgh, F. 

Ginsburg & Levy, Inc. 

Girsh, J\lrs. Miriam 

Girsh, Airs. N. L. 

Gitman, Sol. R. 

Given, Miss Lois V. 

Glaser, Alfred W. 

Glaser, Mrs. Arthur S. 

Glendening, Mrs. Frank S. 

Godfrey, Mrs. Lincoln 



Godfrey, Peter 
Godfrey, Mrs. Peter 
Godshalk, Mrs. Clarence A. 
Goettelmann, Mrs. Louise H. 
Goff, David D. 
Goff, Mrs. LeRoy, Jr. 
Goff, Mrs. Warren 
Goldberg, Mrs. Charles 
Goldberg, Joel 
Goldberg, M.C. 
Goldberg, Milton 
Goldberg, Samuel A. 
Goldburgh, Mrs. Harold L. 
Golden, Mrs. Sol. 
Goldenberg, Mrs. Michael 
Goldman, Mrs. David 
Goldman, George B. 
Goldman, Herman 
Goldner, Mrs. Milton S. 
Goldsmith, Alfred 
Goldsmith, Mrs. Arthur 
Goldsmith, J. J. 
Goldstein, Jesse N. 
Goodfellow, Mrs. Arthur N. 
Goodfriend, David J. 
Goodman, Miss Anne T. 
Goodman, Mrs. Joseph D. 
Goodman Fabric Center 
Gordon, Mrs. James Gay, Jr. 
Gordon, Mrs. Joseph K. 
Gordon, Milton H. 
Gordon, Reuben 
Gordon, W. E. 
Gordon, William 
Gorson, Mrs. Cyrus S. 
Gorson, Joseph N. 
Gosser, Albert J. 
Gottlieb, Mrs. Myer 
Gould, Mrs. Bruce 
Gould, Mrs. ErlC.B. 
Gow, Mrs. Robert M. 
Gowen, Mrs. Francis I. 
Gowen, Howard H. 
Gowen, Mrs. Lawrence 
Gowing, Jean 
Grabosky, Harry 
Grace, Mrs. Charles B. 
Grace, Mrs. Nancy Brewster 
Graham, Mrs. Herbert J. 
Graham, A. Stuard 
Grant, Francis C, Jr. 
Grant, Harry 
Gray, John H. C. 
Gray, Mrs. J. Maurice 
Grebe, Mrs. Melvin H. 
Green, Mrs. Howard 
Green, Mrs. Jack 
Green, Mrs. Lionel Y. 
Green, Mrs. Morris M. 
Green, Mrs. Robert M. 
Greenaway, Emerson 
Greene, L. Y. 
Greene, Norman J. 
Greensmith, Mrs. Mary L. 
Greenspan, Mrs. Benjamin 
Greenstein, L. Arthur 
Greenstein, Raphael H. 
Greenwood, Mrs. A^organ A. 

Gribbel, Mrs. W. Griffin 
Gribbel, Mrs. J. B. 
Gribbel, Mrs. John, II 
Griffith, Mrs. Paul H. 
Grim, Mrs. Ralph E. 
Grisdale, Mrs. John T. 
Griscom, Clement A., Ill 
Griscom, Miss Gladys H. 
Griscom, Mrs. J. Alilton 
Griswold, Mrs. E. Judson 
Groff, Miss Dorothy J. 
Groome, Mrs. John C, Jr. 
Grosholz, Mrs. Richard 
Gross, Joseph W. 
Gross, Samuel P. 
Grossman, Mrs. Joseph U. 
Grubb, Mrs. Joseph H., Jr. 
Gubb, Mrs. Lawrence E. 
Guetter, Julius 
Guffy, Miss Edythe M. 
Gutekunst, Paul E. 
Guthrie, Airs. E. Fred 
Gutman, Mrs. Alvin P. 
Gutman, Mrs. Jacob C. 
Gutman, Mrs. Milton 
Gutner, Chester Coleman 
Haas, Airs. Harry J. 
Haas, Mrs. Stephan 
Hacker, Airs. William 
Haenn, Airs. R. Junker 
Hagstoz, George S. 
Hahn, Frank E., Jr. 
Haimovitz, Airs. Bernard A. 
Haines, Casper W. 
Haines, Airs. Casper W. 
Haines, Airs. Geo. R. 
Haines, Airs. D. Jansen 
Haines, Airs. Jos. H. 
Haines, Airs. W. H. 
Halford, John H. 
Halford, Airs. John H. 
Halkenschiel, Mrs. Joseph 
Hall, Clarence E. 
Hall, William T. I. 
Hallowell, AlissHelenR. 
Hallowell, Henry R. 
Hallowell, Airs. Israel R. 
Hallowell, Airs. Roger W. 
Hamilton, Airs. John de Z. 
Hamilton, Airs. Wilbur H. 
Hammett, Airs. A^an B. Osier 
Hannafin, Airs. Suzanne 
Hanak, Albert 
Hancock, Airs. Charles L. 
Hancock, Airs. F. Woodson 
Handy, Airs. Robert F. 
Haney, John L. 
Hankin, Airs. A. A1. 
Hanley, T. Edward 
Hanold, Airs. S. AV. 
Hanscom, Aliss Alice 
Hanscom, Airs. Edward E., Jr. 
Hansell, Standish Forde 
Harber, Aliss Josephine 
Harbeson, John F. 
Harbeson, Paul C. 
Harbison, Airs. Robert J., Jr. 
Harcourt, Airs. Alockridge 
Hardester, Aliss Amy I. 

Harding, Earnest A. 
Harding. George 
Hardt, J. William 
Hardwick, Airs. Gordon A. 
Hare, Aliss Esther B. 
Hargraves, Airs. Gordon S. 
Harlem, Airs. AI. E. 
Harmar, Airs. William W., Jr. 
Harnett, Airs. L. B. 
Harnwell, Gaylord P. 
Harper, Aliss Jane 
Harper, Airs. Aladeline L. 
Harrington, Mrs. A. M. 
Harris, Donald AI. 
Harris, Airs. Dwight J. 
Harris, Earle W. 
Harris,' J. Andrews, III 
Harris, Mrs. John A., IV 
Harris, Langdon W., Jr. 
Harris, Alorrison 
Harris, Airs. Alyron L. 
Harris, W. Carlton 
Harrison, Airs. Charles C, Jr. 
Harrison, Airs. Harry W. 
Harrison, Airs. John 
Harrison, Airs. Joseph, Jr. 
Harrison, Louis A. 
Harrison, Airs. RoUin K. 
Harrison, W. Welsh, Jr. 
Hart, C. W., Jr. 
Hart, Oliver S. 
Hart, Airs. Thomas 
Harter, William C. 
Hartman, Mrs. Byron K. 
Hartman, Aliss E. Jane 
Harvey, Airs. Edmund F. 
Haskins, Airs. George L. 
Haslett, Airs. Robert 
Hassrick, Airs. Romain C. 
Hastings, Aliss Ethel 
Hastings, J. \^., Ill 
Hastings, Airs. John V., Jr. 
Hatch, K. B. 
Hatch, Aliss Alildred 
Hatfield, Airs. C. Alexander 
Hatfield, Airs. Jas. Spear 
Hathaway, John W. 
Haug, John S. 

Haviland, Aliss Alary Allison 
Hawk, Le\\'is R. 
Hay, Airs. Charles 
Hay, Aliss Dorothy G. 
Hayllar, Bcn'iamin L. 
Hayt, Airs. Todd 
Hay ward. Airs. Alalcolm 
Hay ward, Airs. Nathan 
Ha>nvood, Aliss Carolyn 
Hazard, Spencer P. 
Headly, JohnF. 
Heagarty, Airs. James T. 
Heath, Leslie 
Heath, Airs. Leslie 
Heavey, Joseph AI. 
Hebard, Frederick V. 
Heidelberger, Airs. Louis 
Heilman, Airs. H. Richard 
Heiman, Alichael A. 
Heimerdinger, Airs. Leo, Jr. 
Heisler, Roland C. 



Heisley, George W. 
Heist, iMiss Sarah B. 
Heist, Mrs. Stanley H. 
Hclbert, George K. 
Helfferich, iMrs. D. L. 
Heller, Herman 
Heller, Mrs. Samuel 
Hellmer, Raoui E. 
Hellmich, Mrs. A.E. 
Helweg, Airs. Joseph E. 
Henderson, Knox 
Henderson, Mrs. Joseph W. 
Henderson, J. Welles, Jr. 
Henderson, Mrs. J. Welles, Jr. 
Henney, Mrs. George C. 
Henning, Miss Mary E. 
Henrv, Miss Josephine deN. 
Henry, J. E. 

Henry, Mrs. Louise Lenning 
Henry, Mrs. T. Charlton 
Hepburn, Barry H. 
Herbach, Mrs. M. G. 
Herben, Stephen Joseph 
Herbott, Mrs. Julius W., Jr. 
Herkness, L. C. 
Hermann, .Mrs. Maurice B. 
Herrman, Miss Ann K. 
Hersko\ itz, Mrs. Alexander 
Hess, Catherine B. 
Hess, Harold B. 
Hess, I\ an \V. 
Hess, .Mrs. Ivan W. 
Hess, H. Ober 
Hewes, .Mrs. Robert 
Hey, .Mrs. Richard 
Heymann, Roy A. 
He\sham, .Mrs. Theodore, Jr. 
Hickman, Miss Frances M. 
Hicks, P. C. 
Hicks, John D. 
Hiergesell, Frank O. 
Higgins, Edmund F. 
Hill. .Mrs. J. Bennett 
Hill, Mrs. Dean, Jr. 
Hill, .Mrs. Lon C, 3rd 
Hill, .Mrs. Louis G. 
Hillcs, Franklin S. 
Hilles, R. Webster, Jr. 
Hires, Harrison 
Hires, .Miss Linda S. 
Hirschwald, Barrv 
Hirschwald, R. M'. 
Hirst, .MissLydia B. 
Hobson, .Mrs. ^^'illiam H., Jr. 
Hodge, Mrs. Charles, IV 
Hodge, Sewell W. 
Hodgman, Mrs. R. C. 
Hodson, Mrs. C. Padgett 
Hoffein, .MUtonL. 
Hofkin, .Mrs. Harry 
Hoffman, .Mrs. C. F. 
Hoffman, Mrs. Donald S. 
Hoffman, Mrs. Francis H. 
Hoffman, Mrs. Irving 
Hoffman, Mrs. O.H., Jr. 
Hoffman, Mrs. J. Sydney 
Hogg, Mrs. J. Renwick 
Hogue, Mrs. Robert M. 

Holbrooke, Mrs. H.M. 
Holcombe, Mrs. A. H. 
Holden, Mrs. Robert F. 
Hollander, Mrs. Charles D. 
HoUenback, William M., Jr. 
HoUingshead, ^^'illard J. 
HoUingshead, .Mrs. Willard J. 
HoUingsworth, John P. 
Hollingsworth, .Mrs. John P. 
HoUister, Mrs. Charles G. 
HoUoway, .Mrs. Sidney J. 
Holmes, .Miss Evelyn 
Holmes, .Mrs. Richard L. 
Holmes, Mrs. W'm. Lyle, Jr. 
Homer, Francis Rush 
Homer, Austin 
Homer, .Mrs. Chas. LeB. 
Hompe, .Mrs. R. AV. 
Honsell, Mrs.H.F. 
Hood, W. Russell 
Hoopes, Edward R. 
Hopkins, .Mrs. Johns 
Hopkins, Russell 
Hopkins, Mrs. W'm. B. 
Hopkinson, .Mrs. Edward 
Hopkinson, John J. 
Hopper, .Mrs. Charles Sterling 
Hopper, .Miss Marie Louise 
Horn, Henry 
Horn, Mrs. Henry 
Horrow, .Mrs. Saul 
Horstmann, Francis X. 
Horton, Allen F. 
Horwitz, .Mrs. Alfred 
Horwitz, .Mrs. Orville 
Houdry, .Mrs. Pierre D. 
Howard, .Mrs. Edgar B. 
Howard, Frank T. 
Howard, .Mrs. Karl S. 
Howard, .Morton 
Howard, Richard T. 
Howe, .Mrs. .Arthur W., Jr. 
Howe, .Miss Charlotte B. 
Howe, .Mrs. Charles H. 
Howe, .Mrs. Paul V. 
Howell, Cooper 
Howell, .Mrs. Cooper 
Howell, iMrs. H. Elmer 
Howell, .Mrs. Joshua Z. 
Howell, Samuel P. 
Hubschman, .Mrs. Harry 
Huddleston, .Mrs. H. AA'oodbridge 
Hudson, Henry Lea 
Hueber, .Mrs. Joseph .A. 
Hufnagel, .Mrs. Frederick B. 
Hughes, Mrs. Joseph 
Hughson, .Mrs. AA'alter 
Hulme, Mrs. Arthur K. 
Humphrey, Airs. Effingham P. 
Hunneman, AA'illiam C. 
Hunncman, Airs. A\'illiam C. 
Hunter, Alfred R. 
Hunter, Barton H. 
Hunter, Airs. Barton H. 
Hunter, Airs. Perry A. 
Hurmence, Airs. Howard 
Hurst, Harry 
Hurwitz, Airs. Donald B. 

Huston, Stewart 
Hutchinson, Aliss A. P. 
Hutchinson, Airs. Arthur R. 
Hutchinson, Airs. Alorris 
Huttinger, Airs. E. Paul 
Hyde, James H. 
Hykes, Airs. James I. 
Hyman, Aliss Alarilyn L. 
Hyndman, Thomas M. 
Illoway, Airs. Bernard 
Ingber, Airs. David A. 
IngersoU, Charles E. 
IngersoU, Mrs. Charles E. 
IngersoU, Airs. Edward 
IngersoU, George E. 
IngersoU, Harry 
IngersoU, Airs. Henry 
IngersoU, Robert S., jr. 
Ingher, Airs. Benjamin 
Ireland, Airs. George 
Irish, Airs. 'Warren L. 
Irvine, Airs. James 
Irving, Edward B. 
lr\\ in. Airs. Dunton J. 
Irwin, Airs. Robert F., Jr. 
Irwin, Airs. Samuel B. 
Isenberg, Airs. Lewis 
Israel, Harold 
Israel, S. Leon 
Ives, Airs. Clifford B. 
Jack, Airs. Aleredith Alarston 
Jackson, Airs. Arthur E. I. 
Jackson, Chevalier L. 
Jacobs, Airs. David 
Jacobs, Airs. George 
Jacobs, Airs. George Henry 
Jacobs, Airs. AI. P. 
Jacobsen, Helmer S. 
Jadwin, David H. 
Jaffee, Airs. David S. 
James, Airs. Jack H. 
Jameson, Airs. Aliriam B. 
Jamison, Aliss Olive E. 
Janney, Airs. Joseph N. 
Jasner, Samuel, Jr. 
Jeanes, Airs. Henry S. 
Jeanes, Airs. \A'illiam AVarner 
Jenkins, Aliss Ruth E. 
Jenkins, Airs. Theodore F. 
Jenks, Airs. Horace H. 
Jenks, Aliss Lydia E. 
Jenks, Airs. Robert D. 
Jessar, Airs. Ralph 
Jillson, A\'. Alalcom 
Johnson, Airs. .Alba B., Jr. 
Johnson, Charles Edwin 
Johnson, Charles Aleredith 
Johnson, Airs. Emory R. 
Johnson, James Dorrance 
Johnson, Julian 
Johnson, Airs. Julian 
Johnson, Airs. O. Doyle 
Johnson, Robert L. 
Johnson, Airs. Robert L. 
Johnson, Airs. A'ictor L. 
Johnston, J. Alalcolm 
Jonas, Airs. Leon 
Jones, Airs. Arthur H. 
Jones, Arthur H., Ill 



Jones, Mrs. Arthur H., Ill 
Jones, Arthur Woodruff 
Jones, Miss Constance Andrews 
Jones, Mrs. C. Clothier 
Jones, David A. 
Jones, Mrs. Edward Morris 
Jones, George H. 
Jones, Horace C, II 
Jones, Henry Hand 
Jones, Mrs. J. Barclay 
Jones, iMrs. J. Cary 
Jones, Lawrence E. 
Jones, L. Eric 
Jones, Mrs. L. Eric 
Jones, Mrs. Livingston 
Jones, Miss Mabel Steele 
Jones, Mrs. Margaret H. 
Jones, Mrs. R. Bruce 
Jones, Mrs. Ralph E. 
Jones, Mrs. Spencer L. 
Jones, Mrs. Thomas H. W. 
Jovanov, Miss Alma 
Judovich, MissE. 
Judson, Mrs. Francis Edward 
Junkin, George B. 
Junkin, Mrs. George B. 
Justi, Charles M. 
Justi, Henry M., Jr. 
Kalas, Frank T. 
Kalish, Mrs. Harry 
Kail, Mrs. Joseph C. 
Kandell, Miss Anice 
Kaplan, Mrs. David 
Kaplan, Mrs. Kathryn 
Kaplan, Mrs. Louis 
Kaplan, Mrs. Alorris 
Kaplan, Nathan 
Kaplan, Mrs. Richard S. 
Karsh, Airs. Joseph 
Katz, Albert 
Katz, Alfred D. 
Katzenberg, Mrs. Lucien, Jr. 
Katzenberg, Marc J. 
Katzenberg, Mrs. Marc J. 
Katznian, Mrs. Max 
Kaufman, Mrs. Frank M. 
Kauffman, Harry 
Kauffman, Mrs. Sidney T. 
Kaufmann, Eugene M., Jr. 
Kaufmann, Mrs. Lewis 
Keely, Elizabeth Scott 
Keeney, Miss Susan Dorothea 
Keesey, W. C. 
Keith, Sidney 
Keller, Mrs. David 
Keller, Mrs. George D. 
Keller, Percy 
Kellett, R. G. 
Kellett, Mrs. W. Wallace 
Kelley, McClure 
Kelley, Mrs. Richard C. 
Kelly, Mrs. John B. 
Kemner, E. Fred 
Kendall, Mrs. Paul 
Kennedy, Mrs. John M., Ill 
Kennedy, Miss Lila Prosser 
Kent, Mrs. Donald W. 
Kent, Mrs. S. Leonard, Jr. 
Kenworthy, Mrs. N. Paul 

Kerbaugh, Mrs. George 
Kercher, James L. 
Kern, George H. 
Kerner, Huldah B. 
Kerr, Airs. Brockie 
Kershbaum, Mrs. Alfred 
Ketcham, Mrs. G. ^^'alker 
Ketterer, Mrs. Gustav 
Kieckhefer, Mrs. Herbert M. 
Kienbusch, C. O. V. 
Kiesling, iMrs. Robert J. 
Kift, Mrs. William M. 
Kimbrough, Robert A. 
Kimbrough, Mrs. Robert A., Jr. 
Kind, Mrs. Paul A. 
Kind, Mrs. Samuel, II 
Kindig, Joseph K., Ill 
King, Henry R. 
King, Frederick P., Jr. 
King, Miss Katherine S. 
King, W. Walton 
Kinsey, Miss Helen F. 
Kirber, H. P. 
Kirby, Charles K. 
Kircher, Miss Ada O. 
Kirkbride, Earle R. 
Kirkland, Frederic 
Kirchbaum, Alan B. 
Kirschbaum, IMrs. Alan B. 
Kirshner, J. J. 
Kitt, Mrs. Howard G. 
Klapp, Edward M. K. 
Klapp, Mrs. Edward M. K. 
Klapp, Mrs. Natalie W. 
Klauder, Mrs. Charles Z. 
Klauder, Mrs. Kathryn L. 
Klauder, Lawrence J. L. 
Klein, Mrs. Alfred 
Klein, Airs. Andrew R. 
Klein, Airs. Charles 
Klein, Mrs. Henry 
Klein, Airs. J. M. 
Klein, Airs. Louis 
Klein, Airs. Alorris 
Klein, Mrs. Robert Allen 
Klein, Samuel A. 
Klein, Thomas 
Kline, C. Alahlon 
Kline, Airs. Jerome 
Kling, Vincent G. 
Klinghoffer, Airs. Sidney 
Klingensmith, Mrs. Paul O. 
Klopp, Mrs. John 
Knauer, Airs. Wilhelm F. 
Kneedler, Howard S. 
Knepley, Miss Isabelle 
Knight, Airs. Frederick H. 
Knipe, Airs. Walter E., II 
Knorr, Airs. Edward A. 
Knowles, Frank Crozer 
Knowlton, Peter 
Knox, Forrest T. 
Koelle, William F. B. 
Kohler, William 
Kohl, Aliss Dorothy 
Kohlhas, Airs. Jacob J. 
Kohn, Bernard A. 
Kohn, Isidore 
Kohn, Joseph 

Kohn, Airs. Al. Roseman 

Kolander, Alorris W. 

Kom, Aliss Joan Al. 

Koons, Aliss Alary R. 

Kornblum, Miss Joan 

Kosloff, Airs. Irving 

Kovner, Alexei L. R. 

Kovner, Airs. Alexei L. R. 

Koyl, George S. 

Krall, Aliss Aluriel 

Krallis, Airs. A. K. 

Kramer, Airs. Arnold 

Kramrisch, Stella 

Kratzok, Airs. Stanton W. 

Kraus, Airs. Gilbert J. 

Krauskopf, Alanfred R. 

Krauser, Airs. Alilton 

Kreier, George, Jr. 

Kreitzer, Airs. Irving 

Krekstein, Airs. Gerald 

Krekstein, I. H. 

Krekstein, Airs. I. H. 

Kremer, John 

Krewson, W. Stanleigh 

Krout, John E. 

Krumbhaar, C. Hermann, Jr. 

Kunkel, Airs. James E. 

Kurtz, Charles 

Kurtz, Mrs. Sydney 

Labe, Jacob, III 

Labkoff, Leon J. 

LaBrum, J. Harry 

LaCerda, John 

Laden, Airs. Harold S. 

LaFore, Robert W., Jr. 

Laib, Airs. Charles ^^'. 

Laird, Airs. J. Packard 

Lallou, George E. 

Lamb, Airs. William H. 

La Alent, Airs. H. H. 

Lammer, Francis J. 

Lamont, Airs. Austin 

Land, Airs. William O. 

Landell, Airs. Edwin A., Jr. 

Landon, Airs. Robert C. 

Landrcth, Aliss Alaria E. 

Landrcth, Airs. Rodney N. 

Landreth, Symington P. 

Landenberger, Airs. J. William, Jr. 

Landis, Airs. B. Gordon 

Landis, Airs. Robert Al. 

Lane, Airs. Nathan 

Lane, William S. 

Langdon, Airs. H. Alaxwell 

Langston, Bryant A^^ 

Langston, Airs. Samuel 

Langworthy, D. C. 

Langworthy, Airs. W. P. 

Lanz, Airs. Ralph L., Jr. 

Lapensohn, Ben 

Large, James 

Larry, Aliss Hilda 

Larson, Roy F. 

Larzelere, Airs. Dayton 

Lashner, Airs. Albert J. 

Lasker, Aleir 

Lauer, Harry I. 

Laupheimer, Airs. Alfred 

Lavenson, Jay 


Laventhol, Mrs. Louis 
Laverty, Mrs. Samuel H. 
Lavin, Mrs. Jules C. 
Lavine, Mrs. Gabriel 
Lavine, Miss Joan 
Law, Mrs. W. L. 
Lawrence, Mrs. L. S. 
Lawson, Harry 
Lay, Mrs. J. Tracy 
Laycock, Mrs. Ralph B. 
Lazo, Mrs. C. William 
Lea, Mrs. Francis Carey 
Lea, Mrs. James Febeger 
Lea, Sydney L. W. 
Leake, John B. 
Leake, Airs. John B. 
Lear, George A. 
Lear, Mrs. George A. 
Leary, H. Fairfax, Jr. 
Leban, Howard 
Lee, Airs. Edward S. 
Lee, Aliss Jean Gordon 
Lee, Miss Mildred W. 
Lee, Airs. P. Blair 
Lee, Airs. Philip Leighton 
Lee, Airs. Robert H. 
Lee, Airs. Walter Estell 
Leedom, .Mrs. Charles 
Leeson, Airs. A. Dix 
Lefton, Al Paul 
Lehman, James A. 
Leidner, Airs. Milton 
Leidy, Philip L. 
Leidy, Mrs. Philip L. 
Lentz, Airs. Bernard V. 
Leonard, Airs. Frank C. 
Leonard, Joseph A'l. 
Leonard, Airs. Richard D. 
Leopold, Airs. I. H. 
Leopold, Mrs. Robert L. 
LePage, A-Irs. W. Lawrence 
Lepore, Mrs. Charles R. 
Lerch, Mrs. George J. 
Lerner, Alorris 
Leroux, Jacques 
Lesley, Mrs. Allen 
Lessig, Brooke M. 
Leswing, Herbert 
Levering, Airs. J. Walter 
Levi, Airs. I. Valentine 
Levi, Newton R. 
Levin, A. Leo 
Levin, Airs. A. Leo 
Levin, Albert J. 
Levin, Airs. Jay H. 
Levin, A'Irs. Ralph 
Levine, Mrs. Herman 
Levine, Joseph, Inc. 
Levinthal, Louis E. 
Levis, Airs. F. H. 
Levis, Frederick H. 
Levy, Abraiiam 
Levy, Airs. Delia B. 
Levy, Aliss Florence 
Levy, Airs. Garfield W. 
Levy, Isaac D. 
Levy, Airs. Jacob 
Levy, Max A'l. 
Levy, Richard 


Levy, Mrs. Richard L. 

Levy, Airs. Robert P. 

Levy, Samuel H. 

Levy, Aliss Violet I. 

Lewis, Airs. Clifford 

Lewis, Airs. Clifford, 3rd 

Lewis, Airs. Draper 

Lewis, Airs. Francis A. 

Lewis, Airs. Julien 

Lewis, Ralph R. 

Lewis, Stuart R. 

Lex, Airs. W. Barclay 

Libbon, Airs. Frank A. 

Lichcnfeld, Mrs. Samuel 

Lichtenstein, Arthur I. 

Lieber, Mrs. Francis 

Lieberman, Airs. Anton 

Lieberman, Airs. M. 

Lieberman, Airs. Jacob 

Lifschey, Samuel 

Ligget, Robert C. 

Ligget, Airs. J. Thomas 

Lieht, H.B. 

Likoff, Airs. William 

Linck, Airs. Robert C. 

Lincoln, Frank W. 

Lincoln, Airs. John 

Lincoln, Aliss Thorla 

Lincoln, Airs. L. W. Thompson 

Link, Aliss Harriet J. 

Linton, Albert 

Linton, Mrs. Albert 

Linton, Mrs. AVallace R. 

Linn, Mrs. A\'illiam B. 

Lippincott, Bertram 

Lippincott, Mrs. Bertram 

Lippincott, Airs. Joseph W. 

Lippincott, Airs. Joseph W., Jr. 

Lippincott, R. Schuyler 

Lipsius, Harold B. 

List, L. J. 

Little, Aliss Ann S. 

Little, John W. 

Littell, Airs. Laurence L. 

Littleton, Arthur 

Littleton, John E. 

Livengood, Mrs. Gretchen 

Liveright, Aliss Alice K. 

Liveright, Airs. I. A. 

Livingston, J. A. 

Livingston, William H. 

Lizars, Airs. Rawson 

Lloyd, Airs. H. Gates, III 

Lloyd, Rawson 

Lloyd, Richard W. 

Locke, Airs. Robert 

Loder, Airs. Arthur B. 

Lodholz, Airs. Edward 

Loeb, Airs. Benianiin F. 

Loeb, Airs. Joel T. 

Loeb, Ludwig 

Loeb, Airs. AA'illiam S. 

Loechner, Airs. Henry 

Loewenstein, Airs. Bcniamin S. 

Loewenstein, Airs. Louis 

Logan, Airs. George T. 

Logan, Aliss Alargaret S. 

Logan, Samuel S., Jr. 

Longmaid, Airs. J. H. 

Longmaid, Sydney E. 
Longshore, William A. 
Longstreth, John C. 
Longstreth, Airs. W. Thacher 
Loos, Paul R. 
Loos, William F. 
Lorimer, Aliss Belle 
Loucheim, Stuart F. 
Louchheim, Henry S. 
Louchheim, Airs. William S. 
Love, Airs. Al. O. 
Lovell, George R. 
Levering, Airs. Joseph S., Jr. 
Lovering, Aliss Alary H. 
Lovitt, John V. 
Low, Airs. Howe 
Lowenstein, Emanuel D. 
Lowrey, Aliss Elsie 
Lowry, Miss Sarah N. 
Lubowitz, Airs. Al. 
Lucas, Airs. Wm. W. 
Luce, Airs. Sidney L. 
Luce, Airs. 'Walter F., Jr. 
Lucioll, Giovanni 
LucioU, Airs. Giovanni 
Lucke, Airs. Balduin 
Ludgate, Bruce Alan 
Ludgate, Aliss Jessie H. 
Ludington, Airs. Nicholas 
Lukens, Airs. Edward C. 
Lukens, E. F., Jr. 
Lukens, Airs. George T. 
Lukens, Airs. Lewis N. 
Lummis, Airs. Dorothy 
Lunkenheimer, Airs. Glenna M. 
Lundy, Airs. A. David 
Luria, Airs. Herbert 
Luria, Airs. AA'illiam 
Luse, Airs. H. Hadley 
Lush, S. Beryl 

Lutnian, Aliss Deborah Wharton 
Lutz, Airs. Howard L. 
Lutz, Jean B. 
Lyon, Airs. AValter K. 
Lyons, Airs. Dolf 
Lyons, Airs. John W. 
Lyons, \\'alter 
A lac Cain, Airs. Christian S. 
MacCo\', Aliss Alariorie N. 
AlacDonald, Aliss Emma E. 
Alacdonald, Airs. Robin 
Macfarlan, Airs. Douglas 
Macfarlan, Gregor, Jr. 
Macfarlane, Catharine 
AlacFarlane, Airs. Norman 
AlacGeorge, Aliss Beatrice 
Macgregor-Frame, Aliss Alariel 
Alachold, AVilliam F. 
Macliold, Airs. William F. 
Macintosh, Airs. H. P. 
Alaclntosh, A\^. James 
Mackay, Aliss Elizabeth T. 
Alackcy, Alrs.AA^m.B. 
Alackmull, Gulden 
AlacLaren, Airs. AV'istar H. 
AlacLeish, Airs. AlcCall 
MacLeod, Airs. Cameron 
MacMuUan, Airs. Edward J. 
Aladdcn, James 



Madden, Mrs. James 
Maddock, Mrs. Henry A. 
Madeira, Crawford C. 
A'ladeira, Mrs. Crawford C. 
Madeira, Mrs. Edward W. 
Madeira, Miss Elizabeth 
Madeira, Louis C, IV 
Madeira, Mrs. Louis C, IV 
Madway, Harry K. 
Magasiny, Irving P. 
Magee, iMrs. Francis W. 
Magee, Mrs. Harry W. 
Magil, Reuben J. 
Magill, Mrs. Samuel N. 
Magnus, Eric 
Mahon, James J., Jr. 
Maier, Mrs. James S. 
Maier, Mrs. Wm. Morris 
Maine, Mrs. Robert F. 
Makiver, Mrs. J. S. P. 
Makler, Mrs. Paul Todd 
Malen, Maurice M. 
Malis, Davids. 
Maloney, Mrs. Paul 
.Maloney. W. H. 
Mancill, Frank H. 
Manganaro, Mrs. Richard 
Mann, Otto P. 
Mansfield, William J., Jr. 
March, Airs. H. C. 
Marder, Isadore, M. 
Margolies, Mrs. Max L. 
Margolis, Harry 
Markle, Mrs. Alvan, 2nd 
Markle, iMrs. John, II 
Marks, Alexander A. 
Marks, Miss Dorothy Rice 
Marks, Miss Grace 
Markus, Mrs. Norbeit W., Jr. 
Alarsh, Airs. John C. 
Alarshall, Alfred 
Alarshall, Donnell 
Alarshall, Airs. Donnell 
Alarshall, Airs. Edward E. 
Alarshall, Airs. Frederick, Jr. 
Alarshall, Airs. Wayne 
Alarston, George V. 
Alartin, Airs. Briton 
Alartin, Airs. Crozer F. 
Alartin, Airs. Frank 
Alartin, Isadore AI. 
Alartin, J. Stanwood 
Alartin, Airs. Alarion W. 
Alartin, Airs. Oliver 
Alartin, Airs. Sydney E., Jr. 
Alartin, William J. 
Alarx, Airs. S. 
Alasland, Airs. J. AVesley 
Alason, A. Freeman 
Alason, Aiiss Barrie Gamble 
Alason, George C. 
Mason, William Clarke 
Alason, Airs. Wm. Clarke 
Alaster, Airs. John R. C. 
Mather, Charles E., II 
■Mathers, Airs. Frank F. 
Alathers, Inc., Frank F. 
Alathewson, Robert J. 

Alathewson, Airs. Rufus J. 
Alatlack, Airs. David J. 
Alatthews, Airs. Charles J. 
Alatthews, E. Wallace 
Alatthews, Orus J. 
Alatthews, Robert 
Alatthews, Airs. Robert 
Alaule, Aliss Alargaret C. 
Alaxam, Airs. Robert S. 
Alaxwell, David F. 
Alaxwell, Airs. John R., Jr. 
Alaxwell, Joseph R. 
A lay, Louis 

Alayer, Airs. Clinton O. 
Alayer, Aliss Patricia 
Alays, Airs. James R. 
AIcAUister, Airs. Robert E. 
AIcAUister, Airs. J. Rutherford 
AIcAIpin, Airs. David H. 
AlcAusland, Airs. John R. 
AIcBride, Thomas D. 
AlcCabe, Thomas B. 
AlcCaulley, Aliss Elinor 
AlcCall, Aliss A'irginia A. 
AlcCauUev, Aliss Selinda 
AlcClain, Aliss Alary C. 
AlcClatchy, Mrs. John B. 
AlcClenahan, Airs. John L. 
AlcCloskey, Airs. Frank M. 
AlcCloskey, John F., Jr. 
AlcCloskey, Airs. John F. 
AlcClure, Airs. Linwood D. 
AlcCouch, Airs. Eric Alan 
AlcCoy, Airs. John F. 
AlcCreery, Airs. Samuel 
AlcCullough, Airs. Edmund H. 
AlcCulIouch, Aliss Aliriam 
AlcCurdy, Airs. J. Aubrey 
AlcCurdy, Miss Alary C. 
AlcCutcheon, Alorton 
AIcDevitt, Airs. John J., 3rd 
AIcDevitt, A'incent P. 
AIcDonald, R. Robb 
AlcDowell, Sherwin T. 
AIcDowell, Airs. Sherwin T. 
AlcDowell, William W., Jr. 
AlcElroy, N. Crenshaw 
AIcFarland, Airs. Joseph 
AlcElroy, Airs. Clayton, Jr. 
McGarvey, Airs. James 
AIcGavie, Mrs. John S. 
AIcGinley, Airs. Edward F. 
AlcGlure, Aliss Sally G. 
Alcllhenny, Francis S. 
Alcllvain, Airs. J. Gibson 
Alclnnes, Aliss Alarion K. 
Alclnnes, Mrs. Walter S. 
AIcKeever, Airs. AVilliam 
AIcKittrick, Airs. Ralph 
AlcLain, Mrs. Louis 
AIcLaughlin, Airs. D. Crease 
AlcLean, Donald G. 
AlcLean, Airs. William L., Jr. 
AlcLean, AA'iUiamL., Ill 
AIcLear, Airs. William Z. 
AIcAlanus, Charles J., Jr. 
AlcAlanus, Airs. Charles J., Jr. 

AIcAlanus, Airs. F. L. 
AlcAlanus, Peter 
AlcMichael, Airs. E. Hart 
AlcMullan, Airs. James 
AIcNamara, Paul J. 
AIcNeelv, George H., Ill 
AlcNeely, Airs. George H., Ill 
AIcNeely, Airs. Richard 
AIcQuade, John S., Jr. 
AlcRae, Mrs. Alarion 
AlcA^ey, Airs. James L. 
Ale Williams, J. Wesley 
Aleade, Airs. George Gordon 
Alcanor, Edward D. 
Alechem, Philip 
Alechlinst, Airs. B. F. 
Alehler, Airs. Edith D. 
Aleigs, Airs. Arthur I. 
Aleigs, Henry H. 
Aleigs, Airs. Henry H. 
Meigs, Mrs. Robert R. 
Meirs, Airs. AA'illiam Weightman 
Alelcher, Airs. John C. 
Alendenhall, Georgiana S. 
Menin, Airs. Beniamin 
Merriam, John A\'. 
Merrick, Aliss Alary R. 
Alerritt, Airs. Adele Biddle 
Alerritt, Airs. Alorris H. 
Alesirov, Airs. Leon I. 
Aletzger, Charles 
Meyer, H. Conrad 
Aleyerhoff, Airs. Lester 
Aleyerhoff , Airs. Lester B. 
Aleyers, Clarence L. 
Aleyers. Airs. Emanuel 
Aleyers, Airs. Alorton J. 
Alezger, Hans Joseph 

chel, Airs. Lincoln Al. 
cliie, Daniel B., |r. 
ddleton. Airs. G. P. 
fflin. Airs. Samuel Wright 
Ihous, Aliss Katherine 
Her, Airs. A. L.Hood 
Her, Airs. C. Earle 

cr. Airs. Charles W. 

er. Airs. Daniel 

er, Decius 
Her, Airs. Edith C. 
Her, Airs. Edward 

er, Alrs.E. H. 
Her, Airs. George 
Her, Airs. George L. 
Her, Airs. Harrison F. 
Her, Airs. Henry S. 
Her, Hugh AlcCauley, Jr. 
Her, Jerome R. 
Her, |. Xornian 
Her, Mrs. John AI. 
Her, Airs. Joseph 
Her, AlerleAI. 
Her, Airs. Roy L. 
Her, Airs. Sarah George 
Her, \\'alter P., Jr. 
Her, Airs. A\'illiam E.G. 
Her, Airs. \Villiam AIcE. 

ictte. Ear! B. 

ington, Airs. George P. 

s. Airs. Donald C. 


MillvUle Mfg. Co. 
Milne, Mrs. Bingham 
Milne, Mrs. Gordon F. 
Milne, Mrs. Sidney ^^'. 
Minehart, Mrs. John R. 
Miner, John A. 
Minter, Mrs. E. J. 
Mirkil, Mrs. William I., Jr. 
Mirkil, William I. Foundation 
Miskin, Paul 
Mitchell, George 
Mitchell, Mrs. James F., Jr. 
Mitchell, Mrs. J. Kearsley 
Mitchell, Miss Mary B. 
Mitchell, W. R. K. 
Moak, Mrs. Lennox L. 
Mock, John E. 
Modern Club of Phila., Inc. 
Moffley, Mrs. John W. 
Mohlenhoff, George B. 
Mohr, Mrs. J. Ferguson 
Mohrfeld, Mrs. Herbert H. 
Molarsky, Mrs. Maurice 
Montgomery, D. Cortlandt 
Montgomery, Mrs. Grenville 
Montgomery, Mrs. James Alan, Jr. 
Montgomery, Mrs. Knowlton D. 
Montgomery, R. Alexander 
Montgomery, Mrs. R. Alexander 
Montgomery, Mrs. Richard Rhea 
Alontgomery, William W. 
Moore, Miss Constance 
Moore, Edward J., II 
Moore, Miss Janet C. 
Moore, Mrs. Matthew T. 
Moore, Mrs. Robert A. 
Moos, Airs. Joseph 
Morgan, Mrs. F. Corlies 
Morgan, Mrs. Marshall S. 
Morgan, Mrs. M. Bernard 
Morgan, Mrs. Ralph 
Morgan, Walter L. 
Morris, Mrs. A. Saunders 
Morris, Mrs. Caspar W. 
Morris, C. C. 
Morris, Clarence 
Morris, C. Robert, Jr. 
Morris, Mrs. C. Robert, Jr. 
Morris, Daniel I. 
Morris, Mrs. Daniel I. 
Morris, Edward Shippen 
Morris, Mrs. Elliston P. 
Morris, Mrs. George V. 
Morris, Horatio H. 
Morris, Mrs. Horatio H. 
Morris, Mrs. I. Wistar, Jr. 
Morris, Mrs. J. Cheston 
Morris, Mrs. Paul 
Morris, Mrs. Sydney S. 
Morris, Mrs. T. H., Ill 
Morris, Mrs. Wm. S. 
Morrison, Orville C. 
Morrison, Wm. H. 
Morton, Arthur F. 
Moses, Frank D. 
Moss, Mrs. Emanuel 
Moss, Mrs. Joseph 
Moyer, Mrs. Anna M. 
Moyerman, Samuel 


Muehleck, Mrs. Ernest 
Alueller, Charles G. 
Muhlenberg, Mrs. Charles H. 
Muir, John Brinley 
Mullen, Mrs. Edward A. 
Mullen, Wm. Boone 
Munoz, Mrs. Gonzolo C. 
Munson, Mrs. Townsend 
Murdoch, Britton 
Murdoch, Mrs. Brinon 
Murdoch, Mrs. J. Earnshaw 
Murphy, John A. 
Murphy, Mrs. W. B. 
Murray, A. Stewart 
Alurray, Mrs. Elizabeth Cheston 
Musser, Mrs. Charles S. 
Mutch, Miss J. Margaret Ada 
Muth, Mrs. Russell A. 
Myers, Mrs. Charles 
Myers, Mrs. Edward 
Myers, Mrs. Edward B. 
Myers, Mrs. E. S. 
Myers, Mrs. Joseph D. 
Myers, Mrs. Martin D. 
Myers, Mrs. Max A. 
Myers, Samuel 
Myers, W. Heyward 
Myers, Willard G. 
Mylish, Mrs. I. 
Myrin, Mrs. Lars B. C. 
Nagin, Mrs. Harry S. 
Naide, Mrs. Meyer 
Nalle, Mrs. Horace D. 
Nalle, Mrs. Jesse 
Nalle, Richard T. 
Nalle, A'Irs. Richard T. 
Nancarrow, Harry L. 
Nance, Maurice R. 
Narin, Bernard E. 
Narin, Stephen B. 
Nathans, Mrs. Harry 
Natoli, Thomas J. 
Natoli, Mrs. Thomas J. 
Naumburg, Miss Dorothy S. 
Neale, Douglas T. 
Neely, Mrs. Forrest 
Neff, Mrs. Philip 
Nehrbas, Mrs. George E. 
Neilson, Mrs. Caroline M. 
Nellen, Mrs. Arthur 
Nelligan, Murray H. 
Nelson, Airs. William Linton 
Nemir, Mrs. Paul 
Nemser-Scarf, Sondra 
Nesbitt, Albert J. 
Netzky, John 
Neuman, I. 

Neuman, Miss Rebecca 
Neutze, Miss Jane B. 
Newbold, Mrs. Arthur E., Jr. 
Nevvbold, Mrs. Fitz Eugene 
Newbold, Airs. John da C. 
Newbold, Theodore T. 
Newbold, Mrs. William T. 
Newburger, Mrs. Richard 
Newhall, Daniel 
Newkirk, Miss Martha Bacon 
Newkirk, Robert Deverell 
Newland, Mrs. Harry B. 

Newman, Miss Beryl M. 
Newman, Clyde F., Jr. 
Newman, Mrs. Philip F. 
Newman, Mrs. S. D. 
Newman, Mrs. S. S. 
Newton, Miss Caroline 
Niblo, James M. 
Nice, Miss Ethel Kingsley 
Nichols, Mrs. Carroll B. 
Nicholson, Mrs. Alfred 
Nicholson, Mrs. John W. 3rd 
Nicholson, Mrs. J. T. 
Nicolls, Mrs. Jasper W. 
Nidecker, Mrs. Evelyn 
Ni.xon, Norman 
NLxon, Mrs. Norman 
Nixon, Mrs. William V. B. 
Nobel, Golda R. 
Noble, William H., Jr. 
Nock, Miss Anna W. 
Nolde, Miss Fredericka Jane 
Norris, Mrs. Chas. C, Jr. 
Norris, George W. 
Norris, Mrs. George W. 
Northrop, Vernon 
Northrop, Mrs. Vernon 
Norton, Mrs. Richard E. 
Oakley, iMrs. R. Terry 
Oakley, Mrs. Thornton 
Oakley, Miss Violet 
Obermayer, Leon J. 
Oberndorf, Joseph 
O'Connor, Miss Hazel Boyd 
Odell, Mrs. David Dallas 
O'Donnell, Mrs. Frank 
Oelbermann, Mrs. Julius 
OfFenhauser, i\Irs. George K. 
Ogden, Nelson 
Ohlenroth, H. B. 
Oldach, Mrs. William H. 
Oldroyd, Harold 
OHphant, Robert T. 
Oliver, A. Douglas 
Olson, Vernon 
O'Neill, Bertram L. 
O'Neill, Mrs. Hugh 
O'Neill, Mrs. W. Charles, Jr. 
O'Neill, Wesley R. M. 
Oram, IMrs. Tames W. 
Ord, John G. 
Orlando, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Ormandy, Eugene 
Orr, Floyd A. 
Orr, George P., 
Orsher, Mrs. Eugene 
Osborn, O'Neill 
Osborn, Mrs. O'Neill 
Osgood, Mrs. Franklin T. 
Ott, Mrs. John Ronald 
Ott, Mrs. Robert J. 
Ounsworth, Herbert Ellis 
Pack, Mrs. Harry S. 
Packard, Mrs. Francis R. 
Packard, George R., Jr. 
Packard, Mrs. John H., 3rd 
Paclin, Alvin H. 
Padis, Nicholas 
Page, Mrs. Edward C. 



Page, Mrs. Edward C, Jr. 
Page, Mrs. E. Sydenham 
Page, Mrs. Wheeler H. 
Pagon, Mrs. Garrett D. 
Paine, Mrs. Edna 
Painter, Mrs. Herbert B. 
Painter, Mrs. Herbert J. 
Pakradooni, H. H. 
Paley, Benjamin 
Paley, Mrs. Benjamin 
Palley, Mrs. Sydney B. 
Palmer, Ralph C, Jr. 
Palmer, Mrs. Stephen 
Palmer, W. W. C. 
Pancoast, iMiss Mary W. 
Park, Mrs. William 
Parker, Mrs. Harry E. 
Parker, Mrs. Ralzemond B. 
Parkhurst, Mrs. Leonard W. 
Parkinson, Robert 
Parkinson, Mrs. Robert 
Parnum, Edward J. 
Parrish, Mrs. Hugh R. 
Parry, George G., Jr. 
Parsons, Airs. Lewis H. 
Parsons, Mrs. MUdred 
Passano, L. Baldwin 
Passmore, Mrs. L. Alan 
Patchell, Walter W. 
Patchell, Mrs. Walter W. 
Patterson, Mrs. A. Willing 
Patterson, Mrs. George 
Patterson, Mrs. George Stuart 
Patterson, Hansell Earle 
Patzau, Otto 

Pastorious, Francis Daniel, V. 
Paul, A. J. Drexel, Jr. 
Paul, W. P. 

Paulson, Miss Frances E. 
Paxson, Newlin Fell 
Peacock, Mrs. Chauncey H. 
Pearlstine, Mrs. Raymond 
Pearson, Mrs. Corning 
Pearson, Mrs. Gerald H. J. 
Pearson, Mrs. Manuel M. 
Pease, Henry H., Jr. 
Peaslee, Mrs. Amos J. 
Peck, Mrs. Frederick W. G. 
Peckham, William E. 
Pedersen, Mrs. Erling H. 
Peirce, Mrs. Wilmot Grant 
Pierce, Mrs. Wilmt Grant, Jr. 
Pell, Airs. Francis L., Jr. 
Peltz, Henry 

Pendergast, Mrs. Stephen W. 
Pendergrass, Eugene P. 
Pendleton, Miss Constance 
Penico, Mrs. Frank 
Pennock, J. Liddon 
Pennypacker, Mrs. N. R. 
Penrose, Mrs. Charles 
Penrose, James F. 
Pepp, Mrs. Isaac 
Pepper, Mrs. George W., Ill 
Pepper, Mrs. George W., Jr. 
Pepper, Heyward M. 
Pepper, Mrs. John E. 
Pepper, Mrs. O. H. Perry 
Pepper, G. WUling 

Pepper, William 
Pepper, Mrs. William 
Perilstein, Mrs. Paul P. 
Perkins, Mrs. G. Holmes 
Perloff, William H. 
Perrin, Mrs. Victor 
Perryman, Arthur W. 
Petersen, Airs. Howard 
Peterson, Aliss Catherine AI. 
Peterson, Airs. George, Jr. 
Peterson, John D. 
Pettit, Horace 
Pettit, Mrs. Horace 
Pettit, Mrs. Lewis 
Pew, Airs. John G., Jr. 
Pew, Airs. Joseph, 3rd 
Pharo, A'liss Elizabeth W. 
Phelps, Norman T. 
Philler, Airs. \\'m. Winsor 
Phillips, Mrs. Theodore 
Phillips, Walter G. 
PhUlips, Mrs. Walter M. 
Phillips, Aliss Wendy 
Phillis, Frederick C. 
Picker, Airs. Edward G. 
Pickett, Clarence E. 
Pierce, Aliss Dorothy E. 
Pierce, Airs. William G. 
Piersol, George Alorris 
Pierson, H. H. 
Pilling, Airs. Charles J., Jr. 
Pilling, Frank B. 
Pilling, Airs. George Piatt, 3rd 
Pincus, Irwin Nat 
Pizza, Alario 
Plank, Robert W. 
Piatt, Airs. Charles 
Piatt, Airs. Henry N. 
Piatt, John O., Jr. 
Plattenberger, Mrs. Stewart B. 
Plant, Mrs. George H. 
Fleet, Airs. David S. 
Pleet, Herbert 
Fleet, Lawrence 
Pleet, Airs. William 
Plumb, Airs. Dana Rumsey 
Polisher, Edward N. 
Polk, Charles, R., Jr. 
Pollack, Airs, Harold 
Pollock, Airs. Howell 
Pollock, Airs. Walter W., Jr. 
Pomerantz, Mrs. Richard D. 
Pomeroy, John Nevin 
Pomeroy, Airs. William AIcL. 
Pontius, Calvin L. 
Pope, Mrs. William H. 
Porter, Edward A. G. 
Porter, Aliss Elva 
Porter, Airs. W. Hobart 
Post, Airs. L. Arnold 
Posy, Robert G. 
Potamkin, A I. P. 
Pototsky, Reuben 
Potter, Airs. William W. 
Potts, Mrs. J. Webb. 
Potts, Mrs. Robert H. 
Pough, Airs. Harold B. 
Poultney, Airs. Curzon 
Powel, Airs. John B. 

Pray, Airs. S. ^V. 
Preston, Mrs. Ralph W. 
Price, Airs. Beryl 
Price, Airs. Charles C. 
Price, Airs. James 
Price, Airs. John S., 3rd 
Price, Aliss Alarion Al. 
Price, Philip 
Pritzker, Eli 
Prizer, John B. 
Prizer, Airs. John B. 
Propper, Airs. William Al. 
Pruett, Airs. John R. 
Pugh, Aliss Anne J. 
Pulcipher, Airs. K. D. 
PuUen, Harvey T. 
Purves, Airs. Dale 
Putnam, Airs. Alfred 
Putnam, Airs. Alfred W. 
Putnam, Philip H. 
Putney, R. Emerson 
Quell, Albert 
Quereau, Airs. John Ford 
Quilleret, Pierre AI. 
Rabinowitz, Samuel 
Rabson, Albert J. 
Raby, Airs. AI. R. 
Radbill, Airs. Samuel 
Rader, Airs. Jack J. 
Ragunas, Mrs. Vincent J. 
Rainear, Warren R. 
Rainey, Froelich 
Rainey, Aliss Pamela 
Ranck, Airs. J. Richard 
Randall, Airs. John 
Randall, Airs. AVilliam A. 
Randolph, David S. 
Randolph, Aliss Dorothy 
Randolph, Airs. Evan 
Randolph, Airs. Evan, Jr. 
Rankin, Calvin H. 
Rankin, Airs. Charles A. 
Rapp, Airs. W. B. 
Ranch, Airs. R. Stewart, Jr. 
Ravdin, Airs. Robert G. 
Rawie, Mrs. James 
Rawle, Aliss Louisa 
Rawls, William S. 
Rea, Robert AV. 
Read, Howard W. 
Read, Airs. William B. 
Reath, Airs. Benjamin 
Rcath, Mrs. George 
Reath, Airs. J. Pancoast 
Reath, Thomas 
Reber, Airs. J. Howard 
Rebmann, G. Ruhland, Jr. 
Rebmann, Paul C. 
Rebmann, Mrs. \\'alter 
Rcchtman, Airs. A. 
Redman, Airs. John L. 
Reed, Airs. Edward A. 
Reed, Edward L. 
Reed, Homer 
Reed, Luther D. 
Reese, AA^arrcn S. 
Reeve, J. Stanley 
Reeves, Airs. A. S. 
Reeves, Airs. Lloyd 



Regan, Donald T. 
Register, Mrs. Layton B. 
Reichel, Frank H. 
Reid, Mrs. J. Ernest 
Reilly, John J. 
Reinian, Stanley P. 
Reimann, Mrs. Hobart 
Reinhardt, Miss Helene C. 
Renimey, Mrs. Robert H., Jr. 
Renner, Mrs. Richard L. 
Rex, Mrs. Walter E. 
Rhea, Mrs. Edwin M. 
Rhoads, Mrs. C. Brewster 
Rhoads, Jonathan E. 
Rhoads, Mrs. Jonathan E. 
Rhoads, Owen B. 
Richards, Alfred N. 
Richards, Mrs. Alfred N. 
Richards, Mrs. S. Bartram 
Richardson, Miss Carolyn L. 
Richardson, Mrs. Russell 
Richardson, Mrs. Sheppard 
Richardson, E. Stanley 
Richardson, Mrs. Tolbert N. 
Richardson, .Mrs. Tolbert N., Jr. 
Richmond, Francis H. 
Ridenour, Miss Laura W. 
Ridgely, Mrs. Julian White 
Ridgway, Anthony W. 
Ridgway, Mrs. Thomas 
Riley, Mrs. ^V. Phelps 
Rincliffe, R. G. 
Ristine, Mrs. Charles S. 
Ritchie, Mrs. Charles, Jr. 
Ritchie, /Mrs. C. L. 
Rittenhouse, Mrs. Jacob B. 
Ritter, Mrs. A. 
Ritter, Mrs. Henry S. 
Ritter, Mrs. James Bradford 
Ritter, R. M. 
Rivinus, Mrs. E. Florens 
Roatch, Miss Margaret E. 
Robb, Mrs. David''B. 
Robb, Henry B., Jr. 
Robb, Mrs. Henry B., Jr. 
Robb, Max 

Robbins, Mrs. Edward C. 
Robbins, Mrs. John A. 
Robbins, Miss Margaret 
Robbins, Mrs. Robert F. 
Roberts, Arthur S. 
Roberts, Bayard H. 
Roberts, Mrs. Bayard H. 
Roberts, Mrs. Brooke 
Roberts, Mrs. Clarence L. 
Roberts, E. A. 
Roberts, Edward 
Roberts, Mrs. Frederick M. 
Roberts Miss Gainor 
Roberts, Mrs. George Brooke 
Roberts, Howell E. 
Roberts, H. Radclyffe 
Roberts, Isaac W. 
Roberts, Joseph B. 
Roberts, Kent L. 
Roberts, \\'illiam H., Jr. 
Robertson, Mrs. Tate 
Robertson, Mrs. Theodore K. 
Robinette, George Edward 

Robinson, Mrs. A. A. 
Robinson, Mrs. Louis Barclay 
Robinson, R. Lewis 
Robinson, Mrs. William E. 
Robinson, ^Volcott ^V. 
Robinson, Mrs. Wolcott W. 
Roby, Mrs. Ross 
Rockey, Mrs. Charles S. 
Rockwell, Mrs. Charles K. 
Rod, Lester S. 
Roebling, Mrs. Siegfried 
Roeder, Mrs. Paul W. 
Roehm, Miss Sara E. 
Rogers, Mrs. Chapin 
Rogers, Mrs. F. Cooper 
Rogers, Mrs. George B. 
Roll, Mrs. G. F. ^ 
Rolph, Mrs. S. AVyman 
Romig, Miss Corinne T. 
Ronis, Bernard J. 
Roosevelt, Mrs. Morris 
Roosevelt, Mrs. Nicholas G. 
Roosevelt, Mrs. W. M. 
Rorer, Mrs. Jonathan T. 
Roseman, Mrs. Henry M. 
Rosen, Esther Katz 
Rosen, George B. 
Rosenau, Richard P. 
Rosenau, Mrs. Gary 
Rosenau, iMrs. Leo M. 
Rosenbaum, Eli 
Rosenbaum, Miss Madeline D. 
Rosenbaum, Paul 
Rosenbaum, Samuel R. 
Rosenberg, Mrs. Arthur 
Rosenberg, Mrs. Gordon 
Rosenberg, Mrs. Theodore 
Rosenbloom, Mrs. Fred 
Rosenbluth, Joseph W. 
Rosenfeld, Mrs. R. H. 
Rosengarten, Mrs. Albert H. 
Roscngarten, Mrs. Frederic 
Rosengarten, Mrs. J. Clifford 
Rosengarten, Joseph G., Jr. 
Rosenlund, Mrs. Arthur 
Rosenlund, Miss Mary Loretta 
Rosenwald, Mrs. J., II 
Rosewater, Miss Katie K. 
Ross, Mrs. Edwin Morrison 
Ross, Robert S. 
Rossell, Axel 
Rossell, Mrs. Axel 
Rosskam, Mrs. \Valter M. 
Roth, George J. 
Rothner, .Mrs. Jacoby T. 
Rowan, Stephen C. 
Rowland, Miss Anne 
Rowland, Edmund 
Rowland, Mrs. Louis H. 
Rovster, Mrs. Henrv P. 
Rubel, Donald C. 
Ruben, Herman L. 
Rubin, N. W. 
Rubin, Mrs. N. W. 
Ruch, Mrs. Harold H. 
Rudenko, Mrs. A\'illiam B. 
Rudolphy, Mrs. Jay Besson 
Rue, Francis J. 

Rue, Mrs. Francis J. 
Rumpf, Mrs. Frank 
Rumpp, Miss Marie W. 
Rusby, Mrs. John M. 
Russell, Mrs. John C. 
Russell, Mrs. Norman 
Russell, Mrs. Norman F. S., Jr. 
Rust, Harry B. 
Rutan, Mrs. Frank E., Jr. 
Ryan, Mrs. A. R. 
Ryan, Miles W. 
Sabina, Mrs. John R. 
Sabol, Mrs. Edwin 
Sachs, /Mrs. W. S. 
Sachsenmaier, George 
Sackett, /Mrs. J. Russell 
Sacks, Samuel I. 
Sagan, Samuel 
Sailer, /Miss Emily ^\^ 
Salesky, /Mrs. Bernard L. 
Sail, George 
Sail, /Mrs. Hyman L. 
Sail, .Mrs. Alannie 
Saltzman, /Mrs. AA'illiam 
Salus, Arthur 
Sames, Mrs. J. Weaver 
Samter, /Mrs. H. Stanley 
Samuel, Edward, Jr. 
Sand, /Mrs. /Morton 
Sanford, /Mrs. David H. 
Sanson, /Mrs. Albert W. 
Saportas, /Mrs. George A. 
Sargent, /Mrs. S. \A'orcester 
Satinsky, I. Erwin 
Satinsky, Morris W. 
Satinsky, Sol 
Saul, Maurice Bower 
Saul, Walter Biddle 
Sausser, Mrs. Doris P. 
Savadove, Sylvan H. 
Savage, Mrs. Ernest C. 
Savage, /Mrs. Henry 
Sawin, /Miss Barbara D. 
Sawin, Mrs. Edward A. 
Sawyer, /Mrs. Henry W., 3rd 
Sawyer, R. S. 
Sax, James E. 
Saxe, Miss Natalie 
Sayen, John J. 
Saylor, Harold D. 
Saylor, Mrs. Harold D. 
Scattergood, .Mrs. Alfred G. 
Schaap, /Mrs. Adolf 
Schaff, Mrs. /Merle S. 
Schaffer, /Miss Helen J. 
Schaum, Fletcher 
Schaum, /Mrs. Fletcher 
Scheck James H. 
Scheetz, Francis H. 
Scheetz, /Mrs. George W. 
Scheetz, /Mrs. William C, Jr. 
Scheie, Harold G. 
Schekter, Yale L. 
Schenck, Julius 
Scherer, Henrj' 
Schieren, Mrs. Henrv 
Schiffrin, /Mrs. Albert W. 
Schiffer, Herbert 
Schiller, Jacob 



Schimpf, Mrs. Henry L., Jr. 
Schiro, iMrs. Sidney L. 
Schlechter, Mrs. Paul E. 
Schlegel, Richard 
Schlesinger, Mrs. Nathan 
Schlingmann, Carl F. 
Schmidt, Allan 
Schnader, .Mrs. AVilliam A. 
Schneider, Carl 
Schneidman, Mrs. Milton 
Schneidman, Samuel K. 
Schoenbach, Mrs. Sol 
Schoenberg, Mrs. Malcolm L. 
Schoenfeld, Mrs. Joseph 
Schoettle, Mrs. Karl R. 
Schoettle, .Mrs. Philip A. 
SchofF, Mrs. Leonard H. 
Schofield, Mrs. Eeverett A. 
SchoUer, F. C. 
Schotz, Se>"mour 
Schroeder, Mrs. George Jr. 
Schuerch, Miss Barbara 
Schulman, Mrs. Sidney 
Schultz, D. H. 
Schultz, Mrs. Max 
Schumacher, Mrs. Wm. H. 
Schwartz, Mrs. Anthony 
Schwartz, Mrs. H. W. 
Schwartz, Ira 
Schwartz, Irving 
Schwartz, Mrs. Jules J. 
Schwartz, Mrs. Leonard J. 
Schwartz, .M. Murray 
Schwarz, Frank S. 
Schwarz, AMlliam T. 
Schweiker, .Mrs. .Malcolm A. 
Schweiker, Richard S. 
Schweiker, Mrs. Richard S. 
Scirica, A. Benjamin 
Scott, Mrs. Arthur Hoyt 
Scott, Mrs. Earl 
Scott, Edgar 
Scott, Mrs. Edgar 
Scott, Ernest 
Scott, Mrs. Frazier 
Scott, Mrs. Garfield 
Scott, Hardie 

Scott,.Mrs. J. Hutchison, Jr. 
Scott, Miss Letitia B. 
Scott, Mrs. Malcolm 
Scott, Robert Al. 
Scrivanich, Mrs. Odette E. 
Scull, Mrs. R. Barclay 
Scull, Mrs. Theodore C. 
Scull, Mrs. William S. 
Scully, Mrs. C. Alison 
Scully, John A. 
Seabrease, Mrs. N. McLean 
Seabrook, Mrs. C. Courtney 
Sears, Mrs. Robert F. 
Sebring, .Mrs. H. Orvel 
Seelye, Theodore E. 
Segal, Bernard G. 
Segal, Irving R. 
Segal, .M. 

Segal, .Mrs. Phillip 
Segui, Bernardo J. 
Seidel, Miss Dorothea E. 
Seidenberg, Harry B. 

Seiler, Miss Carolyn 
Seiple, Miss Dorothy 
Seitchik, Mrs. Samuel 
Selby, James .M. 
Sellers, Airs. Horace ^V. 
Sellers, J. Townsend 
Sellers, Airs. Lester H. 
Seltzer, Airs. Ruth 
Seraphin, Andrew J. 
Serber, A\"illiam 
Serkin, Rudolf 
Sexton, Airs. R. H. L. 
Shaffer, Aliss Ellen K. 
Shafritz, Nathan 
Shakespeare, Edward O., 3rd 
Shanis, Airs. Joseph 
Shapiro, Airs. Beniamin 
Shapiro, Airs. David 
Shapiro, Alilton C. 
Shapp, Aliss Aluriel 
Sharp, Airs. AVilliam L. 
Sharpe, Airs. John S. 
Sharpe, Alatthew E. 
Sharpies, Airs. Philip P. 
Sharpies, Airs. Philip T. 
Sharpless, Aliss Charlotte 
Shaw, Dexter N. 
Shaw, Airs. John J., Jr. 
Shay, Felix 
Shay, Airs. Felix 
Sheaffer, Theodore C. 
Sheaffer, Airs. Theodore C. 
Sheble, Airs. Frank J. 
Sheble, J. Howard 
Sheble, Airs. A\'arren 
Sheerr Foundation Inc. 
Sheffield, Airs. Edwin S. 
Shelly, Airs. James A. 
Shenkin, Henry A. 
Shepard, William \^ K. 
Sheppard, Aliss Carolyn 
Sherin, Airs. Florence 
Sherman, Alexander 
Sherman, Airs. Francis J. 
Sherman, Karl 
Sheronas, Airs. A^ictor 
Sherrerd, Henry D. AI. 
Sherrerd, Airs. John J. F. 
Sherrerd, Airs. \^'illiam D. 
Sherwood, Aliss Janice AV. 
Shilcock, James T. 
Shingle, Airs. Howard 
Shipkin, Irving 

Shipley, Airs. \\'alter Penn, Jr. 
Shipps, Harry W 
Shivers, Airs. Gilbert D. 
Shober, Airs. Edward W. 
Shoemaker, Airs. Benjamin H., II 
ShoUenberger, C. L. 
ShoUenberger, C. L., Jr. 
Shore, Airs. Clayton Al. 
Shore, Airs. Wm. 
Shrader, Airs. James F. 
Shreiner, J. H. 
Shuler, J. Ralph 
Shuler, Mrs. J. Ralph 
Sichel, Airs. John 
Siegel, Airs. Adrian 

Siegl, Theodor 
Silver, Airs. Herman 
Silver, Aliss Leanor H. 
Silver, Airs. Paul 
Silverman, Airs. Sidney 
Simon, Elmer D. 
Simon, Airs. Joseph 
Simon, Airs. Alorton J. 
Simon, Airs. Richard K. 
Simmons, Airs. Stewart 
Simonsen, Poul H. 
Simpson, Airs. Charles G. 
Simpson, Hawley S. 
Sims, Joseph P., Jr. 
Singer, Airs. Joseph A. 
Sinkler, Aliss Elsie B. 
Sinkler, Aliss Julia U. 
Sinkler, Wharton, 3rd 
Sinkler, AVilliam L. E. 
Sitley, .Mrs. Dorothea W. 
Sketchley, William E. 
Skillern, Airs. Ross Porter 
Skilling, Joseph Kcnnard 
Skillman, Airs. Thomas J., Jr. 
Skinner, Airs. James M., Jr. 
Slater, Airs. John Hunter 
Slaymaker, .Airs. Samuel E., Jr. 
Sley, Isadore B. 
Sloan, Airs. Burrows 
Sloane, Joseph C. 
Sloane, Airs. Norman G. 
Slosberg, Airs. Aleyer 
Slott, Aliss Selma 
Smillie, Frederick B. 
Smith, Airs. Arthur Dearborn 
Smith, Arthur T. 
Smith, Aliss Caroline 
Smith, Airs. Charles Harper 
Smith, Airs. Cooper, Jr. 
Smith, Aliss Dorothy Alden 
Smith, Airs. Earl 
Smith, Edward B., Jr. 
Smith, Airs. Edward B. Jr. 
Smith, Ella A\'aters 
Smith, G. Allen 
Smith, Mrs. G. Allen 
Smith, Airs. Geoffrey S., Jr. 
Smith, Airs. Harrison 
Smith, Airs. Henry St. John 
Smith, Airs. Herbert H. 
Smith, Aliss Hettie AI. 
Smith, Aliss Hilda 
Smith, Airs. Howard E. 
Smith, J. -Allen 
Smith, Aliss Jean L. 
Smith, Airs. J. Somcrs, Jr. 
Smith, Airs. Kennetli Chubb 
Smith, Aliss Alary C. 
Smith, Airs. Alorton 
Smith, Airs. A I. Paul 
Smith, Airs. Robert C. 
Smith, Robert C, Jr. 
Smith, Airs. Robert Alohney 
Smith, Airs. R. Robert 
Smith, Airs. Stuart A'. 
Smith, \\'. Singerly 
Smith, ^^'illiam L. 
Smith, Airs, ^^'illiam AVharton 
Smith, Airs. A^'m. '^^Vcoff 



Smolens, Maxwell 
Smolens, Mrs. Maxwell 
Smukler, Mrs. Nathan iM. 
Smylie, Mrs. Charles Albert 
Smylie, Mrs. M. J. 
Snellenberg, Harry Jr. 
Snellenburg, Mrs. Harry 
Snellenburg, Mrs. Joseph N. 
Snellenburg, Stanley S. 
Snow, Miss Edith H. 
Snowden, Mrs. C. Randolph 
Snyder, Mrs. G. Gordon 
Soast, Edwin A. 
Soble, Eugene 
Soffe, Alvin M. 
Soifer, Mrs. Emanuel M. 
Sokoloff, Mrs. Julius 
Soliday, Mrs. David J. 
Solis-Cohen, D. Hays 
Soils Cohen, Miss Emily 
Solis-Cohen, Mrs. Jack 
Solis-Cohen, Mrs. Leon, Jr. 
Solmssen, K. A. 
Soloff, Mrs. Louis A. 
Solomon, Irwin 
Sommers, Allen 
Sommers, Mrs. Allen 
Sommers, Otho L. 
Soper, Alexander 
Sorensen, Mrs. Harold T. 
Sorenson, Aliss Marie-Claire 
Souder, Mrs. Ralph, Jr. 
Souder, Mrs. S. Ashton 
Souser, Mrs. Kenneth 
Southworth, Mrs. H. G. 
Spackman, Mrs. H. B. 
Spaeth, Edmund B. 
Spaeth, Edmund B., Jr. 
Spaeth, Philip G. 
Spahr, Mrs. Boyd Lee 
Spahr, .Mrs. Boyd Lee, Jr. 
Spahr, Mrs. Christian C. F. 
Spahr, Mrs. John F. 
Spector, Maurice M. 
Spector, Morton D. 
Speiser, Mrs. M.G. 
Speiser, Raymond A. 
Spellissy, Mrs. Mary G. 
Spencer, Mrs. F. Gilman 
Spencer, Mrs. Rosalie 
Spielbergcr, Miss Selma L 
Spiesman, Matthew 
Spigel, Mrs. Herbert 
Spinuzza, Mrs. James 
Spofford, Mrs. William R., Jr. 
Sporkin, Mrs. A. L. 
Spotts, Mrs. S. Dale 
Sprague, James M. 
Spruance, Benton 
Spruance, Mrs. Russell 
Spurdle, Airs. Robert O. 
Stafford, Mrs. Morton O. 
Stalberg, Mrs. Hirsh 
Staples, Mrs. P. W. 
Starkweather, John K. 
Starr, Mrs. Charles S. 
Starr, Mrs. Edward, III 
Starr, Mrs. George E. 
Starr, Isaac 


Starrels, Mrs. George 
Starrels, Mrs. L. 
Stauffer, Mrs. Ted C. 
Sta^Tu, Mrs. Peter M. 
Steeble, Miss Louisa M. 
Steel, Francis P. 
Steel, Mrs. Francis P. 
Steel, Mrs. Howard 
Steele, Brandt 
Steele, Miss Edna L. 
Steele, Mrs. Edward A. 
Steere, Jonathan M. 
Steeves, H.R., Jr. 
Stein, BUI 
Stein, HymanD. 
Stein, Irvin 
Stein, Jack 
Stein, Leonard J. 
Stein, Louis 
Stein, Nathan R. 
Stein, Walter 
Steinberg, Leonard 
Steinberg, Mrs. Sigmund H. 
Steinbright, Mrs. W. G. 
Steinig, Mrs. Michael 
Stem, Samuel G. 
Stem, Mrs. Samuel G. 
Stengel, Miss Alice Anne 
Stephano, Mrs. Alice 
Sterling, Philip 
Sterling, Mrs. William 
Stern, Arthur K. 
Stern, Mrs. David S. 
Stern, Edward & Co. Inc. 
Stern, Mrs. Horace 
Stern, Mrs. Louis 
Stern, Mrs. Maurice E. 
Stern, Oscar I. 
Stern, Mrs. Peter 
Stern, Robert H. 
Stevens, Mrs. Clara Landell 
Stevens, Mrs. Lawrence L. Jr. 
Ste\-cns, Lewis M. 
Stevens, Richard K. 
Stevenson, .Mrs. James H., Jr. 
Stevenson, Mrs. John A. 
Stevenson, Markley 
Stevenson, Mrs. S. H. K. 
Stevenson, Miss Suzanne 
Stewardson, Mrs. J. 
Stewart, Antonio Y. 
Stewart, Mrs. Charles 
Ste\^•art, Miss Dorothy English 
Stewart, Harry G. 
Ste\\'art, John 
Stewart, Roy 
Stewart, Miss Susan B. 
Stevtler, i\Irs. William, Jr. 
Sticht, Mrs. J. Paul 
Stilwell, Mrs. W. N. 
Stimson, Mrs. Boudinot 
Stimson, Ferderick B. 
Stitzinger, Mrs. Arthur 
Stockson, T. Earle 
Stockwell, Mrs. David H. 
Stoddart, John O. 
Stokes, Mrs. David E. 
Stokes, Mrs. E. Lowber 
Stokes, F. Joseph, Jr. 

Stokes, Mrs. F. Joseph, Jr. 
Stokes, Mrs. Francis C. 
Stokes, John S., Jr. 
Stokes, Mrs. John S., Jr. 
Stokes, Mrs. J. Tyson 
Stokes, Mrs. Walter 
Stone, Mrs. Alden G. 
Stone, Mrs. James K. 
Stonorov, I\Irs. Oskar 
Stork, Mrs. Charles Wharton 
Storm, G. L. 

Stottlemyer, Mrs. Donald E. 
Strasberg, Mrs. M. 
Straus, J. Pennington 
Strauss, Berthold 
Strausz-Hupe, Mrs. Robert 
Strawbridge, Airs. Francis R. 
Strawbridge, Mrs. George 
Strawbridge, G. Stockton 
Strawbridge, Mrs. G. Stockton 
Strawbridge, Welsh 
Strobhar, Thomas 
Strong, Mrs. George V. 
Strong, Ralph D. 
Stroud, Mrs. E. Homan 
Stroud, Mrs. William D. 
Strubing, Philip H. 
Stuart, Airs. George H., 3rd 
Stuempfig, Mrs. William 
Sturgis, Samuel B. 
Suarez, Miss Frances iM. 
Subers, H. Ellsworth 
Suckle, William V. 
Sullivan, Mrs. Roger R. 
Summers, Mrs. James B. 
Summers, .Mrs. Stewart 
Summey, Thomas J. 
Sundheim, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Sunstein, Airs. Charles G. 
Sunstein, Mrs. David E. 
Sunstein, Mrs. Leon C. 
Sunstein, Mrs. Leon, Jr. 
Suplee, Miss Elaine Faulkner 
Supow, Miss Sylvia 
Supowitz, David 
Supplee, Henderson, Jr. 
Sussel, Eugene J. 
Sutro, Mrs. Paul W. 
Swain, Mrs. Alexander M. 
Swartz, Alfred W. 
Swartz, Mrs. Alfred W. 
Swartz, Mrs. A. Wakelee, Jr. 
Swartz, Mrs. Joseph 
Sweeney, Mrs. Francis Joseph 
Sweeney, Mrs. Margaret O. 
Swing, J. Truman 
Swinnen, Firmin 
Switt, Israel 
Swope, Leslie M. 
Sykes, Mrs. Clewell 
Symes, James M. 
Takiff, Mrs. Harry A. 
Talbot, Miss Frances K. 
Talbot, Mrs. L. James 
Talbot, William Richmond 
Talone, Mrs. Ferdinando J. 
Tannenbaum, S. A. 
Tarbox, Mrs. Mary 
Tate, Mrs. N. H. 



Tatum, George B. 
Taxis, Mrs. Alfred L., Jr. 
Taylor, Miss Alice 
Taylor, C. Allan 
Taylor, Mrs. C. Clifford 
Taylor, Mrs. C. Newbold 
Taylor, Mrs. George W. 
Taylor, Miss Helen V. 
Taylor, Mrs. HoUingshead N. 
Taylor, Mrs. Howard W. 
Taylor, Mrs. James G. 
Taylor, Jesse, III 
Taylor, Mrs. Lane 
Taylor, Mrs. Norman H. 
Taylor, Mrs. Phillip J. 
Taylor, Mrs. Robert E. L. 
Taylor, Airs. R. Stockton 
Teller, .Mrs. Charles F. 
Templeton, Mrs. John Y. 
Tendler, Mrs. David 
Terry, Duncan Niles 
Tetziaff, iMrs. Frederick W. 
Thacher, iMrs. John H. 
Thacher, Mrs. J. VV., Jr. 
Thayer, Mrs. Alexander D. 
Thayer, Airs. Edmund, Jr. 
Thayer, Mrs. F. M. 
Thayer, Airs. G.C. 
Thayer, John B. 
Thayer, Airs. Russell 
Theodos, Peter A. 
Thomas, Airs. C. Allen, Jr. 
Thomas, Aliss Carol H. 
Thomas, C. Howard 
Thomas, Airs. C. Howard 
Thomas, Edmond G. 
Thomas, Mrs. George H. 
Thomas, Mrs. Hanson 
Thomas, iMrs. Lowell S. 
Thomson, A. Brooke 
Thomson, Mrs. A. Brooke 
Thompson, Airs. Charles I. 
Thompson, Miss Eleanor W. 
Thompson, Mrs. H. Eastburn, Jr. 
Thompson, Airs. Henry S. 
Thompson, Mrs. R. Ellison 
Thompson, William 
Thompson, Mrs. Furness 
Thompson, William Heyl 
Thompson, Mrs. William Heyl 
Thompson, Mrs. W. Spencer 
Thompson, Airs. Wirt L., Jr. 
Thorington, Airs. J. Monroe 
Thorington, Mrs. Richard W. 
Thornton, Stanley L. 
Thornton, Airs. Stanley L. 
Thorpe, Miss Roberta 
Thurman, Mrs. Neal 
Tidball, Airs. William 
Tilden, Alarniaduke 
Tilghman, Mrs. Joseph Fox 
Tilton, Aliss A'lary Steward 
Tily, Aliss Ethel H. 
Titus, Airs. Elizabeth 
Titus, Airs. Robert R. 
Toby, Airs. S. T. 
Todd, Aliss Anne Hampton 
Tolan, Clarence, Jr. 
Tolan, Mrs. Clarence, Jr. 

Toland, Mrs. Alexander B. 
Toland, Mrs. Owen J. 
Toll, Airs. Albert A. 
Tomlinson, Airs. W. W. 
Tompkins, H. Ernest 
Toogood, Granville 
Torrey, Philip C. 
Touton, Rush D. 
Townley, Airs. Raymond A. 
Townsend, Charles C. 
Townsend, Airs. Charles D. 
Townsend, C. W. B., Jr. 
Townsend, Airs. C. AV. B. 
Townsend, Airs. Frederick E. A. 
Townsend, John W. 
Townsend, Airs. John W. 
Townsend, Joseph B., Jr. 
Townsend, Airs. Joseph B., Jr. 
Traiman, A'lrs. Alfred 
Tranger, Louis 
Trescher, Robert L. 
Trascl, Edward G., Jr. 
Trimble, Airs. Lee 
Tromnier, Airs. Philip R. 
Troster, Lewis T. 
Troster, Airs. Lewis T. 
Troth, Airs. Edward O. 
Truitt, Airs. R. Alarshall 
Truitt, S. Strokes 
Trump, Mrs. Robert Williams 
Tryon, Airs. Charles Z. 
Tucker, Mrs. Chester E. 
Tumen, Henry J. 
Tunney, Joseph J. 
Turman, Mrs. C. M. 
Turner, Mrs. Allen S. 
Turtle, Miss Helen Norris 
Twining, Robert B. 
Twyeffort, Mrs. Louis H. 
Tyrrell, Leo D. 
Tyson, Aliss Geraldine S. 
Tyson, Aliss Helen E. 
Tyson, Miss Natalie S. 
Tyson, Airs. Ralph 
Ueltzen, Airs. Fred T. 
Uhle, Mrs. Janet Patterson 
Ulrich, Mrs. E. Huber 
Underdown, Airs. Henry T. 
Unstattd, Mrs. James 
Unterberger, Mrs. S. Herbert 
Upton, Airs. T. Graydon 
Valentine, Mrs. Harry S. 
A^alentine, Mrs. Allies 
VanAlen, Airs. William L. 
Amanda, Mrs. Charles 
A'^anDenbergh, Frederick A., Jr. 
Vandergrift, A'liss Doroth>' 
VanderVeer, Mrs. J. B. 
Van Dusen, Aliss Katharine P. 
Van Dusen, Airs. L. H., Jr. 
A'an Dyk, Fred 
Van Istendal, Airs. Alatthew 
Van Patten, Mrs. Morris S. 
Van Pelt, Andrew 
Van Roden, Airs. Frank 
Van Sant, Monroe 
Van Sciver, Airs. Lloyd 
Van Steenwyk, Airs. E. A. 
Van Urk, Frederick T. 

Vare, Airs. Edwin H. 
Vassallo, Anthony J. 
Vauclain, Miss Anne 
Vauclain, Mrs. Andrew C. 
Vauclain, Airs. Jacques L. 
Vauclain, AVilliam E. 
A-^aughan, Charles Z. 
Vaux, Airs. William George 
A-^ehslage, Frank C. 
A^ehslage, Airs. Frank C. 
Vetterlein, Mrs. S. H. 
Vick, Airs. Edward H. 
A'incent, Airs. Anthony 
A'irnelson, Airs. Frank S., Sr. 
A^odges, Hamilton 
A^ogt, Airs. Carl Paul 
Vogt, Airs. William T. 
A^on Bcuren, Mrs. Michael 
A-'on Henert, Airs. C. A. Phillipe 
\on Lowenhjelm, Countess 
von Aloschzisker, Aliss Bertha 
\on Aloschzisker, Airs. Alichael 
A^on Schoenfeld, Airs. Frederick 
Voorhees, Theodore 
A^oorhis, Aliss Charlotte C. 
A'rooman, Airs. Samuel B., Ill 
AVaddington, R. Al. 
AVade, Airs. George R. 
^Vads\^ orth. Airs. Philip C. 
Waeldcr, Robert 
^Vagner, Donald C. 
^^'agner, Paul C. 
^\'agner, Airs. Tobias 
W'ainwright, T. F. Dixon 
Wainwright, Airs. T. F. Dixon 
Walk, Everett G. 
Walker, James G. 
AValker, .Miss Jane 
AA'alker, Airs. Richard H. 
AValker, Airs. Robert C. 
Walker, Robert Al. 
Walker, Stewart M. 
Walker, AA'illiam AV. 
A\;alkling, AdolphA. 
Wallace, Brenton G. 
Wallace, James Al. 
Wallace, Mrs. \Villiam R. 
AA'allis, Philip 
A\'alKvorth, C. Gilbert 
\\'alsh. Airs. Brendan D. 
\\;alsh, Daniel J^ 
Walsh, Airs. J. Gorman 
Walsh, Aliss Alargaret 
\Valtcr, Airs. Otis W. 
Walton, Mrs. Charles S., Jr. 
Walton, Mrs. Finley L. 
AValton, Mrs. George A. 
Walton Mrs. Henry F., Jr. 
A\'alton, John AL, 2nd 
Walton, W. Wyclif 
AA'arburton, lAlrs. C. E. 
AVard, Charles F., Jr. 
AVard, Philip H., Jr. 
AVard, Philip H., Ill 
AA^ard, Mrs. Philip H., Ill 
AVarden, Airs. Clarence A. 
AA^ardle, Aliss Alary Emma 
AA'arc, Mrs. Edythe 
Warff, Miss F. Susan 


Waring, Bernard G. 
Wark, Miss Jean Ann 
Warner, Miriam 
Warren, Mrs. Lawrence S. 
\Varringer, Mrs. Samuel D. 
Wartliman, Mrs. J. Harris 
\Vashburn, Mrs. Lindsley 
AVasiiburn, Mrs. Louis M. 
^Vassell, Mrs. William S. 
Wasserman, Howard 
\Vasserman, Mrs. Howard 
Waterman, Mrs. William S. 
\\'aters, E. A. 

Waterworth, Mrs. Harold A. 
AV'atkins, .Miss Cilia Dorothea 
^^'atkins, Franklin C. 
AVatkins, iMrs. E. Lloyd 
Watkins, Mrs. Mark 
Watson, Mrs. James G. 
Watson, Joseph Harold 
Watson, Mrs. Seth W. 
Watter, Michael 
\\'atts, Henry Miller, Jr. 
Watts, Mrs. Henry Miller, Jr. 
Watts, Mrs. J. jMurray 
\Vaugh, Miss Ella V. 
Wa)', Channing 
AVay, Mrs. Channing 
Wear, Mrs. William Potter 
Weary, Thomas 
Weaver, Mrs. Harold Pratt 
Weaver, Mrs. Harvey 
Weaver, Mrs. Shirley F. 
Webb, Mrs. Herbert K. 
Webb, William M. 
Webber, Mrs. Harold 
Weber, David 
Weber, E. G. 
Weber, F. W. 
Weber, Mrs. Glen L. 
Weber, Mrs. Livia Mann 
Webster, T. EUwood 
Wehrheini, Mrs. Robert V. 
Weightman, Mrs. Aubrey H. 
Weil, Lewis P. 
Weil, Mrs. Nita JMarquis 
Weil, Mrs. Robert 
Weiler, Mrs. Sidney H. 
Weiller, Mrs. Eugene W. 
Weinberg, Mrs. Bernard 
Weinberg, Miss Beryl 
Weinberg, Mrs. Samuel 
Weinberg, Mrs. Sol 
Weinberger, Mrs. Bernard 
Weiner, JErwin 
Weiner, Frank 
Weiner, Mrs. Irwin 
Weiner, Joseph G. 
Weinreich, Mrs. Philip 
Weinrott, Leo 
Weinstein, Edward B. 
Weinstein, Mrs. George L. 
Weinstein, Mrs. Matthew 
Weinstein, .Miss Renee 
Weinstock, Mrs. Jerome L. 
Weintraub, James 
Weisberg, Samuel 
Weiss, Mrs. Lewis Earl 
Wells, Mrs. Lloyd 


Wells, Mrs. William H.S. 
Welsh, Charles N., Jr. 
Welsh, Mrs. Charles N., Jr. 
Welsh, Henry C, Jr. 
Wendler, Mrs. Paul B. 
Wessel, Mrs. Henry, Sr. 
Wessels, Mrs. A. M. 
West, Gregory S. 
West, Mrs. Herman O. 
West Phila. Catholic Girls' High 

West, Mrs. Walter 
West, Mrs. Walter H., Jr. 
West, \Villiani Morton 
AVeston, Mrs. Frederick W. 
Wetherald, Mrs. Robert 
WetherUl, Chattin 
Wetherill, Mrs. Chattin 
Wetherill, Mrs. Cortwright 
Wetherill, Francis D. 
Wetherill, Mrs. Francis D. 
Wetherill, F. M. 
Wetherill, Mrs. F. AL 
\Vetherill, Reeves 
Wetherill, Mrs. \\'ebster K. 
Wetter, Allen H. 
Wetter, J. William 
Wetzel, Carroll 
Wexler, Mrs. Morris 
Weygandt, Mrs. Leslie G. 
Weyl, Charles 
\Veyl, Edward 
Weyl, Mrs. Julius S. 
\\'harton, JVlrs. S. Brinton 
Wheeler, Alexander B. 
Wheeler, iMrs. Frederic C. 
A\'hecler, Mrs. AValter S. 
AVhelen, Mrs. T. Duncan 
AVhelen, Mrs. William Baker 
AV'helihan, Mrs. John F. 
AVhitaker, Anthon>- H. 
A\'hitcraft, Mrs. John A., Jr. 
White, Mrs. Allen Hunter 
White, Mrs. Edw ard J. 
White, Leonard D. 
White, Thomas Racburn 
White, Mrs. Thomas Raeburn 
White, Mrs. AV. Wilson 
White, William 
White, Mrs. AA'illiam 
White, Mrs. AVilliam, Jr. 
Whitehill, Clayton 
Whitney, H. P. 

Whitney, Mrs. W. Beaumont, II 
Whittaker, Mrs. Frederic S. 
Whittaker, Robert L. 
Whitten, Miss M. H. 
AA'hittier, Mrs. William A. 
Whittlesey, Mrs. Charles R. 
Wice, David H. 
AVickersham, Miss Harriet M. 
AA-'iedeman, Mrs. Otto F. 
AA'iedemann, Theodore A. 
AA^iedemann, Mrs. Theodore A. 
AViederseim, Theodore E. 
Wiedersheim, Mrs. AA'illiam A., 

AViener, Edward 
AA^iener, Mrs. Edward 

Wiener, Edward, 3rd 
AViener, Frank 
AVike, J. Roffe, II 
AA'ilcox, Miss Joanne 
Wilcox, Mrs. AV. S. 
Wilde, B.M. 

VA'ildham, Mrs. Franklin B. 
Wiler, Mrs. Edward 
AA'iler, Herbert Day 
AA'ilf, Mrs. Samuel 
Wilkinson, Mrs. Robert H. 
Willaucr, Mrs. George 
Willet, Henry Lee 
William Penn Charter School 
Williams, iAIrs. Aline L. 
Williams, Horace James 
AVilliams, H. Justice 
AA'illiams, Ira Jewell 
AA'Uliams, John C. 
AA'Uliams, lAlrs. John C. 
AVilliams, John G. 
Williams, Mrs. J. Peter 
Williams, iMrs. LeRoi J. 
AVilliams, Miss Margaret R. 
AA'illiams, R. R. 
AA'illiams, .Airs. Roy G. 
AA'illing, Charles 
AA'iUits, Oliver G. 
AA'ilmer, iAIrs. Harry B. 
AVilmer, Mrs. Peregrine 
AA'ilmerding, iAIrs. David R. 
AA'ilson, Albert H. 
AA'ilson, .Mrs. Arthur lAI. 
AA'ilson, Mrs. Florence AA''. 
AA-'ilson, George L., Jr. 
AA'ilson, Miss Helen N. 
AA'ilson, lAIrs. James D. 
AA'ilson, John F. 
AA'ilson, iMrs. AA'illiam R. 
AA'iltberger, lAlrs. Constant F. 
AA'inder, Ambrose J. 
AA'inkelman, N. AA'illiam, Jr. 
AA'innet, Mrs. Nochem S. 
AA'inokur, Mrs. Joseph B. 
AVinokur, Mrs. Peter 
AVinsor, Curtin 
AVinsor, Miss Ellen 
AVinsor, Mrs. J. D., Jr. 
AA'inston, Reaumur 
AA'intersteen, John 
AA'irknian, Emanuel 
AVirts, C. AVilmer 
AA'irtschafter, Mrs. Burton S. 
Wistar, Miss Eleanor S. 
AA'istar, Thomas 
Wister, Charles K. B. 
Wister, Mrs. James AA'. 
AA'ister, Mrs. L. Caspar 
AA'ister, Owen J. 
AA'itkin, iAIrs. lAIorton 
AVitney, George AValter 
Witte, D. Coleman 
AVittman, Miss Caroline Bertha 
AA'ittman, Miss Edith Stead 
Wittman, Louis C. 
Woerner, Kurt 
AVolcott, Mrs. Robert AA'. 
AVoldow, R. D. 
AA'olf, Mrs. Alfred L. 



Wolf, Airs. Alvin, Jr. 
Wolf, Airs. Ben 
Wolf, Charles E. 
AVolf, Edwin, 2nd 
AVolf, Mrs. Fred, Jr. 
AVolf, John H. 
Wolf, Airs. Alorris 
^Volf, Robert B. 
Wolf, AValter L. 
Wolfe, Aliss Beatrice B. 
^Volfe, Charles A. 
AVolff, Airs. Leo 
Wolff, Aliss Ruth A4. 
\A'olff, Aliss Sadie 
\A'olfnian, Airs. Robert 
Wolfsohn, Airs. Florence T. 
Wolfsten, Airs. George AV. 
Wolgin, Alrs.AVilliam 
Wolpert, Airs. Elizabeth Davis 
Wood, Airs. Alan D. 
Wood, Alexander C, Jr. 
Wood, Airs. Charles R. 
Wood, Alis Dorothea 
Wood, Estate of Naomi 
Wood, Airs. Howard, Jr. 
Wood, Joseph 
Wood, Airs. Joseph 
Wood, Airs. P. Erskine 
Wood, Airs. Richard D., 11 
Wood, Airs. Thomas A. 
Wood, A\'illiam P. 
Woodall, Airs. John 
Woodburv, Robert Alorse 
Woodruff', Allen A I. 
Woodruff, Airs. Allen M. 
Woods, Aliss Leslie 
Woodward, Airs. Paul 

Woodworth, A'liss Allegra 
Woodworth, Miss A-lary Katharine 
Woolman, Airs. Edward 
AA'oolman, Airs. Henry N. 
^A'orden, J. Erricson 
^^'ork, Airs. James 
A\'orrall, Airs. Douglas H. 
AVorrall, Airs. J. Harrison 
Worrell, Airs. Granville, 2nd 
Worrell, A4rs. Granville, 3rd 
Worth, Airs. George S. 
AA'orington, Edward A. 
AA'riggins, Mrs. Charles C. 
A^'riggins, Airs. Thomas, Jr. 
^^Tight, Airs. Beaumont 
AA'right, Carlyle P. 
A\'right, Carroll S. 
Wright, Airs. Charles Burroughs 
^^'right, Airs. Edward N. 
Wright, Airs. Haviland 
Wright, Airs. H. B. 
AVright, Airs. Alinturn T., Jr. 
Wright, Mrs. Peter 
Wright, A'lrs. Philip H. 
^^^right, Airs. Spencer 
AA'right, Airs. Sydney L. 
^^'right, ^Villiam Coxe 
A\'right, Airs, ^^'illiam Coxe 
^^'right, Airs. William Jenks 
Wright, Airs. Witney 
Wunder, .Mrs. Clarence E. 
AVurts, Charles Stewart, Jr. 
Wurts, Airs. Charles Stewart, Jr. 
Wurzcl, Mrs. H. 
AA-'vnne, Thomas E. 
Yai-nall, Mrs. A. C. 
Yarnall, D. Robert 

Yarnall, Airs. D. Robert 
A'arnall, Stanley R. 
Yasinow, J. B. 
Yeager, W. Dewees 
Yearsley, Airs. Lawrence A. 
Yeats, Airs. J. Wilbur 
Yeats, Aliss Aiar>' S. 
Yoconi, Airs. Susan F. 
Yoch, Airs. John E., Jr. 
A'ork, Airs. Edward H., Jr. 
Yost, Daniel Ai. 
Yost, Airs. Daniel Al. 
Yost, Stuart Henri 
Young, Airs. Arthur Ai. 
A'oung, H. C. 
Young, Mrs. H. C. 
Zacharv, Frank 
Zahn, Airs. W. C. 
Zantzinger, Airs. Alfred 
Zantzinger, Airs. C. Clark 
Zeamer, Airs. Harold R. 
Zeigler, William J. 
Zeitlin, Mrs. David 
Zerfing, Lawrence R. 
Zieget, Miss Aiarcia S. 
Ziegler, Airs. Carl A. 
Ziegler, Mrs. C. G. 
Zimmerman, Airs. Alaurice 
Zimmermann, William 
Zinni, Mrs. Joseph Ai. 
Zion, Airs. Peter 
Ziserman, .Mrs. A. J. 
Zitin, Bernard 
ZoUer, Christian H. 
Zoob, David B. 
Zugerman, I. 
Zvegintzov, Alexandre 




George D. Widener, Chairman of the Board 

R. Sturgis Ingersoll, Presidrnt 

Sydney E. Martin, Vice-President 

Julius Zieget, Secretary and Treasurer Girard Trust-Corn Exchange Bank, Custodian 

WiLLARD P. Graham, Assistant SecTftary and Assistant Treasurer 


George M. Leader. Governor of Pennsylvania 
Richardson Dilworth, Mayor of Philadelphia 

ScHOFiELD Andrews Jay Cooke 

Edward G. Budd, Jr. R. Sturgis Ingersoll 

Orville H. Bullitt Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 

Aaron E. Carpenter Mrs. Stuart F. Louchheim 

George B. Clothier Sydney E. Martin 

Ctiarles T. Coiner James Alan Montgomery, Jr. 


R. Sturgis Ingersoll, Chairman 

Mrs. Walter H. Annenberc 

Cummins Catiierwood 

George M. Cheston 

Mrs. Rodolphe de Schauensee 

FiTZ Eugene Dixon, Jr. 

Henry F. du Pont 

Titus C. Geesey 

David Gwinn 

Frank T. Howard 

Walter M. Jeffords 

Morton Jenks 

Mr.s. John F. Lewis 

Mrs. H. Gates Llovd 

Graeme Lorimer 

Wright S. Ludingtqn 
Mrs. John H. McFadden,Jr 
Mrs. Robert McLean 
Mrs. William R. Mercer 
Mrs. Herbert C. Morris 
Lessing J. Rosenwald 
Lawrence M. C. Smith 
Louis E. Stern 

Mrs. Joseph B. Townsend, Jr. 
Mrs. Carroll S. Tyson 
Mrs. Charles R. Tyson 
George D. Widener, ex officio 
Mrs. George D. Widener 
Mrs. John Wintersteen 


Henri Marceau, Director 
Carl Zigrosser and Horace H. F. Javne, Vice Directors 


Henri Marceau, 

ChieJ oj the Division 
Henry Clifford. 

Curator of Paintings 
David Rosen, Technical Adviser 
Theodor Siegl, Conservator 
Ruth Merriam, Assistant 

Henry P. McIlhenny, 

Curator oj Decorative Arts 
Louis C. Madeira, 4th 

Associate Curator 
Beatrice Wolfe, 

Assistant Curator 

Mariann.\ Merritt Hornor, 

Elsie Siratz McGarvey, 


Jean Gordon Lee, 

Curator of Far Eastern Art 
Mabel Steele Jones, Assistant 
Stella Kramrisch, 

Curator of Indian Art 

Carl Zigrosser, Curator of Prints 
Kneeland McNulty, 
Assistant Curator 

John E. Canaday, 

Chief of the Division 
Carolyn Pitts. Docent and 

Executive Assistant 
Viola Foulke, 

in charge of Museum Interpreta- 
tion "Philadelphia Schools 
Marian Mitchell, 

Curator of Slides 
Gertrude Walker, Consultant 
Helen Hepburn, 

Assistant, Slide Library 
Grace Morris. Supervisor of 

Museum Public Services 

Mary Givens Kane, 

Assistant to Director and 
Office Manager 
Alice Goudy. Membership, 

Press Representative 
Saraellen Merritt, Assistant 
Gertrude Toomey, Registrar 
Lilian B. Briggs, Bursar 
Marjorie Lyons. Librarian 
Alfred J. Wyatt, 


George C. A. Barbour, 

General Superintendent 
Jane Edmiston, 

Administrative Services Officer 

James H. J. Tate, President of Philadelphia City Council 
Charles I. Thompson, President of Fairmount Park Commission 
Arthur E. Pew, Jr. Mrs. J. Stogdell Stokes 

Philip Price George F. Tyler. Jr. 

I. S. Ravdin George D. Widener 

Mrs. Russell Richardson Mrs. John Wintersteen 

Lessing J. Rosenwald Morris Wolf 

Floyd T. Starr 


Charles T. Coiner, Chairman 

Joanne Seybold 

Hope Skillman 

Mrs. Andrew J. Sordoni, Jr. 

Mrs. Helen D. Taylor 

Bradbury Thompson 

Mrs. Joseph B. Townsend, Jr 

Mrs. Thomas Raeburn Whiti 

George D. Widener. ex officio 

Mrs. John Wintersteen 

Howard A. Wolf 

Frederick Yost 

Paul C. Baldwin 
George D. Beck 
Mrs. Joseph L. Eastvvick 
Mrs. Albert M. Greenfield 
R. Sturgis Ingersoll. ex officio 
Mrs. Samuel H. Laverty 
Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 
Sydney Longmaid 
Domenigo Mortellito 
Peter Muller-Munk 
Mel Righman 
Samuel R. Rosenbaum 

E. M. Benson, Dean of the School 


George B. Clothier, Chairman 
Mrs. Gideon Boericke Earl B. Milliette 

R. Sturgis Ingersoll, ex officio Benton Spruance 

Mrs. Stuart F. Louchheim Clinton S. Stiefel 

Sydney E. Martin George D. Widener, ex officio 


Floyd T. Starr, Chairman 
Don.\ld F. Bishop William Fulton Kurtz 

Orville H. Bullitt R, Sturgis Ingersoll, ex officic 

Jay Cooke Morris Wolf 

George D. Widener, ex officio 


Mrs. Joseph B. Townsend, Jr. > President 


Mrs. King Baird Mrs. H. Fairfax Leary, Jr. 

Mrs. H. Lea Hudson, Recording Secretary 

Mrs. Pierce Archer, Corresponding Secretary 

Mrs. George B. Junkin. Treasurer 

Mrs. Henry S. Jeanes, Assistant Treasurer 


Mrs. J. Deaver Alexander 
Mrs. Henry A. Berwind, Jr. 
Mrs. Nicholas Biddle 
Mrs. Richard C. Bond 
Mrs. George S. G. Cavendish 
Mrs. J. Hamilton Cheston 
Mrs. Dorothea Collins 
Mrs. Eckley B. Coxe. 3rd 
Mrs. Joseph L. Eastwick 
Mrs. F. Woodson Hancock 
Mrs. John Harrison, Jr. 
Mrs. Thomas Hart 
Mrs. J. Bertram Hervey 
Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchinson 
Mrs. R. Sturgis Ingersoll 

Mrs. Albert F. A. King 
Mrs. Bertram Lippincott 
Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 
Mrs. Richard W. Lloyd 
Mrs. Henry Lvne 
Mrs. William F. Machold 
Mrs. Staunton B. Peck 
Mrs. J. Howard Pew 
Mrs. Alfred Coxe Prime 
Mrs. Benjamin Rush 
Mrs. H. Orvel Sebring 
Mrs. William T. Tonner 
Mrs. Morris Wengf.r 
Mrs. John Wintersteen 


Mrs. Walter C. Jannev Mrs. \V. Logan MacCoy ( 

Mrs. Russell Duane 


Benefactors, who contribute or bequeath 525,000 or more to 

Patrons, who contribute or bequeath S5,000 to the Corporation. 
Fellows, who Contribute 51,000 at one time. 
Life Members, who contribute 5500 at one time. 
Associates, who contribute 5250 a year. 
Sustaining Members, who contribute SlOO a year. 
Contributing Members, who contribute S25 a year. 

the Annual Members, who contribute SIO a year. 

Benefactors, Patrons, Fellows and Life Members are not liable i 

annual dues. 
Applications for membership and remittances should be sent to i 

Museum, Parkway at 26th Street, Philadelphia 30. 
Change of Address: In order to facilitate the prompt delivery of ra; 

members are earnestly requested to send notification of a 

change of address to the Secretary, Broad and Pine Streets. ' 

Cover Illustration: Madame du Barry. Engraving 
in the crayon manner b\- L. Al. Bonnet after F. H. 
Druais.- In the Collection of Prints deposited b)' the 
Pennsvlvania i\cadem\- of the Fine Arts.